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  1. What if we wipe everything but EKs? It's not fair to remove all the players hard work in the EK as well as live. #WipeDregsOnly
  2. The current harvesting system sucks. As Soulein said, it is tolerable if you put on music and such but the majority of the harvesting is done by people who have multiple accounts who would rather be doing something else. I think that the current system should stay in place for harvesting but POIs should be added as well. That way, people who want to go off on their own or who don't have a big enough guild are able to get the required resources for gear. Also, you could have it so motherloads are the only way to get gems and minerals to incorporate this group aspect of farming as well as the POI type gameplay. I think this would satisfy both sides of the argument.
  3. Hey all! I've said a couple of these things in the UDL discord but I feel like it's time to share with the rest of the community. Currently, healing is completely busted. Fights are lasting way too long and are being decided by inane things like repeated fall damage, lack of stam regen caused by food, and damage caused by starvation. I think that the cause for this is primarily healing. I'm a Cleric main and I love healing, but there are a couple abilities that are too strong and definitely need to be changed/nerfed. Firstly, Illuminate is too strong. In a lot of games a limiting factor for healing is mana, in Crowfall, however, mana is never an issue for a cleric. This is because of Noble Purpose and Illuminate. Illuminate, in my opinion, is the main problem because I don't even run Noble Purpose very often and I never run out of mana in fights. Currently, Clerics have mana regen, ults that give mana, and Illuminate which leave me never running below 1/2 mana until I run out of food. This means that I may as not even have that stat. This is also an issue with druid although at a lesser scale. With Noble Purpose and the Slow Growth passive you never gain enough essence to warrant going into death tray unless you are beaming for long periods of time. Rescue is also a problem. I really like the skill but currently I rescue for about 1500-1900 depending on my gear. An average, geared player has 8-12k health. That means that if I Rescue someone I am healing them for almost 1/4-1/6 of their health bar with one ability. This really isn't a big deal in and of itself but when you couple it with multiple healers and a 45 second cooldown you get people at 500 health going up to 6-7k instantly every 45 seconds. I think there are two ways that Rescue could be adjusted to make it not so defining on the meta. 1. Increase the cooldown. Increasing the 45 second cooldown to 60 or 120 seconds would give it the same treatment as Standard Bearer (another previously broken, meta-defining ability) and allow it to still fulfill the same role but increase the amount of skill involved in Rescue. Currently if I see someone around half and it's a slow fight I seriously consider (and sometimes do) just through out my rescue because it will be back up in 45 seconds. If you increased the cooldown this would not be a thing and it would also allow groups to have more time to be able to burn someone. 2. Make it so multiple rescues cannot be used on the same target. The target gets the Recently Rescued debuff which does not allow for the healing or the undying buff to be placed on that character for a set duration (probably anywhere from 15 to 60 seconds). This would stop the oppressive healing that we have currently and could also allow other disciplines to be run for healers. Currently, almost every healing runs Rescue and another disc. This allows very little customization and I feel like this change would diversify healing by a lot. I'm sure there are more things that could be done but I feel like these are the biggest and least invasive ways to change healing so that it is still fun and engaging for everyone who likes to heal, but also adds strategy and conservation of mana and abilities to the table as well.
  4. Completely agree Currently the hammer weapon mastery is pretty much only useful for the +crushing damage and very, very specific times when you want some more damage. A heal or a ranged ability would be very nice.
  5. I think that the issue with the 5 minute potions is not the added element of risk, but instead the annoyance of having to click 80-100 more times in a long crafting session. I don't spend 45 seconds to 5 minutes crafting, I spend more like 20 minutes to an hour minimum. Srathor, on the other hand, spends over two hours tinkering on the regular. That's a lot of potions that he has to make and a lot of bad space he has to make room for. I definitely like that the quality of resources wold determine the timer on your potion.
  6. Completely agree. So many bugs, especially by newer testers, are left unreported due to nobody wanting to report bugs.
  7. I completely agree. We spent two hours gathering leather the other day and only had enough for a couple leather sets that rolled pretty meh.
  8. Hi, I wasn't sure where to put this so if it is in the wrong spot please tell me. I have the gold bundle and I want to get into the play test but I don't know how. Any help? Thanks
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