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  1. This is an issue with the confessor's fire tornadoes as well although the animation doesn't seem to be visible to others like the devotion bug is. There was another one someone in guild mentioned that was also doing a repeating effect similar to the 2 above as well.
  2. “Stories from the Front” contributors wanted

    This is pretty similar to the Heralds in SB. I'd be interested in participating in this. Was always fun to read the Herald's stuff while that program lasted.
  3. Crowfall Resource Directory

    @Jah has released his updated map for 5.7 Aerynth. You can find it here: Click the image for the high res image.
  4. Crowfall Resource Directory

    I've updated some of the crafting spreadsheet to include changes from 5.7. Note that there are still a lot of things that I need to update and I'm trying to mark potentially Deprecated information with a red box until I can confirm that combination has been removed or changed. Also added to our list of resources is @Yoink's Race/Class Harvesting combo spreadsheet that lays out what race/class combos get what harvesting bonuses in their training trees. It is more of a quick overview and doesn't go into really deep details but it is good for a quick at glance resource for planning out your training. Yoink's sheet can be found here: or on our Crafting Resource page: In the next few days we will also be releasing Jah's 5.7 map that he has meticulously crafted as he has done with previous versions. The high rez image will be available on his page through the crowfall resources page linked above
  5. ranger has skill called dagger spin but no dagger

    So it looks like they renamed "Long Daggers" to "Short Swords" with the last patch. I actually hadn't caught that but I haven't played a ton here recently. A lot of the names and icons for the spells and abilities are still from before the race/class split and prior to disciplines being a thing. Dagger spin is one of those as Rangers originally could only use daggers. I don't think it really needs to change though. A lot of abilities in different games have effects centered around a type of weapon even if they aren't using weapons that fit it fully.
  6. Crowfall Resource Directory

    Hah, it was definitely a legit concern. I hadn't thought about it at all since it was pulling up instantly for me. There are a few things I would like to do with the map itself to add some interactivity but that will probably end up on a separate page once I get around to it
  7. Crowfall Resource Directory

    So what I've done for all the plebs out there is made the actual image directly on the page the compressed version that will load quickly for those who are non-gigabit fiber plebs. The image itself links to the uncompressed version when clicked so that is available for now. I'll probably tinker a bit with this later as well. Later tonight I'll probably put up a way to open up the compressed version with out right clicking to open in a new tab.
  8. Crowfall Resource Directory

    So, I run on a 2k monitor at home and the compressed version looks awful to me but not everyone has that issue. The load time is a legit concern though so I may actually have both options available
  9. Crowfall Resource Directory

    My quick fix for now is that I made the image itself a link to the full image free of the website formatting. I'll be putting together something better than that here soon hopefully but that is functional for now
  10. Crowfall Resource Directory

    So right now you can right click the image itself and open in a new tab. The website formatting itself forces it into the frame making it smallish. I might actually just add something to do it for you until I can get the other functionality I want. I want to make it more interactive with Jah but I haven't had the time to sit down and set it up properly. Hopefully I'll have a temporary work around available for it here tonight.
  11. Crowfall Resource Directory

    So I'm finally back and working on this project again after things got busy irl. Jah's map for Mourning has been released and can be found here: I also made some small tweaks to the crafting tables and hopefully should have some other improvements coming for that soon. If you have any feedback or notice mistakes on there, feel free to let me know so I can fix them. Actually just found a mistake on the bars of all things here this week so they are floating around in there.
  12. [-W-] Winterblades

    The website itself and the forum have separate logins. You likely have registered on the forums and clicked the login on the main website
  13. [-W-] Winterblades

    Hey GreyBush, we're still alive and kicking. I'll see that someone gets in contact with you. The servers have been pretty active here lately from what I hear so definitely not dead!
  14. [-W-] Winterblades

    We've been staying active in 5.5 despite the lack of large organized pvp. Zefx and Zatch both got some action recorded in the past week or so:
  15. Crowfall Resource Directory

    Jah has released the updated version of his map for the new 5.5 Wrath Map: We're working on adding some interactive pieces to it but we are not quite ready for that. Also the updates to our crafting combinations page is underway. There aren't a ton of changes from 5.4 but there are some new things that are available now!