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  1. Further Druid Woes Worth noting also that inside buildings druids orbs dont recognise anything as the ground and therefore just appear randonly outside the building or on the ground, if you are on a rampart or wall. also there seems to be an odd glitch where occasionally you just start taking 227 damage till you die and fall through the ground, you also cant heal during this time.
  2. Druid Woes Currently the druids teleport ability causes rubber banding like, well like this ...
  3. Collector's Edition and Alpha access confusion

    Oh wow, that's some rapid response thanks guys, really appreciate the clarification. I'm off to the shop to buy the CE right now. Thanks for this breakdown Jihan, had a bit of a doi moment when i read that and connected the dots with the total spend system. I swear i can count higher than potatoe...most of the time haha
  4. Hi guys, I've been lurking for a a little while but this is my first post. I want to buy the Collector's Edition but I am slightly confused as to which testing phases you are given access to with the Collectors Edition. With other bundles its states the earliest testing phase you are given access to and then says "and all subsequent tests". However with the CE it just says "Access to Alpha 2". Where it seems likely that maybe you do only get access to Alpha 2 and no subsequent tests with the CE, it seemed slightly odd to me. Either way i thought i would check as i really want the CE but the test access is importation to me and i would likely choose and different bundle if the CE is Alpha 2 only and no subsequent tests. My apologies if this question has been answered elsewhere but i have been unable to find an answer for it on the forums. Kind regards, Chad. PS. So excited for this game it borders on inappropriate.