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  1. Then let me help you a little bit; Animation Lock based combat sytems are node based. You have to imagine it as a kind of a flowchart with determined yes/no and If/then entities, leading to variable but fixed paths. The player's skill consists of smashing buttons depending on the situation, following a certain skill-path while trying to be faster than other players doing so. This necessarily leads to a very static movement, not only for the player but for everyone else involved. The only way to make this type of system "engaging" is shortening the animation times and deepening the decis
  2. The sole existence of the Hunger Dome is because of the state of players, not because it is a perfect, top-of-the-line testing environment for combat. I've yet to see a FFA PvP mmo with friendly fire being added later and not from the beginning of player tests.
  3. Your pic reminds me of the current combat mechanic with slow animation locks:
  4. That was not an answer but merely circling around the topic. This whole thread is not about whether there will be FF but why it isn't tested at this point. The official answer was lacking but simple from tblair: "I suspect that introducing FF with the current state of things would cause even more of a freakout" Yes, he means people like you Canth, who would run away in terror because FF would surpass your personal skill cap by 3 au.
  5. ​This explains a lot, if not everything. Disgusting taste. ​ ​Here, Listen and learn.
  6. ​As much as I'd like it, this will be never implemented. Ever. ​ This would require reading comprehension, which is very rare around here. Most players need their information taking over half of the screen to notice, including force-feedback under their chair accompanied by an air-raid siren and fire works. Hitting a new skill level should make the Fukushima nuclear reactor meltdown look like a small party popper.
  7. ​absolutely agree. I wouldn't just stop there, since "positive" titles are only worth to carry if there are negative ones as well: ​ e.g.: ​players with a negative k/d-ration should be instantly renamed (against their will) to : X the baddie or X the greater lootbag. This works best when additionally color-coding nick names. X the baddie in a faint grey tone would visually hint to others that this player probably doesn't carry any greater loot and is going to die very quickly. Whereas a bright red Qbs the Face Hammer, earned by a k/d of no less than 100/1 indicates: yes, that guy is awesome
  8. ​ ​How do you explain the Eternal Kingdowms forum then, even it's far away from being implemented?
  9. ​So you're suggesting to buy in with 10 grand into this game to be taken seriously? Or are you talking about emotional investment; the likes of where your heart stops when the game doesn't succeed or something like that?
  10. ​Wait until you're lvl 30 and hit platin elo. Pressing R ain't working there. At least that's where I suspect you got your inspiration from.
  11. ​There is no PvP Community inside a PvP game. There can only be a PvE/Carebear community inside a PvP game and they're quite vocal. Just look at the threads, invading them on their dinghies with banners like Greenpeace trying to stop the big japanese PvP whale assault train.
  12. ​It's hard to click that Like This button with the avatar you have going. It was a true test of my manlihood. I did succeed, though.
  13. ​You're venturing waaaaay too far into my safe space.
  14. My bad. I didn't highlight the irony of what I've written. Nvm
  15. ​Not sure if you even want to compare both games. It's like comparing D3 to Starcraft, just because they may have similar camera modes. ​ ​I think a comparison between DT and Albion Online is preferable. ​ ​Never played any of them, though. They don't seem very.. engaging.
  16. Great to see you outside of Niflheim playing other games. Last time I saw you guys was your raiding party on cairn being obliterated by the dragon and some stray Blood members. Good times. ​ ​
  17. ​This is like saying: "until you put a gun to your head and pull the trigger, there is no way of proving that you'll die doing that" ​ ​Some game mechanics can be observed while watching the videos, as they are based on a concept and don't need to be judged by the feeling while playing the game. ​ ​It's like making someone's opinion more worth because he's a development partner or a gold backer or something like that, which basically comes down to: "your opinion is wrong unless you payed more money". ​ communist logic with capitalistic arguments. ​ ​n1
  18. ​...meanwhile a whole guild get's banned out of ignorance because they used Wehrmacht in their name. Nice political double standard you got around here. As an European I take great offense in hypocrisy like this. ​ ​inb4 "It's ok if we burn people alive to cute rock 'n roll songs but not if the germans do it :^)"
  19. ​Appeal to mass only works in communism. Please refer to comrade Stubbs for Party membership.
  20. ​​ ​Thank you for the general outline, but this doesn't resolve the main issue pointed out in this thread: ​ Despite the possibility to fine-tune animation locks at a later date, as well as resolving standard issues of alpha-gameplay like bad latency, responsiveness and low fps, the overall slow pace or lack of precision abilities will render gameplay with FF impractiable for certain archetypes and transform the combat into a fixed clustercustard. ​ ​No matter which game with FF we're talking about, combat with FF generally requires quick engages and dis-engages and most of us don't
  21. ​The way I see it, you're in fact bored and keep posting because this whole thing apparently makes you very emotional. I won't participate in any activities which endanger your health on any level. Therefore I'm opting out of this discussion and leave you to chat with your own guild mate, Warcrimes.
  22. ​ ​ Mistaking your own perception of something e.g. being ridiculous is the definition of delusion. next.
  23. ​Yeah, right? Customer surveys and product tests are so 1724. Love is all we need!
  24. ​You're very cynical. I hope not every Lords of th Dead member is like that.
  25. ​Exactly, but at this point we're repeating ourselves here. Devs are aware of what they're doing. If they won't comment on this issue, the next 1-2 tests will show their stance ultimately.
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