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  1. Still so mad at you for joining the Green Zerg.
  2. New campaign is up and we are hitting it hard. All in Epic or better vessels and ready to take on the Green Wave of the Balance Zerg in PvP !!!
  3. That's what happens when you have been a PvP Guild for 15+ years with great leadership, been featured in many MMO publications, and have a reputation.
  4. Oh boy do I miss the Darkfall days, looting was such an adrenaline filled moment. I would always have bags in bags with heavy stuff, then when players would grab my stuff they would get overweight and get screwed in PvP.
  5. GR should drop greens max, max rank nodes to harvest should be R5
  6. Never a loot all button, this is a PvP game... well it's supposed to be
  7. Alexa? No way Jose, Google Home all the way... next you'll be telling me to use Apple and the war will break out...
  8. 5.1 puts huge changes to gear. Making the low level gear more viable, makes new players able to enter the fray and be competitive much faster. This wipe will help them test the changes and make sure all the changes of 5.1 work good before they tackle the passives to alter/update/change.
  9. 60 person fights tonight everything worked fine and I was recording
  10. Why, it takes a couple days to level a decent vessel, gold isn't needed. Vers 9.2 durability loss on death changed from 30 to 10 Way too much the sky is falling. When things suck they most of the time fix it, just not overnight.
  11. The caravans aren't in the game yet, they are planned for the next large patch in a few months. Once the off-line skilling gets reset and set to a normal level not the accelerated rate it is at there will deff be people that specialize in crafting versus PvP. A lot of us have two accounts just for that reason.
  12. Did you ever roll the clerics?
  13. So are you saying not to max Spr now with the increased 2000 SP cap?
  14. You must of never played a strategic PvP game with a high level guild before, we literally have a whole section of our guild that is dedicated to this.
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