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  1. Thank you for stopping by and taking a look around. Please have a cookie :)

  2. Now that I've paid off the right people and have "interesting" photos of the rest (except Todd...nothing seems to embarrass him) I am finally a Crowfall Mod. Hello everyone! Can't believe we had to pay for our own shirts. Upside is nothing was mentioned about Tully & Blair! Phantonmas is like the wind...always just out of reach. You are very welcome! Oh wait...that was to Pann...never mind... "One does not choose the mantle, the mantle chooses you." - Man Against the Storm To miss quote Rocky II, "I eat mercy and crap kindness." Thank you! But are those extra "..." how you REALLY feel about us? We get shinny green letters under our name. Not quit a perk I guess lol Now I'm new to all of this so Pann can correct me if I'm wrong here but I don't think those are fan club points.
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