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  1. @moneda it's fixed! Seems I had forgotten to lowercase the search text, but lowercased the name that we were testing against... silly me. Update is live, along with new logo
  2. Thanks crows, it's been a (rather long but) enjoyable ride in making this! This is definitely a multi-guild venture, with most of our code, API, and even our JSON data set being open source. Eventually we may make it easier to contribute (i.e. adding/editing entries) but for now you'll have to learn JSON and Git in order to do that (or just flag data and/or tell us on the Stealthed discord). We can definitely not keep all the data up to date ourselves... haha. Please feel free to help out - it's an open toolset for all Crows everywhere, in any guild
  3. Hey, did High Elf replace "Moon" Elf? ? Otherwise, though it is weird how humans got the short end of the stick (from where they could do basically everything to now split into half-<foreign race> and the "special" nethari), it looks really exciting! Elken Templar ftw!
  4. Fantastic job Noc! I love the Champion, haha.
  5. It looks quite interesting.. though its business model is a little concerning. ""Every time you die, your life gets shorter, until the "final sleep"."" When that happens, you have to re-buy the game, for $20-$40. Granted, that's $30 every, say, 8 months, which isn't too bad, but it still comes off a little.. odd, I guess. Still, though, all the best to them. Looks like it could be a good game!
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