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  1. I just won first place in our department costume contest this year with my cawstume. One of my co-workers had a Back to the Future 2 costume that I really thought was going to get first place. Yay!
  2. I ended up having much more luck using something like Wonderflex or Worbla with a thin foam base for shoulder pieces. My first attempts for a different costume used only foam. For my second attempt I used Wonderflex and the result was much nicer with less headaches.
  3. Are you currently in the SCA? I'm in the Kingdom of Northshield.
  4. To post something positive, I thought I would share some of my process behind making my costume and photo entry. I've been sewing my own costumes for over 20 years. I primarily focus on sixteenth century costuming, but have also made several video game related Cosplay costumes. The first costume contests I entered were at the Dark Age of Camelot Roundtable conventions. For this costume entry, I decided to limit my scope to something I could finish in a week (though it took me a bit longer due to sewing/fitting fails). Since I have experience with archery and have the equipment for i
  5. Yikes, I just heard about this now after I got a txt msg asking what happened. I have been posting Facebook updates about my votes if anyone needs to see a before this happened vote count. I posted an update before I settled down to watch TV for the evening. My votes should have just came from my Facebook friends and friends of friends. I had a smaller number come from a few guild and mmo/gaming websites I shared the contest info to. Hopefully it all gets resolved in a fair manner for all.
  6. I'm just passing along the concerns I received about getting random invites from someone they did not know. I don't know if she filed a complaint with anyone or not though as I didn't think to ask at the time. The only thing in common with those who talked to me has been the CF Facebook contest. Sorry about the harsh language, I've been dealing with a migraine since the weekend so I've been very on edge all week.
  7. Kriptik, I received one complaint so far from one of my friends that you sent a Facebook invite to her. This is NOT OK! She was not happy about this. Are you stalking other entrants Like list also to get votes?? Edit: My brother just told me he received a Facebook invite from Kriptik also. Not cool.
  8. I believe she may have had the first image ever posted on the album. What I've noticed is when I go to the Crowfall facebook page is that her image is larger in the collage than all the other entries. Both the first and second place entries must have a lot of friends voting for them, but I am surprised about the no shares though. It is a double edge sword. Those who spent more time getting their entries together are potentially having to work even harder for their likes. Next time, I would suggest a deadline for submissions and having them all posted at one time and rotating the ga
  9. Here's my direct link for voting. Help us catch up with the first batch of submissions! https://goo.gl/aoTxW7
  10. Here my direct link to voting by liking: https://www.facebook.com/CrowfallGame/photos/a.1054879854525331.1073741835.814300301916622/1056565597690090/?type=3
  11. Now to get friends to understand the concept of liking entry photos. This is already being a challenge. I can see that being one of the harder aspects of this contest, plus it being a measure of who has more friends. We knew what we were getting into when we started though. I had one friend who already told me he wouldn't vote at all since he thought that the the likes would be a way to track friends back to you and try to market to them in the future.
  12. It is me though I am wearing a wig and more makeup than usual. I started sewing last week and finished my hand sewing tasks on Wednesday. I can post pictures of the items I made if I need to prove anything. Here is a picture of another cosplay I've made in the past for comparison. https://flic.kr/p/azGG4z
  13. After many days of work, I think I'm done! This is my rendition of a Crowfall female ranger based on the concept art.
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