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  1. why do i wanna be a Duelist so I can DUEL carft DUEL craft CAROL
  2. Previously on the FAQ,"IS THERE ANY WAY TO MASS PRODUCE ITEMS? Some games (most notably Star Wars: Galaxies) provided the ability for crafters to essentially turn a crafted item into a blueprint that will consume it but allow the crafter to produce a limited amount of copies of that item. We’re considering a similar system, where players can craft a particular item to use a “template” and then order their Thrall Blacksmiths to manufacture that item in larger quantities." Points to take away before my question: Blue prints thralls can use blue prints supposedly Can I mass produce blue prints? Can I sell the blue prints? Would the better the crafter increase the chance of success? For that matter How are chances of success and failure calculated? Can I increase my chances with better tools or charms or items? Can those "better tools or charms or items" be made in to blue prints? will the higher the "Quality" of item the less times the blue print can be used? Will my thralls have less chances of success and greater failure? These are the question I have and could not really find answer per-say.
  3. Can't wait for crowfall

  4. No, I do not agree with the use of local proximity VOIP, because it's not needed there is Team speak, Skype, and other programs for VOIP. I don't want to hear to random players who can say extremely rude and unnecessary things or just playing some sort of music or ads. I don't want local chat bubble that's egregious and immersion breaking, but I would say a good area based chat log without a range limit in the area would be a fair compromise. However, I like global chat for it's capability to speak with everyone, but seeing how this a pvp "only" based game it could be said that it would be advantageous to mislead, deceive, and just generally swindle anyone and everyone in that global chat and that it is not need. I do not have a comprise for general chat other then "a good area based chat log", but I would be open to other things if they were presented and I think everyone should be. Obviously castles, keeps, forts, and cottages need there own chats, but not chat bubbles. Clans and sub-clans need there own chats, but in reality the "clan chats" would pretty much be like global and "sub-clan chats" would almost be like whispering and im okay with anything as long as I have robust why to set up the chats the way I like it with settings. Whisper should only be the type of chat with a range limit, because you are "whispering". In closing my opinions are: proximity VOIP benefits are out weighed by its unfavorable factors However maybe a guild leader VOIP in a guild hall could be extremely beneficial local chat bubbles are egregious, immersion breaking, and horrendous Global chat I like it, but i can do without it or even a comprise I like the idea of area based chats and would be okay if the replaced global chat I don't like a range limit on my chat within an area Castles, keeps, forts, and cottages need there own trade chats and ads from the owner Clans and sub-clans need there own chats Whisper should only be the type of chat with a range limit this is all for now but look at my signature
  5. So, here is what I have been thinking about after joining and reading tons up on this game and how it's a "player based economy." One: Crafting, in a pvp only game you are gonna need a group so either a sub-guild or hired Mercs. (I don't think there will be JUST a guild devoted to crafting more like a branch of a larger guild) Two: MERCS, so lets assume that you are a guild of only crafters and traders and have a strangle hold on the economy keeping other players from just raiding you, yet you still need help getting the high level ingredients so you hire/ CONTRACT a group of MERCS from another guild. WHAT IS TO STOP THEM FROM MURDERING WITHOUT CONSEQUENCE !! Here is my suggestion allow bans and contracts from trading guilds; Guild A's sub-guild "blue grass warriors" sign an in-game contract with Trading Guild of "SOME CITY OF BITY", but "blue grass warriors" betrays the small group of Traders that were sent out and now have to pay the fine or face a total guild ban from buying from said trade group. The reason for this suggestion is to help crafters and traders stay independent of having to be forced into a sub-guild all the time.
  6. yep or or or maybe even a middle ground that takes "cuss" words and turns them into things like "gobbledy gook" "snorkle muffin"
  7. It should be an option for groups, guilds ,and trading maybe. but for anything arena based i could see this being super helpful.
  8. count me in I have been always about the crafting.
  9. helo there eh, I am new here and I can't wait to play. However there don'tcha know, I came from Everquest Next Landmark which like this had that hype and went up in flames like a moth on the Hindenburg becoming vapor ware. This, I hope, it shan't become vapor ware and the community will be awesome. I am glad to meet all of you and can't wait to meet up with all of y'all in game, TO ADVENTURE AND BEYOND!!!!!!!!
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