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  1. Confessor Feedback: 1. This happened across the board on classes but lowering the basic attack damage nodes down to 2% per point makes those nodes lose a large portion of their value. 2. Meteor Purge still appears to be garbage. There potentially could be useful if you didn't have to charge it up to use and it actually scaled with distance. I know this one is a true projectile so it utilizes a life time mechanic rather than range so it won't scale with bonus distance but it would be nice if bonus distance did impact this ability in some way. Someone in -W- also mentioned it might be halfway interesting if it dropped a firewall where it detonated. 3. Righteous Shield's duration should at least be as long as the ICD on the proc(24 seconds). Right now you have a shield that you can't control when it procs that could go up for 8 seconds right away and then potentially be down for up to 21+ seconds depending on how unlucky you are with the ICDs of Righteousness and the Righteous shield proc lining up. 4. The heal from Condemnation talent in the Sanctifier tree is fairly mediocre. With talents now being slim, this one really could use a slight bump. 5. The complete channel of Fervor for 20% basic attack damage in the Fanatic branch of the talent trees is a really bad talent that no one would take if you were able to get Frenzied Righteousness without going through that. Any extra time spent channeling Fervor beyond what you need it for is lost time that is better used for Damage, CC, or debuffing. 6. Hellfire and Brimstone in the Inquisitor tree is a weird talent since you generally don't want to be close to people on a leather wearer. If there was something that improved their ability to tank, you might but there isn't.
  2. Confessor Bugs: 1. Tornados are giant. This might be intended but one issue is that they really can be used indoors because the top of the tornado will clip the ceiling and kill it. 2. Absolution's damage is not synced with the animation. It is nice but may not be intended to cast that quickly or the animation needs to be sped up. 3. I think you guys forgot to make firewall a base kit spell. It fits nicely where Meteor Purge is now. 4. There is a weird delay on the cast time of Immolation. It might be intended but it just feels like the game is responding slowly to your button rather than it being an intentional cast time. 5. This isn't unique to Confessors but sometimes basic attacks with show it launching several projectiles. This has likely been reported already. I've seen it on the Confessor and the Frostweaver in particular. These are visual only and I think only the client that throws the attack sees them. 6. Players still are often not able to retaliate out of the confessor hellfire blast and tornado knockdowns. Great for me as a confessor but frustrating for others. General Bugs: 1. I haven't been able to reproduce this but there are times where my inputs from my keyboard seem either sluggish or stop responding all together. It actually impacts hot keys for other applications as well such as push to talk. In some cases it is only certain inputs that stop working like numpad 1 will work but numpad 2 or numpad 3 will not. I actually thought it was just my machine but a couple others in Winterblades have reported similar issues and also thought it was just their machine. 2. I can't be certain this isn't intended but Weapon Finesse still overwrites Mental Fortitude rather than stacking. It did this back when everyone got Mental Fortitude as an option so it made sense but now that it is a High Elf racial passive, it would make sense for them to stack or even have Mental Fortitude give you half its value or something to provide value to the racial when you may want Weapon finesse for more.
  3. Good fights Order. The title is pretty amusing considering the actual content but solid attempt to be spicy I guess. Reminds me of a little yipping chihuahua or something. The inferiority complex is strong in order's side of the world. I'm not certain using my quotes has exactly the effect you intended(out of context or not) since they are supported by the video. Your players stated that you guys were outnumbered which was incorrect, particularly at the time it was said(after the first fight). Order tends to be pretty unwilling to take a fight outside of the narrow situation of sitting in a fort, as my quote was referencing(Where you didn't want to take fights outside of a fort), because we already know the end result of those situations will be a loss for Order. That statement still stands as valid and the video even highlights that. You guys play a single(stationary) game and I think you do it pretty well within that scenario. It also limits what can be done to turtling on a fort circle while relying on the guards to whittle people down since the kill potential is so low. Which if that is all that the goal is, that is fine. Outside of that narrow window, you'll lose which leads to the comment. At best the spec forces a stalemate(as seen here), within a fort. At worst, you all die whether it is to non-ideal situations(not in a fort), due to a comp that counters the stack templars(which we did not have), or to a similar style where they are able to stand in the circle and flip it when your squishy players die. In the end, I enjoy that we are getting challenged a bit in certain situations considering we've been able to take most fights while heavily outnumbered and turn them into victories where the reality is that we should not be able to go into a fight down by 3-10+ people fighting into a fort and coming away with a clean victory as we have been able to do for a long while. I look forward to further fights in the future and the yips that come with them!
  4. I hope you don't actually believe that there have been 70 actives on balance at any single point in the last 4 months and that your statement is meant to be hyperbole. I'd be a bit concerned about your perception of things if you do.
  5. Some pre-siege fort action from Friday.
  6. The bug isn't the outpost itself. You likely stepped onto the keep parcel. That likes to bug out that portion of the UI.
  7. What Fryyka said. We have plenty of body parts and we have the training. Ambrosia is one of the more annoying things to get but some people have some or have bought some prior so I can do the assembly easily enough for those who don't have the training or body parts to do so.
  8. Some people sell them. I'm generally willing to make one for someone if they bring me 6 ambrosia. I won't guarantee high quality additives and I won't do a Philo stone unless the minerals are supplied but they are decent enough.
  9. The last 3 campaigns have been reused mapsets from previous campaigns. This particular map was the start of a series that did not have anything higher than chiefs. It was also the first map that had dynamic chief types though so that were not always respawning the same kind of chief. Haven't checked to see if this map still does that but it almost seemed like they broke king spawns when this change was made.
  10. The irony on this is that -W- has probably ran the most templars(and overall diversity of classes/races) out of any guild consistently since 5.8 was released. Not only that, it is visually documented in many videos from over the past 12 months. Ultimately you'll see what you want to see if you actually believe the things you say. Maybe it is all a "troll". I am finding this weeks excuse for being bad pretty good though. It is almost as good as when 65 people is apparently less people than 35. It really makes me confident that we will continue to be successful when you look at every issue as something that surely must be broken and can't possibly be how a mechanic works. Therefore you aren't going to try to find a solution but rather keep doing what we're doing and cry when other groups adapt to counter the play style that you are running. I honestly feel a little bad for your guild mates because you demoralize yourselves and your allies by throwing your hands up in the air like something is an impossible situation when the only thing that is holding you back is yourselves. I hope at some point you realize this and then we can get some exciting fights out and about.
  11. This is actually a pretty big deal. In some cases, the mechanic works as intended. It might be really dumb but technically there is not a bug present. A good example is jumping off of cliffs. Used to be only a few classes could do this because they were able to use ults to go immune to prevent taking damage from the fall. Now anyone can do it assuming you are above 40% hp since fall damage is capped at 40% of your max HP. Mechanically, this is working as intended. It is really stupid that it works this way but it isn't technically a bug. Something that is very notable on this is that some bugs were fixed 5-7 months back and are broken again. This is a piece of the issue that some of the devs have mentioned about them working on a new patch and patching up the live patch. When they were moving to 5.9, they fixed several bugs in small patches on 5.8.3 but those were not patched on the test client of 5.9 they were working on that wasn't available to the public yet. Once 5.9 was released, we realized those bugs had actually reappeared again. Some are still in game right now.
  12. EK's pvp rules are built around groups rather than factions being friendly with each other. Some of the tech behind it seems to be different as some abilities act a bit differently. There are also some issues with terrain since I don't believe campaign maps can actually be manipulated while active where as an EK can resulting in some variance in how abilities/terrain work. If you played back in 3.0 Big World, EKs still work a lot like the world did back then. Those maps were also hand made.
  13. Ten minutes isn't fully true depending on what type of harvesting. He did mention Ore specifically so it definitely is true for that, stone and trees. Graves have an 8 minute respawn and animals vary from 3-5 minutes assuming it isn't an ancient.
  14. So this definitely is not accurate. It truly does only have 2 charges. The catch on this is that the refresh on dodges is not on a timer from when you use your first dodge pip. It actually is on a set cycle that will regenerate a pip after every 10/20 seconds no matter when you used your last pip. This means that you can have a pip regenerate "instantly" when in reality it has just hit the 10/20 second mark where it regenerates a pip. The other possibility on this is that you're on a high elf and you're having the dodge pip proc the clear cast which doesn't consume the pip. on #1 - Gathering and other things will be generating XP from the action itself will be added in 5.110. You are able to actually sacrifice those resources you harvest as well for XP. Not exactly ideal but it does work. #2 tiny task is a work around but there are a lot of instances of this that are *supposed* to be solved by factories but they currently are no where near in sight. #5 Store fronts actually work very well assuming you have one in a good spot. You more or less need a spot in the GR temple to make money. If you have one there and you aren't making money, you probably need to look at what you are selling and the prices for those goods. I've seen people buy stuff from an older shop of mine(that I lost, RIP) that was hilarious to me because it made no sense to buy it. Gold really isn't too hard to get for the most part. #11 - It is actually impossible for you to lose half your health from a fall currently. It only scales up to 40% of your health. Jump off the edge of the world if you want to test this one. You won't die. The fall damage in this game is actually insanely friendly compared to most games and not even 5 months ago in CF, it was deadly. #6 - So this one seems randomly specific. Not sure why you like 16 hits but nodes actually do have a set health, 1000. How you get yourself to dealing that much damage is a big part of how you build your character, your gear and disciplines. ACE has overcomplicated some things related to the loot tables on each but how they've set up different paths to destroying a node is somewhat clever once you have the ability to play with it(Jewelry is a big player here). The problem is that it isn't immediately noticeable if you don't know what you are doing. #7 - There are some classes that actually provide a lot of what you are talking about outside of anything with selling. Attributes do play a part in harvesting. Something to keep in mind is that this post makes it seem like you've been doing most of your farming in the GR/Infected where you are relatively safe. Even the campaign is mostly clear of roaming killers making it safer than it has been in the past to farm. The intent from ACE based on their Q&As is to lower the resources you can get from the GR/Infected down to lower quality whites/greens. It basically requires them unlinking the harvesting node rank from the mob rank on parcels. I don't think it is coming in 5.110 but it might be. Used to be that harvesters were quite vulnerable(Major slots were taken by harvesting discs) while harvesting and would just get wrecked by other factions. Currently, you can have combat and be set up as a harvester to give a better chance to fight back. #8 - A piece of this is balancing reasons. It is strange looking that they lose their momentum but from a combat balancing stance and normalizing how physics interacted with some classes. There isn't exactly a good answer to this but we'll probably see these mechanics change a bit as they work more with the new character controller.
  15. kk thanks guys. I came in a little after stuff happened related to that so I didn't know the specific mechanic on it.
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