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  1. You'll have like $600 Million after Taxes...you wouldn't throw a couple Million to finish this game? Even if there were a "return" on said investment?
  2. So, as an EVE player I find myself using "Covert-Ops" gear in order to get "Logistical" tasks completed. EXAMPLE: Using a Covert Ops Cloaking Device to mine very rare and expensive Ore in very dangerous locations. EXAMPLE: Using a Cloaking Device to transport loot from one dangerous area to another. My hope is, Crafters and other Non-Combat characters in this game, will have the ability to acquire "Stealth Skills" so they can mine and gather resources in dangerous areas. Maybe if they are forced to travel through "Hot" PVP areas, having the ability to make it through without incident would be a very useful skill. Given the nature of our profession, this would be a purely "defensive" skill.
  3. This game is sooooo getting funded.
  4. Obviously, as a dedicated Crafter, I want "Finite" Ammo in the game. As an EVE player myself, crafting Ammo is one of the best ways to break into the economy. Hoping Crowfall will follow this example.
  5. I'm all for the EVE ONLINE style of "Finite" Ammo. It's a system that any Crafter can partake in, and make a few ISK.
  6. IMAGINE.... Imagine a world without....................Gold Farmers.
  7. As a current EVE player, I really have no issue with the system. I think it could work very well in Crowfall. I'm pretty happy this is the direction they are taking
  8. Isn't this illegal in most states?
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