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  1. Haha, both should be fun! Thanks!
  2. Thank you both! It's much appreciated.
  3. Hihi! Thank you very much. Yeah right now, I'm not so much looking for a guild at this point, perhaps in the near future. I've honestly been burned pretty badly with former guilds in previous games. ...And it's not something I'm really looking to repeat any time soon. If I do end up going with a guild it'll be likely something I create or if a friend I know makes one. I really do appreciate the advice though. I'm not sure if I'll end up in Alpha or not but I know my S.O. will be so I'm pretty excited in seeing that. Also, lastly thank you very much! It's an older piece so I'm n
  4. Said my hello in introductions but I'll post here as well. This time much shorter. Been playing MMOs since EQ times, and Roleplaying since I was 15- I'm 32 now; started out in Ayenee on yahoo chat. I'm a professional photographer/retoucher who's finishing up her senior semester at AAU. I do illustrations for fun, freelance and what not; you can find my art by PMing me or the introduction forum. With this said; suggestion? Eh, I'd personally would like a Lore section on the forums. I understand we have the General Discussion but it's pretty messy to try to find what exactly I'm looking
  5. Ugh... Midterms.

  6. Thank you for the kind welcome. At this point I am not looking for a guild. I appreciate the information though.
  7. Nice compilation of information here Slith. Probably would be best to do a re-write or at least just adding onto it as we now have appearance concepts for the male "fae"/"Fae counterpart". https://media.crowfall.com/archetypes/assassinMaleConcept.jpg
  8. Hello, hello! Just found out about the game from my significant other, so far I'm quite interested to see how this unfolds. I've perused the forums, wiki and website overall and I really enjoy the unique take and the archetype system. While traditionally I'm not a heavy PVPer, I'd still like to give it a go. (I used to main on a PVP Shard on Rift and TOR, also played a bit of DCOU on the PVP server, and most of my experience of PVP is through queued-battle fronts which I did play often enough in TOR and XIV). Most of my experience from MMOs dates back to EQ and Wyvern. From there I've
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