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  1. Soooo, this is where the issue is. Almost all of the game systems that ACE is looking to have at release are in. That is at least if the investor emails are to be believed. This is more or less what we are getting. There will definitely be tweaks but this is the crux of the issue and why so many people are concerned/leaving. We've already been told this is it in terms of the major systems(For release anyway). Maybe they will back off from that statement but they are looking to be in a sprint to try to get this release ready and right now that "Amalgamation of game systems" is what it is.
  2. Most of this post mirrors my own concerns and reservations about the game. I want this to be a game I love to play and want to get on each night but right now it isn't that. On the side of the AoE meta, I think if the only huge AoE was stormcallers, it wouldn't be a big issue since they have a long cooldown and are fairly squishy. The frostweavers just don't have many downsides to them making the rock, rock, rock gameplay that @Yoink mentioned. It could be that population and duration of the campaign being longer may alleviate some of these issues but I've been becoming more and more concerned that we'll never actually end up with a larger population. The peak populations on servers still patch 5.8 from December 2018 where it hit something like 540-600 people across the different servers. Even with the push to live, I don't think the servers even pushed over 400 concurrent since the push to Live and it has just gone down rapidly since. Outside of the siege window, the game is pretty dead. You'll find some roaming groups of 5 people ganking but that is all that is really there. Even that is pretty rare so actually running with people to protect farmers generally ends up being a waste of man power where we would end up with people just sitting around not doing much. This ends up being a waste of man hours as well since there is so much to farm/grind if you actually want to win a campaign which most guilds are not trying to do at this point. Hell, I think 2 of the keeps on the NA campaign are still unclaimed. Most guilds have moved to just doing minimal builds on forts to accomplish goals that are actually outside of actually competing on the Divine Favor cards. That alone should be a fairly big indicator that something is wrong. Hopefully ACE takes a good look at this thread because there are some good thoughts and concerns mentioned here.
  3. It was used that way back in 5.7 but the ult also didn't purge DoTs at that point if I remember correctly. Assassin's were also extremely powerful/valuable in that patch where their value wasn't primarily from their damage output but from the black mantle. Giving them more survival tools improved that. Now assassins don't do great damage, are squishy, and don't have the utiliy value they had back then so it is pretty painful to burn a major for purgative to be able to stealth again.
  4. The most recent generation of Ryzen chips are pretty good. I've used intel since the mid 2000s but this was the first time since I've actually done a build with AMD since I was in High School. The performance has been pretty good.
  5. I'm currently running with 64GB of RAM and early on in 5.110, I was actually passing 15GB of RAM consumed by one client. I've pushed over 25 with 2 running. Part of this is because I have the space for it to continue to consume but it is pretty extreme. I haven't seen it that bad in the past couple of weeks since they did some performance work but there was a pretty rough memory leak a bit ago.
  6. You're going to have to be a bit more specific on what kind of AMD processor. I know several people, myself included, who are running on Ryzen chips not having issues.
  7. The crafting combinations sheet has now been fully updated for 5.110 with the exception of Spherical Gem cuts which I can't do without the tome. Tomes aren't dropping right now so that makes that particularly section impossible to do currently.
  8. This has now been almost fully updated for 5.110. I am missing the spherical cuts on the Jewelcrafting but that is because we have not been able to obtain tomes on test.
  9. The tooltip on this has always been wrong as far as I can remember(I think it shows 15 seconds on 5.100 as well). The dodge would be better if it was a 15 second pip regen though. I kind of hate Zealot Rush myself. Got used to it since Nethari was by far the best confessor option last patch but I'm glad to be back off of it. I'll have to look at the dodge training but sounds like a bug that would apply to any class.
  10. Isn't that the fun part though. You literally had no idea about anything the 3 guilds that held keeps did but you had to have your 2 cents thrown in like what you said was fact. The bug actually happened two nights in a row on Vanguard's city ending the siege instantly when the ward was destroyed. Not only that, we attacked HoA as well like Staff said above. It is 100% ok to not be aware/ignorant of all the things going on in a campaign. It is another thing to say something in ignorance and try to pass it as fact. We're playing on a test server to test things. It is amazing how many people have complained/cried about us either attacking their fort and taking it on a test server where we are supposed to be testing mechanics and/or claiming we didn't act at all against the other guilds holding keeps where we not only tested mechanics but identified a pretty game breaking bug where killing a ward before the plague trees spawned instantly ended the siege.
  11. Yarp, you never know who you'll be friendly with at some point. HoA and -W- used to be quite unfriendly with each other. Same with -W- and Sugoi although both -W- and HoA now have many old members from Sugoi in their ranks. Ultimately, everything in this campaign and in infected is about testing. We attempted to take -V-'s keep twice and failed because of a bug that is now fixed. We went through testing fort capture mechanics as well as building placement. We went and attempted to siege HoA's keep but were rebuffed. No bugs found(outside of framerates that made everyone sad). Just a bunch of elves. On infected, I had a vested interest in seeing if the siege mechanics were actually fixed after destroying a ward prematurely ended the siege at Vanguard's keep twice. Thankfully that does seem to be fixed. Luckily Chaos decided to focus on us first although the reason for that became a little more obvious when i found out we definitely has the smaller group there. We're here to test on test server. We're testing a pvp game(except for flowers). People are going to get killed and cities are going to get taken to make sure those mechanics work. Bugs have been submitted so hopefully we'll all have a great experience once this thing hits live.
  12. Something important to check is to see how much you actually are downloading. It goes through the whole bar but it is only downloading and replacing files that need to be updated. This patch was only about 3.5G total. Still a pretty large file but not anywhere close to the whole game. The other sounds like you've got a choke point somewhere in the path to the patch server. I wasn't seeing great speed on my Gigabit connection but I was pulling around 200Mbps out of it.
  13. I've been doing some update work on the resource aggregation page to bring it more up to date with active resources for 5.110 as well as listed out some of the current more active streams/youtube sources as well. If you see yourself missing on there and think you should be included, shoot me a PM. Yoink also added a new tool to the Winterblades suite of resources with his Crowfall Calculator. Check it out to test out your build stats prior to having to make the character at all!.
  14. I have updated Blacksmithing, Woodcrafting(No change), Runecrafting and Leatherworking on the Crafting Combinations sheet. I've highlighted values that have changed in yellow. The most notable change was that all the leather combos were shaken up completely so I went through all of them on that page. You can find the updated sheet here: https://winterblades.net/crafting-combinations/ *Note that any tab not marked with a * has not been fully updated for 5.110 however pieces of the information may still be correct. I have not done the JC section yet and I know it received some significant reworks as well.
  15. Confessor Feedback: 1. This happened across the board on classes but lowering the basic attack damage nodes down to 2% per point makes those nodes lose a large portion of their value. 2. Meteor Purge still appears to be garbage. There potentially could be useful if you didn't have to charge it up to use and it actually scaled with distance. I know this one is a true projectile so it utilizes a life time mechanic rather than range so it won't scale with bonus distance but it would be nice if bonus distance did impact this ability in some way. Someone in -W- also mentioned it might be halfway interesting if it dropped a firewall where it detonated. 3. Righteous Shield's duration should at least be as long as the ICD on the proc(24 seconds). Right now you have a shield that you can't control when it procs that could go up for 8 seconds right away and then potentially be down for up to 21+ seconds depending on how unlucky you are with the ICDs of Righteousness and the Righteous shield proc lining up. 4. The heal from Condemnation talent in the Sanctifier tree is fairly mediocre. With talents now being slim, this one really could use a slight bump. 5. The complete channel of Fervor for 20% basic attack damage in the Fanatic branch of the talent trees is a really bad talent that no one would take if you were able to get Frenzied Righteousness without going through that. Any extra time spent channeling Fervor beyond what you need it for is lost time that is better used for Damage, CC, or debuffing. 6. Hellfire and Brimstone in the Inquisitor tree is a weird talent since you generally don't want to be close to people on a leather wearer. If there was something that improved their ability to tank, you might but there isn't.
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