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  1. Not saying I'm into the whole merc guild thing, but everyone keeps getting hung up on the "winning" the campaign thing. I understand it's the ultimate goal, there will only be one winner. Even if you're on the 3 faction campaign, 1 guild will be on top of the winning faction. You have to understand that most people/guilds already realize they won't win. After you've accepted that you won't win a campaign, what's to stop someone from trying to do something like this. Chaos will in fact make campaigns more fun, and an elite PvP guild that hires itself out, not concerned about winning, but j
  2. Just wanted to add my two cents. I played SB for a couple years and had large success with a dual wield dagger ranger using backstab. I can't speak for the later years of the game, but my tracking abilities combined with stealth and some tankiness made it easy for me to counter/kill any scout that tried to jump me. I was still fast enough to run from just about anyone and get back into stealth before the party could catch up. I used the ranger to roam around and gank the gankers so to speak and I hope they allow for a similar archetype in this game.
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