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  1. Well, i think the 'end game last stand' is a interesting concept but, I think is quite implemented already, Well about the gods, there are some worlds, like explained in the rulesets article that not even the gods set feet, because is too close of the hunger, they send their puppets champions to fight in their name, if any of the rulesets have normal perma-death as soon as the winter STARTS going to be a last stand already, the food will be insanelly sparse, ultra strong monsters, the map should be real destroyed by them (https://twitter.com/samo_saara/status/570616369605173248) so, being alive will be hard already as it is
  2. So excited! I've been keeping on eye on this since, i dunno like end of december, start of january. And you guys blown my mind away, I felt a wind of change blow when I read your play2crush small text. You are going to get real far I promise it, and you guys deserve it.
  3. And how about Ragdoll's?!?!?!? BTW I hated the stretched texture on the cliff on the background D:
  4. Runescape love that freaking ENTIRE STORYLINE each different quest, makes the world so alive and remarkable.
  5. Yeah it would totally sucks, what would be the point them?? Well but we should also have to think how a full fledged 15kmx15km map is hard manually to make. Hell some even take months. Well i know that they can build the next campaign as one is running, but that would be tiresome AS HELL. Well I though on a procedurally generated map (minecraft like) with some tweaks here and there but that could cause a lot of problems because minecraft's generator took months of continuous development and it's a block based not a full 3D map AND IT STILL HAVE SOME FLAWS... Well a workaround for this a moduled map generator system. Just like in Warframe but in a large scale. A lot of pre-made hotspots, forests, mountains with randomly changing elements. but basically the same. who are generated in a random order and always seamlessly fit one with another and that's my best bet. example
  6. You got a point, have to admit it. Even from a lore point a view how is a freaking tanker with a 55kg(kilograms screw Americans and their imperial metric system) armor supposed to roll? Even if, for a stupid reason a KNIGHT knew MAGIC I still can't think on a spell to do that, well a jump would be reasonable but would look stupid and broke his knees at landing. And as chancellor said: Average GunZ/The Duel dashes is almost out of question. Even though they could totally be translated to lore through simple magic.
  7. Multiboxing WITHOUT macroing is just stupid as the other guy said it will most likely get you killed as you have to share your attention between both, well there's also the 'dummy strategy' thing but i think that's kinda fine too, a guy to kill the mobs and other char to grab the loot, as soon as someone pops out you let the dummy die while you run with the loot. It wouldn't be THAT much of a big deal since you're having the the same chances and speed as any other player. Well some people, like me just hate the idea of someone peacefully running away while everyone else would need to fight with claws and teeth to stay alive. And since this is going to be a paid game, that would be kinda P2W. And hell, i think everyone agrees that multiboxing+auto macro is totally cheating. True, average macros(automated set of actions activated by the player not auto repeatable) by themselves is a vital part of MMO's jesus.
  8. Damn that is undeniable. As I saw in one of SkyForge's Dev Diaries, implementing simple not full fledged water would cause even more problems, like, instead of asking why I can't swim, why i can't dive? Why I can't attack? So there's no point really at implementing a POINT B to POINT C water.
  9. Silly me. Read a encyclopedia equivalent of the forums and haven't read the FAQ. Well good thing I unconsciously sounded sarcastic. Well that answer a lot tough but hell a dash can be a gap closer just because... it's a dash. And I can dash forward. So it's a gap closer. Period. Doesn't matter how they are supposed to be used. And i think being invulnerable while dashing like 99% of dash-ables games makes an even better gap closer.
  10. @OffTopic: MORE MORE MORE MORE! I've had nothing interesting to add, so i prefer to watch and wait to see how it turns out. To wait for a better triunfal entrance, BTW where/when is this happening? EDIT: Just noticed that the time of the post is user-computer based. Hell it's stupid. Sorry totally out of the scope couldn't help it.
  11. Despair makes up awesome arguments. And I'm in with the bell & bar thing
  12. Hell yeah. Damn you not even know FOR SURE the combat type, it might even be tab targeting. Who would blow this and countless other threads away. Or it could be constructive feedback for the dev team. It might be lost of time but it's the better we can do with no info over the combat system. Better than sitting there and calling people premature. Because they are making assumptions over a in-dev game.
  13. i'm not disappointed to hear that or anything, it's just that I think crafting progress is a must have. Like, since I'm a lore lover, It makes no sense, someone making the ultimate game sword just for having the materials and never had cutting a single branch. But yeah i've read other threads and assumed the same. Damn, you really made me thinking. so true. Except the 'each to their own' part that would be stupid for someone to follow that path, on a very player competition focused game. But I still think that, crating progress is a must have. But not only one level/specialization being able to make a good sword have nothing to do with making a good staff, or a good plate armor. AND I think is totally ok from a lore point of view someone know to make them all, from a game's mechanic point it would be a lot more interesting for a player being able to learn only one. That would the economy and player interaction a lot more dynamic and FUN. So yeah, i'm glad i'm not the one to make that call.
  14. I must be missing sometihng, is the combat confirmed to be GW2/Tera like? Because everyone is making assumptions over that.
  15. Well i'ts quite simple to f**k all the multi boxer's asses. But it has downsides too many really. You just need to accept only 1 connection per IP/Mac Adress. Done. But it had worked ages ago but now that internet has evolved and the simplification of intranet that makes much more issues then it solves. Well i would go with only one instance of whatever anti-cheat running only. But VM's can easily bypass this so... I don't really know XD
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