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  1. I mean, you can doubt all you want. If I were to agree with you, we'd both be wrong. Anyway, I had a good time at the siege and this thread has been entertaining.
  2. I'll give you a point on this one. You guys actually had 62 in that count. 1 was one of ours.
  3. This thread has probably been my favorite thread on the CF boards
  4. I'm pretty sure just having your character attached to the campaign puts you on the board but I could be wrong on that. You may have to cap a single point, kill someone, get an assist or die.
  5. Just get a higher score and you'll find it easily at the top!
  6. The only areas that are safe zones are the 3 faction temples and the free city that tends to be in the middle of the zone web or whatever you want to call it.
  7. Definitely the worst frame rate/performance I've had but I didn't ever completely lock up at least I guess. The 1 or below FPS I was getting in a couple of the fights was awful. That being said, I still had a good time overall. Could be amazing if we had decent performance.
  8. Late Response but I'm not sure how long it has been since we've seen Byr around. Barnes probably knows better though on that.
  9. The Concentration passive on the confessor is currently not generating Zealotry Edit - So it seems to be working for me now. Something was stopping it from the buff triggering before. not sure what it was.
  10. Not sure I have ever seen "well coded" and "Shadowbane" mentioned together in a sentence. Going to assume it is a full troll then. I loved SB and played it for a very long time but it was so bad in terms of bugs and other issues. I won't say I like the harvesting in Crowfall because I don't. It is boring and there is way too much of it needed. I also do not think that SB was anywhere close to gods gift to gathering resources and PvE interaction.
  11. If you think that there wasn't farming in SB, you either were not in a guild/nation that participated in a lot of banes, you duped a ton, or someone else in your guild was shouldering the work of farming. If you are trying to differentiate killing mobs vs hitting nodes, both are about equivalent in how exciting they are to do. Which is really not very exciting at all. Even with higher gold drop rates, banes/bulwarks/siege weapons/control rods were all pretty pricey. Some people just were not aware of that due to someone else doing a lot of that farming for them or putting a lot of work into open cities.
  12. I have pushed our cooking table to the live table at winterblades.net/crafting-combinations.
  13. I'm not actually sure if this is a bug or unintended but weapons seem to be taking a ton more durability loss from usage than they were previously. Armor still seems to take durability loss at the same rate that it did before.
  14. We'll be getting this established again over the next couple of weeks likely
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