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  1. This is 100% wrong. DEX/INT are the most important stats for gathering crit chance and crit amount. The racials to harvesting extra 15 points make little no difference in number of swings while the maxxed dex and almost maxxed Int make a HUGE difference in crits and amount of rare mats with the crits.
  2. I'm hoping we have both FvF and dregs campaigns going. Hopefully we have one Dregs that the maps are much larger like in past betas with double amount of keeps and forts. With twice as long siege times so both west and east coast guilds can take part in sieges. Only issue would be zone caps of course.
  3. Lol, my main is an Arbiter I can't beat anyone 1v1 and you are complaining that you have to leave a fight, ALIVE, against a barb.
  4. No longer capped at 100, FYI Totally agree you should be running a Guin Duelist for all gathering, Max dex and almost maxed int
  5. Shift right click to sell items without hitting okay
  6. There is a option in settings to have the map/inventory not close when you are moving
  7. You can't harvest anything past blue in God's Reach, FYI
  8. Just like past FvF campaigns the solo/small guilds will join or change to the faction that is winning. WB will nutcup to the largest zerg alliance and one Faction will have 3x the number of players as the others combined.
  9. Yes, no healer is a dead group. Meta right now is two healers per group, we heal each other when getting focused.
  10. Are you not in a Guild competing in Dregs? Right now we got 24 people, 4x full groups running from Fort to Fort fighting and taking POI. Lots of PvP and tons of fun. Had EXP groups and gathering groups going all day. Having tons of fun playing. Yes, it has a bunch to work on, but there is a very fun game we are playing right now. FIX CHAT !!!
  11. I talked to 3 different people I know that have Kickstarted it, played it in Alpha and in Beta, all of them had no idea it went live.
  12. 100% Agree with all of those !!
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