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  1. Trying to Troll me? That's the second time. It clearly stats in the Crowfall Forum Rules of Conduct You can't do that. I'll wait for the IP Ban.
  2. To sum it up, They IP banned a GL because he had a Avatar of a Military Person. I was in the Military.. Does that mean I'm going to get IP Banned too?
  3. I don't remember him or I ever saying anything about stopping the count down or the game being over. I was just throwing out the fact that it's more than 3.
  4. bumsen


    Oh, Please go in to detail about it.. I have No idea.....................
  5. bumsen


    Don't Compare the two, Not the same guild.
  6. bumsen

    RL pics #2

    Posting a RL Pic?
  7. bumsen

    RL pics #2

    THIS! Locked the thread and Banned Chet.. Wtf....
  8. It's all about the Character Creation System.
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