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    Motorcycles, sci-fi and fantasy anime/books/manga, hardcore gaming (all night long, till i fall asleep in my armchair)
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  1. Yes i know this game probably won't be for everyone). But i made a few suggestions how to balance this dungeons, cut drop rates(make them drop gear a little better then basic or "uncommon")/place them in alliance territory only, smth like this. This way old PvE players will go instances and after they do them for "complitionist" sake or some basic gear they will form up get there diapers and go in hardcore open dungeons style. Because some ppl need a kick in the head to change their life style.
  2. I agree with almost all of your suggestions. Except two. I think we actualy need open AND instanced dungeons. Because PvE players need to have incentive to play without fear of being ganked. It would be a good idea to place instanced dungeons in alliance territories and non instanced in neutral zones or mix them up at least. Or make instanced drop rates a little lower. OR make instanced dungeons hard as hell but with good reward system based on complition time/party setup/objectives complited. And make objectives/trash mob and bosses change their setup and rotation set daily/weekly/ OR make them behave like human beings and not 123 die or win machines. And i rly hate archage "farm" system. I played russian localization and ALL of the good places was capped by guilds even before the start of beta or in 1-2 days after. Also all pack carrying became zerg fests. I think we need some player driven economy and "farms" but not archage style. As a new suggestion no classes is good idea, but i think we need to get rid of overall leveling. Level perks/skills/aby's is good, but no "general" lvl. And to truly be a sandbox game it would be a good idea to let us explore everything from the start (Gothic or TES style) THAT would be new). No things like "here we have a river. there is lvl 2 rats on this side and lvl80+++++ ffff dragon on the other side. But overall i agree with you and wanted to post something like this for a few hours.
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