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  1. Yeah, it is something that needs to be fixed either way since that method does not always work either. Roots are a huge issue with it as well.
  2. It was fun! First time I've been on a Eurotrip in a while. Was just Mal, Sol and myself from the Winterblades on this trip.
  3. I've found the easiest way to be able to retaliate from a confessor is spamming your retaliate key when you are in air. If you hit the ground and you are hitting something else to cast, you're going to lose your ability to retaliate.
  4. We are recruiting again! Check us out at our website or jump in our discord and give any leadership or Darthbunbun a PM for more info. We've also continued to be active in campaigns fighting for the forces of Balance and I'm working on getting caught up posting some of the videos of our encounters in CF. I posted a couple new videos of Winterblades gameplay in this thread:
  5. Here are a couple of memories of when those fighting for the favor of Maeve were repelled by the forces of Balance that Maeve hates most: Apologies about them being a bit late(only ~3 months and a few trials) but the timing of the Trial of Gaea turned out to be ideal!
  6. Confessors and Druids have been able to do it since December(well technically since SP 3 years ago). It just isn't actually isn't a beneficial thing since you have to be right up at the wall and if you're able to hold that position at the wall, you're probably overwhelmingly favored to win as it is. Siege weapons are faster and are significantly safer to use. I suppose you could try to sneak in the back side of a keep or something with it. It's been reported and it would be great for it to get changed. It is mostly just a weird quirk that doesn't require much strategic adjustment though. We believe it is an old holdover from when the walls has a magic barrier and physical health. Right now we only go through that magic barrier and then the walls explode. Confessors and Druids were always able to damage this magic barrier going back to SP.
  7. So I did some testing on the cooking sheet yesterday and @vkromas hopped in and was chatting/answering some questions related to the cooking system including a bit of information on what is in and what isn't. Currently, seasonings are still not impacting the cooking(which is unchanged from when it was first put in). I did find some new quirks on the recipes and a few added recipes that were not there from when the sheet was first made by Jah and myself. I still have some more to test but you can see some of the updated information on our live sheet linked above. I'll be doing a full format update here over the next week or 2. The VOD can be found here: Apologies on the first part where I'm just gathering. Not all of the cooking mats are available on test so I was having to actually gather some of the mats. I'd done the mushrooms the night before but the herbs are a gripe.
  8. If anyone has a Crowfall resource that is relatively up to date and wants it listed on our resource page, shoot me a PM with a link. A lot of the stuff is really out of date on there and there are several new streamers that I need to get linked on there as well.
  9. It would. The whole reason that the dizzy animation was put in back in HD was to to disorient when you got attacked while out of combat(survival tray didn't exist). While out of combat at this point, you ran faster and could regen health much like now except when you were hit you would just get pulled back into combat. The result was that people would just spam the combat mode key to run away faster or kinda kite. Combined with the rooted combat we had at that point, it was very irritating to kill people. The dizzy into dizzy down effect was introduced to punish those who took the risk of being out of combat at the wrong time. I actually think that the dizzy down didn't exist initially and you were just snared and repeatedly getting that dizzy effect until you got into combat(which didn't happen automatically with that). Fast forward to now, dizzy really hasn't even been a thing but the dizzy down was still punishment for being in survival. I don't think that the dizzy screen effect is a good thing but you can't just give someone the option to turn it off without giving those players who turn it off some sort of visual obstruction that at least will match what players who may not know that you can turn off what is effectively a CC effect. I just presented having the screen go black(like blind) as an option of what you could do to help those with motion sickness as I generally suffer from it pretty badly. Oddly the dizzy effect does not really negatively impact me but maybe I just got used to it back in HD/SP. So to make it clear, I support having the dizzy screen effect removed and really it should just be removed for all rather than some half measure that starts to bring in the possibility of the issues I mentioned above.
  10. More or less. My first part was really just in response in terms of having the option to turn it off. If you could just disable it, anyone who didn't would be dumb even if the distortion didn't bother their head.
  11. Could just have an option to turn it into a full black screen so you're still having vision obstructed. I doubt anyone would choose to have their vision obstructed by getting dizzied. That is if they want to keep that as a mechanic. I'm fine with them removing it again. Never was a huge fan of it back in HD or SP.
  12. Crafting Combinations page has been fully updated for 5.100 complete with values.] I'll be reworking the resource list page here later this week.
  13. For anyone who wants to see what goes into updating this thing, I did stream me updating the sheet although I started after I finished the blacksmith tab(which is the longest). It isn't the most thrilling thing but you can at least see what I'm doing and where the values are coming from. VODs can be found here: https://www.twitch.tv/phylor_the_jester/videos
  14. Going ahead and creating a thread for this here since I apparently never did. I'm actively updating the somewhat original crafting combinations sheet. I have now updated the whole sheet for 5.100. A quick note on the values. They have been updated to what exists on live at this time and the numbers show the range from common quality(white) to legendary quality(orange). These are always changing so if they mess with some balancing pieces on the values, don't be super surprised if the numbers don't line up here in the near future. Check out our sheet here: http://winterblades.net/crafting-combinations While I've now updated the whole sheet for 5.100, that does not mean I didn't make a mistake or miss something. Shoot me a PM on the forums or on Discord if you run across something that appears to be wrong.
  15. I've got a bit of this updated for 5.100. More still coming
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