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  1. "Death of a Game - Shadowbane"

    While I know Grad is a staunch defender of things he loves to a fault at times, he probably has about as much experience with SB as is possible for a non-dev in terms of length of time. Either way, instability/bugs(including duping) combined with being a punishing game in general ultimately led to its death. The hacking of the servers was a death blow for a lot of people who were fed up with the other things. To say it was completely dead after that would not be a fair statement but to say it had a successful launch would also not. It is actually somewhat of a miracle that I kept playing through those first months because I would crash a solid 18-20 times a day. My patience now probably would not hold up for as long as it did back then. The game did launch fairly quickly though so maybe that is what helped a bit.
  2. [-W-] Winterblades

    Our history page got a nifty mention here: One of the best aspects of SB and hopefully with Crowfall will be the stories we can tell of each campaign. Check out to see a summary of some of our history.
  3. Camelot Unchained

    The integration is a pretty nifty idea
  4. [-W-] Winterblades: Original thread

    So the discord link in this thread is broken and right now we are unable to fix it due to not having Cool around to edit the post. The updated discord link is Sorry for the issues with that
  5. Heed the Call:

    It's a pretty well kept secret. I've outed myself on that account though. The whole world knows
  6. Heed the Call:

    Whoops, posted from the wrong account
  7. I think so on normal dots. The secondary effect of the firewall was ticking on the tree as well. That appeared to be ticking normally while the damage from the firewall itself was going insane
  8. Also Firewall is ticking really fast on the bane trees.
  9. On the archways in the castle, the inner parts of the edges are making fuzzy black bars. Kinda looks like a weird shadow I guess. Also 2 sections of the interior wall/bridge sections would not complete like the rest. It was the same piece on both sides of the keep.
  10. [-W-] Winterblades: Original thread

    Some of it is kind of hard to tell at this point because the fights really aren't getting much bigger than 10v10. We've had some 15v15 but it is extremely rare and that isn't even really very large. There is definitely a lot of kiting and peeling just like SB but that isn't exactly different from other pvp mmos.
  11. A Crow has Fallen - Coolwaters

    Yeah, I believe one of us has submitted it already for the fallen hero category.
  12. Explain Shadowbane Stealth to me

    It still existed on live but not for long.
  13. Explain Shadowbane Stealth to me

    There were no Disciplines that granted stealth. The only race that inherently got hide was Shade. Most stealthers you wanted to have at least 21 trains to get over that witchsight/BH detect hidden point even though both of those were somewhat rare. The most common chars that didn't have points were mages. Even later, mage stealth abilities(outside of mage assassin I believe) all got capped to 20 so that they were vulnerable to those other types of detection. So generally, if they were a rogue and didn't build in stealth above the that soft cap of 20, I would argue that they were probably bad. There are some exceptions to this naturally but as a more general rule of thumb, that was the case.
  14. Death Server Represent !

    Yeah, looking at that now, it looks really weird with it.
  15. sweet jesus please make this happen. This has been a problem forever.