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  1. It is mostly updated. I need to adjust a couple things that were changed to allow for more healing stats.
  2. Sanctifier is still viable but it is not good in the open field. It does have its place but that place is limited to larger scale conflict. Edit - One thing I will note is that I really think the duration of their barrier needs to be increased to be the length of the cooldown. I think the cooldown should also be shortened.
  3. Winterblades closed recruitment in January. For the 5.9 release, we are opening our recruitment doors on a limited basis. If you're highly active in Crowfall and interested in joining, jump in our discord link below and send Phylor or another tagged as Leadership a message. To learn a bit more about us, check out our recruitment page and history on https://winterblades.net/recruitment/ and https://winterblades.net/history-of-winterblades/. Head on over to our discord found here: https://discord.gg/SkmcBXp
  4. They did which is exactly what he said. It is why he mentioned being down to below 9000 HP now.
  5. Winterblades took to the field to remind Order about the real state of things:
  6. Good to see that we're back to making up numbers to protect fragile egos
  7. Mirroring what many have said in here, green tends to be the baseline with white being in the place it is currently. Up until recently, outside of sieges, I wore a green set of armor so my blue set wouldn't decay(custard soft leather). The green was surprisingly viable if not completely ideal. Even now I'm still running completely blue armor. There is a nice jump when looking at weapons jumping color but the shard is almost the bigger piece. You can end up with a really good blue when you use a high color shard. This is the case with my current book my confessor is using. I would like them to buff whites back up to make them more viable and make the jump from white to green not so massive.
  8. I think I recently pulled my settings back down to high from very high(I bounce back and forth) but I run 2560x1440. My cpu is older being an Intel 3770k but I have a gtx 1080 with 16gb of DDR3. I get surprisingly good performance compared to what some other people see with newer hardware. I have all the post processing and extra visuals pieces disabled outside of that though.
  9. We have had a lot of issues with really bad sync errors. There is also something where buffs multiply across your bar that causes a person to lock up and get DCed or be stuck in a more or less unplayable state. I've only seen that triggered on group members though. I DCed in a small scale fight where it happened. A couple DCed during the siege I think but it wasn't any major disconnect like the one from the first campaign where the treb fired and that was the last notable thing we saw prior to everyone getting disconnected. I did however get a few really bad spikes of lag in tonight's siege which I wouldn't be super surprised if those are the lock ups you guys are talking about. I thought I was going to DC when everyone started running in place.
  10. I find some validity from more or less everyone in this thread beyond the people thinking that some of these active players are alts. Particularly @Medelyn. It does seem that most seem to think that the circle standing mechanic is somewhat flawed. I actually kind of like Srathor's idea of doing something with the land for points as well but that would require making sure there are things to actually do on that land. Could be an interesting long term fix. The current outpost mechanic is probably the most painful because there is very little pvp reward for going around and standing in said circles. I do agree with those that want something to be available for smaller groups of people to be able to contribute, particularly on factions which is where more incoming players would show up. The argument for something to be available to those who play at off hours is a good concern as well. I'm not sure that outposts the way they are really are provided with any content from the outposts as they exist. It might be kind of interesting if there were stashes of things that generated over time at the outposts that people could grab or steal if they took the outpost from another faction giving some more activity to people traveling to them/turning them over. Would likely require a reduction in the amount of outposts though. Making the towers actually act like sentries and sending out alerts to a faction if they see multiple enemies in an area might be interesting as well whether or not they were actually attacked. We're stuck in a weird spot where we have guilds that are wanting to play on the Dregs in a bit more competitive/hardcore setting but ultimately that just is not available at this time. I've spent more hours recently that I'd like to admit doing the circle standing stuff. I've got some decently fun fights from it like earlier this morning but most of it is just afk standing waiting for the circle to turn. It is nice to see things active though both in terms of how strongly people feel about the game as well as how hard some are working to pull themselves back into contention.
  11. They've been mentioned further back than that and also have been mentioned as not likely to be something that makes it in game prior to release.
  12. If you're running one of the specific harvesting runes like miner, logger, skinner, etc, you do not want to be running reaper as those discs automatically grant what reaper does.
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