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  1. @moneda it's fixed! Seems I had forgotten to lowercase the search text, but lowercased the name that we were testing against... silly me. Update is live, along with new logo
  2. Thanks crows, it's been a (rather long but) enjoyable ride in making this! This is definitely a multi-guild venture, with most of our code, API, and even our JSON data set being open source. Eventually we may make it easier to contribute (i.e. adding/editing entries) but for now you'll have to learn JSON and Git in order to do that (or just flag data and/or tell us on the Stealthed discord). We can definitely not keep all the data up to date ourselves... haha. Please feel free to help out - it's an open toolset for all Crows everywhere, in any guild
  3. Uncle Bob scenario was "solved" via campaign rulesets an them lasting only a specific amount of time. I do see though the "meta"-Uncle Bob problem that's overarching the entire game over multiple campaigns; this, I think, will still be solved via campaign rules and tough balancing (i.e. the 3 naked = 1 well-fitted or something along those lines). An interesting point for certain @baerin, as I forgot about that problem in this context, heh.
  4. Welcoming suggestions &c! We're also currently working on a frontend for this where it will be easier to search and lookup info that we have collected. Release TBD!
  5. Someone brought this topic up on discord, and I'll echo my reply here as well for the sake of it. I think the fault in your argument is that "fair == fun". i.e. I don' think that all fights should be fair, and that there can actually be great fun in that. Small, weak guilds teaming up against the big one with all the resources! Fighting a loosing battle (from the start) and actually turning it around! This isn't CS:GO, or HotS, or LoL, or Overwatch, where everyone is fair (at the beginning at least) and the only thing you're competing for is skins and wonderful prizes. This is a long term competition played on dying worlds. Plus, economy has to have some drive besides merely "replacing" things, especially out-of-campaign wise.
  6. @broot they might, but it's not a high priority in any way, unfortunately. So we're left to make it ourselves... Unfortunately even the data is hard to get. It's not in the client, so we can't decompile... so we have to transcribe it manually. It's a pain in the butt I'd also love to build a tool like that, and I think that's part of the tooling we'll make (or later down the line; first up is just a generic db/lookup). I think it could be public, or at least we can manually add people to a CORS whitelist (I think I know what I'm doing with that? lol). Thanks for your interest!
  7. Hey, did High Elf replace "Moon" Elf? ? Otherwise, though it is weird how humans got the short end of the stick (from where they could do basically everything to now split into half-<foreign race> and the "special" nethari), it looks really exciting! Elken Templar ftw!
  8. Forge master looks a heck ton shorter than in the concept art... not that that's a bad thing, but he's definitely a dwarf now Engine (lighting) upgrade looks *amazing*! And yes, I'd think so too Yumx: Chaos and order seem to be displayed! How many reveals are there Pann, the hints are too diverse to be only one or two! q.q
  9. I'm going to guess it's a Monster Hunter promotion class with an enchanted weapon... Looks amazing!
  10. But we're not even in Alpha yet Hopefully the servers will be able to handle it!
  11. No, we still have the vessel system, but you can customize your vessel upon creation (i.e. graveyard or initial creation, maybe necromancy too). Nothing here about items and bonus stats...? So yeah, you look a little confused . But no, nothing like that. It's just that vessels can be customized; ----- Thanks for the update Melissa / Max Looks exciting! From what it looks like, it seems we have 5 skin tones and 5 faces, and each face has it's own set of eyebrows. So it's just facial type, hair style, hair color, skin markings, and skin color. Fancy. ed; grammar and other things :T
  12. Last time I checked, Charlie was not in the Greek alphabet I think I would prefer progress bars (active / default) over icons, and more colors; colors and patterns are a lot easier to see than small monochrome icons imo. Also a way to switch guilds if you are attached to multiple (in your case, Hersey and Obsidian). Aaaand a better logo because we can't steal Discord's but yes I like it weeee~ ed: grammar
  13. Thanks for this Pann! I think so far we have Ascendance, Caledera (EU), Hy-Shen Avari, Obsidian / Hersey, Serrated, SPMC, Sugoi, and Winterblades! (full list can be seen by clicking on Pann's link). Feel free to check us out on discord!
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