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  1. I mean I'm assuming the majority of us are of age.... I can't really picture a 6 year old posting on here... Most people who played shadowbane etc are older ? I would give this forum 5 thumbs up if we could have uncensored speech haha . Just saying ...............
  2. First profile pic ! Eff yeah ! Why can't we swear on this forum ? Anyone know ? Hahaha.. I would assume the majority of us are of age.
  3. Crow fall community I think I finally figured you out ! Woot :P

  4. Anyone play online games as in Xbox 1
  5. In the same boat with uploading a profile pic. Not sure if it's because I'm on an iPad ?????
  6. Sorry for the late reply ! Trying to upload a profile pic from an iPad is not as easy...
  7. Hahahah ! Looking forward to crow fall 2016 . I was literally dumb founded a few months ago trying to figure out how I coild possibly post on a forum.. Then I made a new account and I was like maybe I should pledge and bam. S-hit works now hahaha .
  8. Aint gonna lie sounded like a dying rabbit but then turned outt good
  9. Painted a minion pumpkin with my kid.. this year ill hand out candy for once haha.
  10. Thanks, but im a chick lol thnx though... Looking forward to being on here more often.
  11. Hahaha sorry im such a noob i was So disgruntled cause i thought i did something wrong. Well i contributed to crowfall
  12. South parks thé bomb! Have they came out with new episodes ? I Have yet to see
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