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    Leftnut reacted to Infraction in Changes Ace need to make   
    They should really change that as well, shouldnt be able to delete things while in combat.
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    Leftnut got a reaction from Tofyzer in New Version of 6.100 Update Now on TEST   
    The depth of crafting is one of the main draws of this game. The depth of SWG crafting with SB PvP sieging/wars
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    Leftnut got a reaction from Staff in New Version of 6.100 Update Now on TEST   
    The depth of crafting is one of the main draws of this game. The depth of SWG crafting with SB PvP sieging/wars
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    Leftnut reacted to Brightdance in Knights are BACK but... Nerf Lunge?   
    Knights are back! and with a Vengeance!
    The changes, on Test, made to AOE dmg and dodge pips really have brought back melee in general, so Kudos to ACE.
    The lunge weapons are an amazing improvement on the knight class and something that really brings them to where they should be BUT, I think it's gone too far.
    I know this is still in development so I just wanted to share my thoughts on it so hopefully it doesn't get launched the way it is now and then taken away completely or nerf'd to uselessness. 
    Knights have always suffered from loosing their Dodge pip. Previously you could at least switch trays to use them, a cool mechanism that allowed for a show of skill and luck but since that was taken away, knights have suffered trying to keep up with the rest of the classes.
    Now with the lunge weapons and with the nerf to dodge pips, knights are suddenly the most mobile thing on the battlefield and really without restraint.
    For those that don't know, lunge is a skill given by a weapon that allows you to lunge forward 20m at an enemy by holding down your lmb. This does make it so you need to relearn how to use your lmb and hit it every time you want a sword swing. Annoying? yes but worth it and a minor amount of training and skill required, cool!
    If it stopped there it would already be pretty powerful and maybe too powerful. But wait, there is more! If the Lunge attack hit your target and damages him (a nice bit of dmg too, nothing crazy just a good LMB) you are refunded that dodge pip! WAHH? So yes, you can then turn it around and use it to attack that guy 20m away, and then on to that one... and so on. But wait! there is more, the attack dazes your target! *you said wahhh? Over shoot the traget? No worries, the lunge actually stops at the target and hits them at the end of the leap.
    So we now have a knight that can block when taking damage and then lunge out if they are in serious trouble. 2 dodge pip classes can do it twice without hitting a target and move 40m never mind if you pursuit... you could cover close to 100m in under 5 secs...
    I mean wow, I love it!! I love it too much. It needs to be nerf'd so here are my thoughts on it.
    Stop with the refunding of the pips. It's not needed and honestly just a bit OP... Something that can be regenerated without a cap is just not wise imo. If you're class is a 10m dodge class, make the lunge 10m. If its a 20m dodge class, make it 20m. If you are trying to make dodge pips all be equal, then this should be on there as well. Why Daze? Cool, I mean I'll take it but it's just over kill imo. You could also only allow the use of it if you have a target in front of you. I know there is or was an assassin power like this, that only allowed you to use it if it was on a target. This would make it so that you are actually lunging at someone and not just using it to move around. Things to add:
    Make more lunge weapons. Every secutor and probably Sentinel will use a sword with lunge over a mace or axe. It is just too much of a handicap to use anything else. I can also think of a few other classes that should have it. I mean why is a Great sword not a lunge weapon? Likely it will be but just throwing it out there.  
    Anyways, there are my thoughts. Love the tech, love the added bonus to my little knighty, I hope to see more cool features with other weapons that require some sort of effort on the players part... other than holding down lmb.
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    Leftnut reacted to Uzziah in [HoA] Hy'shen Avari - Group vs. Group and Light RP   
    1. Be insecure about ever losing or looking bad.
    2. Create a mega-alliance that eliminates all possibility of losing any campaigns.
    3. Watch in surprise as the competition gets less and less, and the game becomes boring due to lack of meaningful opponents.
    4. Complain that your members are losing interest.
    5. Say the game sucks, and go play WoW apparently?
    Stay classy guys.
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    Leftnut reacted to Jah in My Selfish Desires @ACE   
    I don't disagree with any of that. You may have misunderstood my point.
    Guilds will have players with no passive training, and they should be able to participate. Having some low rank resources in the Dregs campaigns doesn't conflict with the "different rulesets" and "risk v reward" dynamics that are such a great feature of Crowfall.
    Having a campaign variant that has no low ranked resources might be acceptable, but I wouldn't want that to be anything like the "standard" for a Dregs campaign. Everything being 8+ is very problematic for people with limited passive training. They really can't harvest. That is a problem for everyone after a wipe, and it will be an ongoing problem when new players join the game. New players should be able to play with their friends.
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    Leftnut reacted to Jah in My Selfish Desires @ACE   
    People of different levels of training are going to want to play together in the same Dregs. You don't want to have to tell people in your own guild to go play in a different Dregs campaign. There needs to be a spectrum of resource rode ranks from low to high in the same campaign.
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    Leftnut got a reaction from goqua in 5.125 LIVE Feedback for 8/21/20   
    This is an open world PvP loot game "Loot All" should never be part of the game. Looting is a skill that you need to have for PvP, quickly looting what is valuable and getting out quick. You can also ninja loot others kills, including enemies, also it takes time to loot, slowing people down in PvP.
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    Leftnut reacted to BarriaKarl in 5.125 LIVE Feedback for 8/21/20   
    So I was reading this thread and started thinking about how to punish big groups just steamrolling everyone and holding everything on the map.
    I think we can all agree that scattered siege times is a major contributor for that. Guilds can just siege one objective at a time then chill back while getting free stuff for hours on end.
    So I thought: 'What if when holding multiples buildings the guilds have to decide on a single siege time?'
    Look, seems we cant (hopefully only at the moment) pick siege times we want freely. Fair. But that doesnt mean they cant change at all. There is infinite possiblities between unchangeable and free-chosen siege times.
    My first rough draft of it would be to the times be selected among the pre-selected times of the buildings you capture.
    Guild A owns one Keep 1. No Change. It goes under siege at the default time. Say, 2 PM.
    Guild A then captures Keep 2 whose default siege time is 9PM. Now upon capture the owner decides if both Keep 1 and 2 will have the Siege Time from keep 1 (2PM) or if both will go under siege at 9PM (Keep 2 siege time).
    That is the basic concept of it. Own multiple buildings, they go under siege at the same time.
    Obviously there would be things to fix with those changes. For example, what if now all buildings go under siege at the same time(-ish) and players who dont log at around that time cant siege at all? That could happen. I dont think it would be likely, you would require multiple guilds to own multiple buildings and defend said buildings with regularity. Would need to test to see if it is a actual problem...
    What you guys think? It'd be interesting to try out IMHO.
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    Leftnut reacted to CptKyres in 5.125 LIVE Feedback for 8/21/20   
    Have only played for a couple of days, and here are a few of the issues I have with Crowfall. Many are just ease of life improvements.
    1) Having the Launcher stay open when you log out of the game completely. Constantly reopening the launcher then logging in has already worn out its welcome. If there is already a work around for it I would love to know.
    2) Talent Tree: At times you can not see what the abilities will do. There seems to be a hairline area to get the tool tip to display, and needs to be the whole name. 
    3) The intro quests are a great start. However when those finish it felt like I was tandem sky diving, and mid fall the other guy cuts me loose. I get that this is a sandbox game, and is  no where near to the complexity of EVE. There are many it seems who do not know where to go next. Expanding the tutorial to guide to direct players to hit max level, or join a guild could help.
    4)A way to report bugs in game would be nice.
    5) Character Creation screen: Having tool tips or some sort of information about the Race/Class would be a great help in creating a character. Being able to read about the lore of a Minotaur, or what ever race would be more helpful to the creation of said character slot. I.E. why does it matter if I'm a Centaur Knight or a Human Knight? Giving a more informed idea about what each race bring to the table with the starting attributes and abilities. Along with a general idea of the difference between a Knight, a Templar, and a Champion as an example. As of right now 8/21/2020 it is pretty much a blind pick. You create, log in, check abilities and talents, log out, and repeat until you find which race/class suits your play style.
    Would like to say I am excited that Crowfall is in Beta now, and can't wait to see it with a final polish! Thank you for making a fun game.
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    Leftnut reacted to blazzen in Main issue of this game summarized.   
    1 Word: Performance.
    That's the main issue with this game.
    If it was playing at a silk smooth FPS in giant GvG fights we'd have a winner. 
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    Leftnut reacted to TheMap in Main issue of this game summarized.   
    Claims hes a hardcore players.... mentions ESO pvp.... /end video
    I feel like any joe schmo with a camera and a few followers feels like they are entitled to be heard. But yet you fail to provide very little constructive feed back other than "its not fun". I bet this guy was one of the squeaky wheels that got New World to identity swap. Anyone can gripe about the game not being fun. But if you going to monetize a video about it atleast put a bit more effort into constructive feedback.
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    Leftnut got a reaction from mythx in 5.125 LIVE Feedback for 8/19/20   
    I think this is the first post of yours I have agreed with !! ❤️
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    Leftnut reacted to APE in What's Needed Before Launch?   
    Now that we're in Beta, what's next? What would you like to see make it in before launch?
    While the game is enjoyable, it is still needing work in several areas. With their resources and likely limited time frame, what is possible that doesn't require them hiring fifty people, finding twenty million under the seat cushions, or going back and time and designing a different game?
    They've said some of these things are on the way and alluded to others, but there is still much in the air that new and old players continue to bring up. Hopefully a good chunk of these things will make it sooner then later.
    Mount Models: On the way NPE 3: On the way Optimization/Performance: WIP Bugs: Squash them all! Character Creation: Class - Description of role, promos, armor/weapons, stat importance, powers available, even viewing of talent tree Race - Racial stats/powers/passives viewable Character Respec: At least for starter vessels in God's Reach Map: Adjust angle so that North is North, visual indicators for hot spots (it's on fire!) and zergs (Red Blob) would be nice Disciplines: Balance pass, add/remove/adjust as needed to make all viable for more builds Promotions: Balance pass to make all of them viable in more then a niche situation Potentially get away from CC promos to focus on debuffs/buffs and not how long someone is stunned and not playing the game UI: Some degree of customization - resize, move, transparency, hide, etc. Tooltips: Clear information as to what everything does with numbers. Active power tooltips would be amazing that adjusted depending on player stats Chat: Ability to combine tabs into one or split them out to view multiple at once /commands: Hop into 2020 and make these clickable actions part of the UI Guilds: More in-game management tools and banks...😍 Crafting: Think of the wrists please. Reduce unnecessary clicking. Some form of mass production for simple items. Passive Training: Crafting/Harvesting adjustments for fresh accounts be it additional active progression or passive speed increase VIP: What is it? Campaign Rewards: What are they? Inventory Management: More space and ways to organize/search Advantages & Disadvantages Creation System: I'll keep my fingers crossed Friend's list/tools.
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    Leftnut reacted to Bzra in 5.125 LIVE Feedback for 8/19/20   
    Please don't count skulls/mugs and badges as imports/exports!
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    Leftnut reacted to mandalore in Balancing measures in population terms!   
    Fights aren't intended to be fair.  You know who complains about it not being fair?  The loser.  This is war.  If you come to CF expecting good fights, chill bros and even numbers you are going to be disappointed.  I aim to win by any means necessary because that's the kind of game this is.  I can't beat you on the field?  Can I harass your bros?  Can I cause dissent among the ranks?  Who are your allies?  Who are your enemies?  Do I have a warchest to pay to inflate my ranks if needed?  When does your guild farm?  Who are your harvesters/crafters and where do they hide?  Personal 1v1 skill is the least important factor to winning a war and if CF has gotten anything right they have replicated that.  
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    Leftnut reacted to mystafyi in Crowfall unveils 'The Infected' - Official discussion thread   
    You cant honestly think a handful of players ruined this game. ACE made this mess, they listened to all the wrong feedback for so long now.
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    Leftnut reacted to KrakkenSmacken in Crowfall unveils 'The Infected' - Official discussion thread   
    Yea, as long and ACE fully uses the potential in having multiple worlds open, and creates some rules to support multiple styles and skills of play. Just like MOBA's and pretty much every competitive system has ranks, CF has this possibility with worlds.
    Many world to chose from.  Right now part of the problem is the large guilds are crammed in with the smaller ones.  It's not just that the three biggest and most dedicated are all on the same team, it's also that they are all competing for the one world. No team, no matter the size, can compete on all the worlds if several dozen are active at a time.  Worlds starting at different times. Right now everyone is piling into the same world, same time, same seasons, same same same.  There was nowhere (Infected is a start in that direction) for new or less organized guilds to learn how to do that job against similarly organized/smaller groups, and there is nowhere to go and be competitive once you know your out of the fight. It's fight the biggest and the baddest all the time, or basically nobody. It would be like trying to learn LoL only playing against platinum level players.  You would get mopped up so fast, so badly, and so often, you really would not learn anything, and ultimately just would give up.  Without ways to participate at some level in skill and dedication divisions, there simply won't be any fun. Worlds that eliminate. I'm a bit surprised to be honest that even with the worlds being ended, and the connection to Travian Games who already use the elimination model, that this part of the conquest model is not more often talked about and planned for. Perhaps that will happen in the Dregs, with sub par teams having to quit the field/world and move onto the next one, long before winter and worlds end finishes things, thus giving them opportunity to enter a new world without the Uncle Bob that trounced them.   Right now that is already the behavior of players come winter. They move out of the campaign, and into GR. Much to the angst of the wolves, the sheep have no interest in being food.  Rewards to encourage them to stay will in my opinion simply not work as fighting human nature is just a losing battle.  Let them surrender, leave, and move on. Guild level restrictions.  As in, Guilds and their members (marked at crow/account level) can only join X number of campaigns at a time, can only enter the same tier of campaigns as other guild members, etc. Right now that could be done between NA and EU.  Join NA, can't join EU, and vice-versa. Restrict access to certain worlds based on guild size.  Some worlds just won't let you in if you have a guild larger than X. Rank guilds based on success, and open some worlds that isolate guilds with less than X or even no wins under their belts.  Basically encourage and restrict until Uncle Bobs fight over worlds with other Uncle Bobs because that's the best option for them. I think more people would participate in a world without the -W- HoA alliance vs what we currently have. Rules and controls just need to be put in place to fence in those that want that so -W- and HoA couldn't, and really wouldn't even want to sneak in with the full force of the guild.
    Oh and for the record, I believe the statistics on average active guild size is around 10. Not CF guild size, but all games guild size.  I am pretty sure that Blair said that Raph Koster is fond of mentioning that statistic, and he seems like someone that would know.
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    Leftnut reacted to Marth in A Reason to Fight   
    These two things are not compatible 
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    Leftnut reacted to royo in Access to EK's from campaigns?   
    sure but it's more immersive to go in an ek from a portal in game than from the lobby, just my opinion .
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    Leftnut reacted to Marth in Allow Nobles (and maybe Vassals) to Launch Eternal Kingdoms   
    removed gr is supposed to be a noobie island right? With a easy to access place with perm vendors those slots are worth more than any ek / campaign slots. 
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    Leftnut reacted to Jah in Allow Nobles (and maybe Vassals) to Launch Eternal Kingdoms   
    Yea, I think vendors should be removed from God's Reach.
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    Leftnut got a reaction from znick in chat and inventory and ninja looters   
    Never a loot all button, this is a PvP game... well it's supposed to be
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    Leftnut reacted to Jah in Map Idea to Promote PvP   
    These player-owned and player-managed kingdoms are the only permanent (non-time limited) Worlds. They are complete, functional Worlds - but lack resource factories (such as quarries, mines and mills) and produce only common reagents. Players rule these Home Worlds as Monarchs and can grant land and titles to other players in exchange for oaths of fealty. Levy taxes, enforce trade restrictions, and set the PvP rules within your domain.

    The proving grounds for Order, Balance, and Chaos. Players join one of three divine Factions and battle for control of the World. The goal for Order and Chaos is to capture as much territory as possible before the World is destroyed. The goal for Balance is to ensure there in no clear victor between Order and Chaos.

    These Worlds are more deadly and the stakes are higher. The alliances of the Gods hold no sway here. The followers of the twelve Gods vie individually for the Throne. 

    The Shadow Worlds lie closer to the Hunger, where even the Gods dare not tread. On these Worlds it's Guild vs Guild competition for the abundance of resources and rich cache of souls.

    On the razor-thin edge of the Hunger lies the Dregs... Worlds utterly drained of warmth, about to shatter into dust. Alliances between Guilds are weak and brittle. These every-man-for-himself Worlds are deadly and unforgiving - yet they yield the greatest reward for those who can survive.
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