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  1. I think what I'm looking for is Blitzkrieg hyperaggressive lol
  2. Hmm I kinda worded it wrong. I'd rather go by month to month sub tbh. The system doesn't appeal to me
  3. You've just turned off a whole lot of people with the Payment Model. Only appealing to those who can actually buy it. Some form of F2P, even if it is small and partial. It would be good for people who want to take a demo before they get a full experience of the game.
  4. So far, there are only a few roles. There are: a) Tank Specialist c) Support d) Melee DPS I only see 1 or 2 offensive ones, WHERE ARE THE OFFENSIVE ARCHETYPES!
  5. Does this mean that the whole game won't be F2P (acceptable) or that to even play the game at all will need some form of payment? I really hope there's a partial F2P, with maybe a few worlds/campaigns accessable in F2P but the more challenging/fun/hardcore/rewarding/etc worlds/campaigns require a subscription.
  6. Problem: The trophy for winning a campaign....wouldn't THAT create an unfair advantage? It's like restarting the game but the winner from last game gets to have an extra move at the start. Which could create problems. As for the idea; I LOVE IT! Taking the old school board games, critically analyzing their structure, and applying it to MMOs! In fact, there should be a Suggestion Box page specially FOR campaign ideas. Might have a few downsides but it's an idea, none the less. I was also thinking that change of environment is what we REALLY need. And what I love is how this game is
  7. Not necessarily. Benefits are small, not something to rant on about.
  8. Uh this might sound stupid but what do you mean by..."Campaign"? But I get the gist of the idea. It's...savage.
  9. Dunno about the Story bout you guys, interests me A LOT, but we should have an option to be able to skip it. The music most definitely has to be amazing. The people who don't listen to the music, IGNORE THEM. When talking about music in games, all that matters is the people who do listen. Sounds off option for those who don't want to. And make the music amazing. As stated before, it increases immersion BIG TIME for us who do love the music
  10. Both sub and buy expansions. You choose. The sub is limited time with a small little benefits here and there but buying expansions lasts forever > Also, I feel their SHOULD be an F2P side of the game but it shouldn't be as limiting as other games, and it should still let us enjoy ourselves a lot but not as much as paying players.
  11. I want it to have the most amazing graphics but I DO NOT want to sit there, bored out of my mind, waiting for animations to pass by, to be over, to continue...short, but it must be 3amaze5me.
  12. Artcraft being built of some of the most experienced people in the MMO business, I do hope (actually I'm confident that you guys know) that the music is very important in any game. I feel that music in itself is overlooked or underemphasized, as well as the storyline. The music sets the mood and the feel, increasing the epicness of most games and also in movies, it's an integral part of any amazing game. Given this, I hope to hear AMAZING music when playing the game Same goes for the storyline. I don't know about you guys, especially those of you who skip the whole storyline or don't care ab
  13. Uh dead knights near the darker side? One tree, good on the left and all springy and all, dead on the right, with Crows on it and flying towards the evil castle? How the tree is similar to the cryptic tree a few pictures back? (Dark on right, light on left, etc, etc) the Knight is holding a Crown? Uh come on GIVE US A HINT!
  14. I think there should be RNG but controlled RNG of some sort.
  15. All I can say is...interesting. Not much theorycrafting for me here to make really, except for the 2nd pic. I'm guessing that's an organization of who the land goes to once the players atop have been defeated or killed. Land is a very important aspect of the "living simulation of a fantasy world", and in the real world, land gave you power and cash money galore. More Land=More Power=More $$$$$$.
  16. The first 2 images are pretty straight-forward. A character and a battle. The last one is the juicy one though. That one I'm guessing is showing the different factions or powers you can have, the special powers that brings about that damage diversity. Each one provides different assets, pros and cons. I'm definitely Kronos UPDATE! Compare these 2 pictures: Left side on both, lighter, more good side. Right side is darker on both pictures. And this knight is stuck at the tree between the two sides. Then you have the Cryptic Tree. Additional Guess: We start from the bottom at Illar
  17. If there's not already, I hope there's some lightning/shadow type damage implemented. The fire would be control of the heat, ice would be all things water and a lot of frozen water (ice ), which is typically found in games with damage types that enhance elements of the world and such, but more diversity is necessary. It'd be cool to call upon lightning, the destructive damage type which is stereotypical, but also extremely vulnerable. It's also common to have a spiritual type school that deals with ghosts, death, shadows, and all that shady type afterlife-y death-y stuff. I'd be really downfal
  18. Aye where's the Lightning and Shadow damage? D: Fire and Ice is way to stereotypical IMO Remember the description on the main Crowfall Homepage? "A simulation of a living fantasy world" or something like that. Interesting. And Archetypes. Again interesting. Now about those Flags....
  19. So a big thing I'm hoping Artcraft Entertainment does is interact more frequently with the players and leaves an open mind at suggestion. Making a suggestion box subforum like this was actually a pretty good move The lack of player interaction is a tyranny I hope to escape with Crowfall
  20. Aye fam Matthew Shadowblade, Currently a Transcendent Diviner Fun game, but I'm hoping Crowfall is even better
  21. Yeah I hear a lot about how bad Chromebook is with MMO Gaming...which sucks. They're super cheap though sooooo yeah.....
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