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  1. So you're looking at this from somewhat the wrong angle. The reason that Sanctifiers have the highest potential damage is because they get a stat that can't be gained from other places with Spitting distance. The base damage stat doesn't have a cap because it comes from very few places. It also isn't actually visible on the details sheet which is moderately annoying. The reason that Inquisitors are popular early is because their talent branch comes with a ton of AP along with FDM and some crit pieces. The problem with these stats(AP and FDM in particular) is that they are easy to cap. Cri
  2. So technically Sanctifiers have the highest raw damage ceiling out of all of the promotions but you tend to not see it because you need to be vesseled and wearing very good gear to get to that point. With the gear compression, it will be even harder to see it. Them wearing plate generally also impacts this. Condemnation has always been pretty situational for them but still has viability in large scale where you have less movement. The nerf to how righteous shield works was a big hit to their survivability. The duration of the shield and the ICD not matching makes it possible that you
  3. Reinstalling the live client/patch fixed this for me. It was also a reinstall after I reformatted so it is possible that cleared away something lingering as well but mine patches normally since that point. Note that the reformat was not related to Crowfall in anyway but it was why I was reinstalling stuff. It has patched normally since that point.
  4. So I'm currently trying to keep this somewhat up to date with all the changes occurring on the food front since recipes are disappearing and reappearing from patch to patch. If anyone sees any of these missing that aren't marked in red on my sheet, shoot me a PM. Likewise if you see something marked in red but you are seeing the recipe for it. Grilled Cheese is the most recent to meet its demise but that may end up coming back at some point. @vkromas Are the food recipes going missing intended or is something just breaking/unbreaking between different patches on that front?
  5. Best way to get to the right people to get you going would be to jump in our discord ts.winterblades.net/discord and shoot a PM to Damebix, Yoink or Jah.
  6. No, neither confessor or templar has ever been able to use hammers. I'm assuming Adjudicator was intended to be a cross class type of combo disc but it never really lived up to it due to it adding another person that consumed sin stacks that couldn't generate those stacks of sin themselves. With absolution not consuming sin currently, it is potentially a bit better but it is still super situational and generally not a better choice than something else on those classes that can use hammers.
  7. So depending on what you are talking about, those attributes actually mean a lot less than a lot of people think they do. They tend to have the greatest factor when it comes to crafting but even then you're usually choosing a specific class(race isn't the only thing that modifies starting attributes) for the starting attributes and choosing a race that has the built in crafting passive. Yoink made a thread probably about a year ago comparing the attribute differences between a white and a green vessel and what they actually translated to in terms of combat stats that applies a bit here as
  8. None of the classes are balanced on their PvE performance and really shouldn't be considering that it is a PvP focused game. That being said, outside of some of the higher war tribes(Chiefs/Kings) and higher animals (Elder/Ancient), most classes and specializations can do ok in pve outside of the pure healers.
  9. The Crafting Combinations sheet has now been fully updated for 6.1. Most of my changes on this were cleaning up either old things I had marked as deprecated and changing some effect text to more accurately reflect the text in game. I also marked some cooking changes as they've been removing some of the recipes. Those I haven't fully removed but have marked as red because some of them have been reappearing after disappearing in a patch. I'm not certain what changes on that are intentional.
  10. The Crafting Combinations sheet has now been fully updated for 6.1. Most of my changes on this were cleaning up either old things I had marked as deprecated and changing some effect text to more accurately reflect the text in game. I also marked some cooking changes as they've been removing some of the recipes. Those I haven't fully removed but have marked as red because some of them have been reappearing after disappearing in a patch. I'm not certain what changes on that are intentional.
  11. Originally, gold was actually the only thing you could pull from them. It wasn't until Throne of Oblivion(I think) that mines were modified to drop crafting resources. Those crafting resources might actually have not existed until then as well. I honestly can't remember if those were introduced late in Rise of Chaos or Oblivion. Even after they made it so they gave resources, you could still actually change the production to gold on them. You just didn't really see people do that because it was more valuable to pull the resources in most cases. If you never had IC or GL of a guild, you ma
  12. On the range, they changed the tooltip to say 7m because people were getting confused because the range measurement when you would put the crosshairs on the target, people would see 8m but would miss due to the fact that they were actually more than 8m due to the rounding. It is actually 8m range on it. Not taking the capstone on the Sanctifier tree would lose a couple big things that don't include the Spitting Distance passive. Within the capstone node, you have 10% Fire Damage Bonus along with 10% fire damage cap. The cap isn't super useful because it isn't really reachable. The other p
  13. What you are referring to is what we refer to as a Half Sanct. It works but it has a few big draw backs. The first is that you dont' get book mastery so you can't wear runic weapons. Not really a problem right now but can be down the road. The other is that you don't get the 10% fire damage bonus(and cap which you really don't hit). You do gain some of the durability of the Sanct from the shield but unless you are dying instantly, you lose a lot of damage compared to the fanatic or inquisitor. Haven't messed with the Arbiter much in this patch but it is likely not very good. I can tell yo
  14. The Sanctifier is viable but in some cases it could fall into the "Well I could bring something better". I think you can make an argument for it in some large scale situation and we actually have been running one off and on. Technically sanctifiers have the highest potential damage output of all of the confessors due to the base damage buff from spitting distance buff. The problem with them is that they generally have to wear plate because they are short range with spitting distance and that they rely more on their gear and passive training to provide their AP/other damage stats. The
  15. Yeah, this is something I haven't touched yet on the sheet because some of the recipes seem to be coming back. I'm not actually sure if they were intentionally removed. A good example is the juice recipe. That was missing for a couple of patches but now it is back and available again. I might just temporarily mark things red that are not in game. Side note: Book of Yaga is just an old copy an paste from a much older version of the Winterblades sheet. I think that popped up sometimes in 5.9 or 5.100 so a lot of things on there are pretty out of date.
  16. I wasn't certain if that one had remained on the chest piece since I believe Lifesteal does. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I should be doing verification of those along with working on the cooking combinations tonight.
  17. Updated a couple of things on this to reflect changes in some of the armor combinations(Removals). I've marked them out in red for now because I need to confirm that I'm not misremembering the change since I won't be able to test it fully until tomorrow or Friday. Other than that, the sheet should be completely up to date for 5.125. Please let me know if you run into any errors and I'll work on getting them verified and fixed asap.
  18. Just pushed a couple of updates that I thought I had added on the Combinations sheet but I apparently missed. Some of the armor combinations were removed. I actually need to confirm on a couple but I'm like 95% sure I have them right. I'll have the sheet fully updated later this week.
  19. I think the intent isn't to abandon live but to get back to a stablish build as quickly as possible to move everything back over to live.
  20. Soooo, this is where the issue is. Almost all of the game systems that ACE is looking to have at release are in. That is at least if the investor emails are to be believed. This is more or less what we are getting. There will definitely be tweaks but this is the crux of the issue and why so many people are concerned/leaving. We've already been told this is it in terms of the major systems(For release anyway). Maybe they will back off from that statement but they are looking to be in a sprint to try to get this release ready and right now that "Amalgamation of game systems" is what it is.
  21. Most of this post mirrors my own concerns and reservations about the game. I want this to be a game I love to play and want to get on each night but right now it isn't that. On the side of the AoE meta, I think if the only huge AoE was stormcallers, it wouldn't be a big issue since they have a long cooldown and are fairly squishy. The frostweavers just don't have many downsides to them making the rock, rock, rock gameplay that @Yoink mentioned. It could be that population and duration of the campaign being longer may alleviate some of these issues but I've been becoming more and more
  22. It was used that way back in 5.7 but the ult also didn't purge DoTs at that point if I remember correctly. Assassin's were also extremely powerful/valuable in that patch where their value wasn't primarily from their damage output but from the black mantle. Giving them more survival tools improved that. Now assassins don't do great damage, are squishy, and don't have the utiliy value they had back then so it is pretty painful to burn a major for purgative to be able to stealth again.
  23. The most recent generation of Ryzen chips are pretty good. I've used intel since the mid 2000s but this was the first time since I've actually done a build with AMD since I was in High School. The performance has been pretty good.
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