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  1. Locking thread. If you disagree with a moderator or employee's actions, do not discuss or challenge the matter publicly in forum posts. Send an e-mail to support@artcraftent.com, and clearly state your concerns.
  2. Thank you for stopping by and taking a look around. Please have a cookie :)

  3. Now that I've paid off the right people and have "interesting" photos of the rest (except Todd...nothing seems to embarrass him) I am finally a Crowfall Mod. Hello everyone! Can't believe we had to pay for our own shirts. Upside is nothing was mentioned about Tully & Blair! Phantonmas is like the wind...always just out of reach. You are very welcome! Oh wait...that was to Pann...never mind... "One does not choose the mantle, the mantle chooses you." - Man Against the Storm To miss quote Rocky II, "I eat mercy and crap kindness." Tha
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