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  1. Though we have yet to actually see any implementation of crafting. I was wondering how future (hopeful) leaders of Crowfall guilds envision crafters as a part of their overall plan. The Devs have implied their vision for the game but frequently launch cancels that vision as groups and individuals will follow their own paths. Do you see guilds supporting dedicated crafters with less viable combat skill sets? Do you believe the idea and implementation of an ALT crafter will be sufficiently limited to make Dedicateds (my word) valueable? In the general sense (since so much is unknown) How do you plan to support your crafters or someone elses? Where does crafting figure into your overall campaign strategy. 1) Get as much stuff for them as possible! 2) Get as much stuff for me as possible 3) Crafters are my favorite squishy target - Kill Loot Repeat 4) What's a stragedy? 5) This game has crafting?
  2. The 'Promised' open world, sandbox, SKILL based, RESEARCH rewarding, Crafting is first and foremost what got my money. I can PvP for free in any of one thousand places.
  3. Greetings, I spent some time reading about LW and found the premise and promise to be intriguing. I have gamed for many years in many MMO's dating back to the 90's - Asheron's Call, ATITD, Tabula Rasa, WoW, Rift, SWTOR, Wildstar, and Archeage to varying degrees of success and happiness. Currently I have no active subscriptions and find I spend my gaming money on crowd sourced/kickstarted MMO horizons (Amber level Crowfall supporter). I have been spending my gaming time in open world, sandbox, crafting focused survival games like Life is Feudal, Reign of Kings, Rust, and Ark, usually on my own servers. Obviously I am still searching for the place and group to pursue my recreational needs to struggle, create, and achieve success, Like most (hopefully) I am not a fan of drama. I am not fond of personality cults, or forced group therapy sessions. I do value humor, respect, shared effort, loyalty, dedication, and general GoodVibes. In the right environment I have been known to stay actively in-game/online for 50+ hours/week. I think grinder and crafter best describes my solo playstyle but my most memorable experiences have always been in group goal achievement and group assault/defense actions. Sound like someone you need? Hopefully we can take some time to evaluate each other. I am expecting to participate in November's alpha. (tentative application submitted) Trathien (call me Trath)
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