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  1. kk thanks guys. I came in a little after stuff happened related to that so I didn't know the specific mechanic on it.
  2. Do we know if this is limited to the Slayer or can it occur with a Dirge or a vanguard scout(lol) too?
  3. Yeah I agree that doing additional beyond 2 would not be the best idea. It just does limit you even on two lines. Ultimately, it is just a little strange that they don't have it. I know initially we thought it was a bug where nothing in the house outside the keep got the thrall buffs but that is broken by the fact that the necro table does have the thrall buff. Inconsistencies all around!
  4. The catch on this reasoning is that JC does get a Thrall buff and also is very easy to max assembly due to being dex based. That being said, that is what I would guess the simpler estimation paths is the reason as well. JC does provide an obvious example that is counter to this theory though. Alchemy does matter quite a bit with split stat philo stones making it not a good idea to do those. I wouldn't use that as reasoning though for why there isn't a thrall buff or justification for not doing split stat stones. This actually does narrow your choices and not for a great reason.
  5. The runemaking and alchemy tables do not give a thrall buff in any keep, campaign or infected. They never have for some reason. Have never been certain if that is a bug or not.
  6. I didn't say that it was something they consider low priority. I said it is something that I think should be considered a higher priority than it seems to be. Maybe it is a higher priority but it really hasn't seemed like it other than an offhand mention here and there. Best I can do is hope attention is given to it.
  7. I mean, we're looking at February so I'm not sure it is a "now" kind of thing. I can tell you from the perspective of a mid sized guild that it really should be higher priority than it feels like it is being set at. Ignoring the person count just required for crafting, right now you have to store your resources/components directly on an account that one person can access. This means that that person needs to be on to be able to access any of those resources. From a crafting stance, this also means you need to have people who own crafters to be on as well. Making a runic book for a confessor requires at least 5 crafters(Wood, Blacksmith, Runecrafter, Leatherworker, and the Jewelcrafter). You can bypass pieces of this by having multiple accounts(which several of us do) but it still requires a lot of time moving things around and logging in and out as well as making sure the correct people are on at the same time/working out transferring things through others. Winterblades did have a work around for a long while that did give us a shared storage of sorts in the EK. We used to use cairns for storing all of our pooled resources that could easily be accessed by jumping into the EK and dropping off resources or picking them up.The reason this does not work anymore is because the time out on logging people out also impacts EKs so we do not have a very reliable way to keep the EK open anymore. Also while this "guild storage" option worked, it had its risks and drained time every couple of days. That is because cairns disappear after 3 days so if you don't reset the cairns, you lose everything that was in that cairn when it went poof. So every 2-2.5 days, we would have to reset them. If it was just a person or two resetting them, this could take an hour or more depending on how many cairns there were(the increased respawn time also impacts EKs making this worse). I think at our max, we had something like 30-40 cairns that we had to cycle every couple of days to make sure we were not losing large amounts of resources. Ultimately we had to drop this method once characters timing out in EKs because we couldn't keep it reliably open. The end result is a lot of man hours spent trying to just manage, move and store resources. Yes, we can make some things work as a fill in option but they are an extreme pain to deal with and really only have got worse. If we're wanting 5.110 to get a lot of people looking at the game again and build interest, having something in place to alleviate some of the time drain/frustration with resource/material storage would be be a very good idea.
  8. You're not alone in that. Guild storage has been a bane of our existence for a very long time and even some of the weird work around solutions we had previously just don't really work now and were inconvenient at best.
  9. ACE has mentioned before that they would like free building to exist in the dregs. I wouldn't be surprised if they are in predetermined spots though unless they introduce a terraforming mechanism like SB had. I don't really expect them to have any terraforming things in at 5.110 but with the world building tools, it isn't exactly completely out of the picture. No idea if we will actually have that in the first iteration of dregs but it may be something we get at some point.
  10. The biggest issue with these calls for wipes tends to be that the loudest of those crying for a wipe tend to not end up playing at all after the wipe. That or play a day or two, realizing that the wipe wasn't the reason they weren't playing and then fade off leaving those who were playing before to rebuild up what they had and not really accomplishing anything. If you're someone who is definitely going to play hard if there was a wipe and you believe it would be beneficial to that drive, I think you should support it. If you are someone who is unsure you would actually play and are just wanting to see what would happen with a wipe, I think you should think about whether you actually will play or not before throwing your support behind a change that can and probably will have some consequences for the existing population. A full wipe will likely be a hit on the currently population and may give a bump to some randoms coming into the game or trying the game again but isn't likely to translate to any real population gain since those randoms will still run into the exact same problem they have now. They don't really know what they are doing and will get out played by someone who has played the game much longer and likely will have much better gear due to a better guild infrastructure. I think there are things that could justify a full wipe but if your reasoning is to level the playing field, it really is not going to do that. The only other factor is if ACE thinks there is something to be gained testing wise from a wipe now but that ultimately falls to them on whether that is something they are looking at. From the communication we've received so far, I don't think they are specifically needing any data from a wipe considering they were looking at only wiping passive skills.
  11. Atrributes in general are not super powerful in terms of the combat stats they give. The more notable things are crit chance and crit damage from them(Or Crit healing and crit healing amount). Con is pretty good on a shield knight for instance who can make heavy use of all 3 aspects of con with the block, barrier and hp bonus. If you're on something that really is only taking advantage of the HP, it is going to be pretty lackluster. They did bump the hp per con up to 8 or 10 at one point and it was pretty valuable then.
  12. I'll give you that the last line was a step over the line and for that I apologize. The rest is 100% based off of your claim that confessors are the "worst damage class in CF" which you had backed with a bunch of numbers and a short video clip that meant almost nothing related to that issue. The last thing we need on here is misinforming people with a wild claim and then backing it up with data that does not relate/show what was claimed above. This is a huge issue in the world at large right now and I definitely want to mitigate that in a class and game that is important to me. I'd urge you and really anyone that if you have concerns about the balance on a class, consider your claim and whether the data/evidence you bring in actually represent what you are trying to say. Some of this may have been language but it definitely was not all of it. If anyone has any questions about Confessors and their viability, concerns, and/or other questions, feel free to shoot me a PM. I've played all 3 specs relatively recently(Sanctifier was earlier in 5.8 but is unchanged since their last nerf). @R3kk5So again, if you have anything outside of this thread as you are making baseless claims of some sort of abuse toward you by a member of Winterblades outside of this thread, you can shoot any Winterblades leadership a PM and it will be addressed because as I stated above, it is not acceptable.
  13. Again, if you have evidence of Winterblades members harassing you in any way outside of this thread, send it in PM or whatever if not on here and I will address it. If it is Staff, that is outside of my jurisdiction as he is in HoA. Until that point, your claim is baseless. Which is where we'll leave this unless you actually do have something which I'm extremely doubtful of at this point.
  14. Cool, so you're making baseless false claims that you can't back up. Just wanted to make sure that is where we ended at on this and that there wasn't anything real behind it. Good luck to you Rekks and hopefully you figure your stuff out some day.
  15. There were just two Winterblades in this thread(Myself and Zatch). If someone from Winterblades was harassing you in PMs or something outside of what I can see on here, please let me know and I will address it because that is unacceptable and most definitely is not tolerated.
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