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  1. Hell to the yea! This looks a lot like Shadowbane. It will be nice to finally have a character creation system as complex and rewarding to play with!
  2. What's the J in J. Todd Coleman stand for? If it's James I have a hunch.
  3. Today at 6:30pm est will be streaming. I'm doing a class per stream. relearning older classes I haven't played in a while. Today I'm doing the Knight :).
  4. Hey guys, I've been uploading and streaming Crowfalll for some time now. But, I always get comments about how people seem to be confused about the game. I felt the need to elaborate on where it comes from and what Shadowbane was. Well it turned out to be a 22 minute video project. It should help explain to new players of the genre or players that never played these games what it is. Check it out
  5. Hey guys, I've been uploading Crowfall video for over a year now. Put up some pretty good ones showing off the game, especially PvP. Check it out and share :). Put them in a playlist here too. https://goo.gl/s2sGeX
  6. Stream going up in 15 minutes. 9 AM EST! What do you think I should show/talk about today? Stop by and let me know Caw
  7. Hey guys, Gonna be streaming Crowfall this test in the mornings starting at various times. Today 5:30 am EST. in 20 minutes. Come hang out, answer questions, ask them or just hang out and get to know me and the game. twitch.tv/inaliz
  8. Ok, so going for rare resources similar to mine objectives in Shadowbane maybe? I really enjoyed the system in Shadowbane for discipline runes. It provided a great pvp objective in the world. It churned out some of the most epic, random pvp encounters in any game I ever played. Similar to "air drops" in games like Rust, only other thing I could compare it to in recent years. But with a timed, named monster that drops said rune. It would be especially neat if the campaigns are procedural because no one would know the actual location of each rune at the start :).
  9. I've been super busy, trying to keep up with all the info. Did they mention anything on the live stream about how we will be acquiring disciplines. Or anything about objectives in the campaigns?
  10. Hey guys, I'm a long time HC PvP mmo guy among other games. I played Shadowbane for it's entirety on and off. I Live Stream and make youtube content for Crowfall. Really enjoying the progress so far. Recently really enjoyed the Big World test playing as a duelist. I am focusing on covering this game as much as possible and other games like it. Come hang out some time at: https://www.twitch.tv/inaliz or check out my youtube here https://www.youtube.com/user/MrInaliz I just put up a 2 hour live recording of the Big World Crafting, PvE and PvP with a duelist in the Big World https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yysDTV16L4
  11. I've read over it and watched the videos. I get it, but I don't fully grasp it. Could someone explain it to me like I'm 5 and give examples of how it will work?
  12. I think after playing Albion the most important things Crowfall should take from it are: Make the game fun: Albion has a lot of features and customization but I found myself bored with the lack of skills and the large amount of grinding. Fun Factor is probably the biggest reason for success in any game and Albion is really lacking there for me. Make PvP accessible to the casual: I know I will probably get a lot of flak for this BUT, sometimes I just want to hit a button and play a fun match with PvP. I think Warhammer Online did a great job with this. Even though they lacked maps and game modes and creativity. But they tied it into the RvR by making scenarios count for RvR campaigns. The biggest problem with Albion to me is that it doesn't cater to the casual and let's face it, casual players are the majority in games. They keep games alive. And casuals aren't going to want to grind for 50 hours and find a guild just to play a game and have the funs.
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