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  1. Random Oozing is an erroneous stereotype attributed to my people for no reason whatsoever. Video games only seem to perpetuate this thinking. We Slimes do not Ooze; except maybe when our blood oozes when we're wounded, but then you Humans do the same thing. Our outer consistency is closer to JELL-O than anything else. Regardless, I'm not offended by your ignorance of proper Slime anatomy. Most humans would simply beat us with sticks or other crude weapons only suitable for novices, rather than strike up a conversation. ..... Too much? Also thank you for the welcome, and Hello Mum
  2. The mascot is a majestic owl, the name is plain amazing, and the people here are generally witty. Even if my application is rejected, might I be allowed a box of popcorn to enjoy the show? Edit: This is also the first time I've been compelled to post in these forums. That's how entertained I am.
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