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  1. Well, I created one more message, sorry. How to delete it?
  2. Well, first trial completely lost for me, thats sad. Maybe someone will give me 1500$ for new laptop, because my mad father took my Aspire VX 15 by force and I can't stream and play Crowfall 😢.
  3. I waited this game 3.5 years, and when I need to play it, I can't do it, because I should pass my exams first. 😥
  4. I will cosplay him in the next contest. He looks great and funny like me.
  5. Oh, well...I am russian poor student and I can't waste my last money, qause bigger part of them were used for making a contract with university. Maybe someone with clean heart and big wallet will donate to me this 20$... But it is only dreams!(
  6. It is amazing news, thanks ArtCraft! But guys, I need your help! I want to upgrade my bundle from gold 2016 to amber 2016, but I need 20$. Can somebody give a Small 2015 Fort to my account, then I will redeem it to Crowfall store and I will upgrade myself to amber. After that I will use it and redeem to Crowfall store 10 vip tickets and will buy small fort 2015 and give back it to you.Who can help me in this buisness? And do you know, it is work?
  7. Hey, Crowfall community! I have a problem now. 30 min later I wanted to test game, but I can't login. I lost my connection for all times. Help me, dear Pann and other guys! Where is my problem? Its okay. My username, password and second security. After 7-12 from login I see this bug Than, I see loginscreen and retry my connecting. I think you can help me. With great hopes, your backer Greg Kondratyev (Mosul Benor).
  8. Pinky King upset, when you do not vote for him.
  9. I understand this more, than anyone else. I heard about Crowfall on May 2015 and I took a fancy to it. But, I from Russia... It is a great problem - we didn't have a large payment choise compared to US (but now we have Yandex, thats well) and the price is quite high for us.
  10. It is nice contest, but, will you start "Cawstume Contest 2016"?
  11. Hey Pann! Yesterday, in shop I had 2 mini-bundles, 75 and 125 dollars and I wanted to buy 125, but now, in shop I have only 75. Will you add bundle by 125$, or you don't want my money?
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