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  1. Hey guys and gals I'm going to be doing an art related stream geared towards Crowfall. However not game fan art, but Dev fan art! Below is a link to my twitter showing my previous portraits I have done. I want to vectorize both Mr. J Todd & Mr. Blair. https://twitter.com/NappyJones/status/1222759828839370752 So I ask you community, to please post here or over on twitter your favorite pictures of our 2 beloved devs. for me to vectorize on stream. Soon (TM)
  2. @Hyriol @yianni @Dieec23 @ZYBAK @AiAiden @Naani @xRufio801x @ZemulusREX These are just some of the great people that have been in my Twitch chat helping me learn the game since I got it ~2 weeks ago. I know there are many more that I have not tagged but I wanted to make a quick intro post thanking these players & this community. Also MEGA HYPE for 5.11!!!!!
  3. Welp, I'm out of ideas. Also thanks for teaching me yet another thing about this game!! ❤️ this community.
  4. Only situation I can think of it being useful is if you make a brand vessel and you're at level 1, and you have the mats farmed to make a high level set of gear for said character. Otherwise yes it's seems very niche.
  5. Literally doing this exact thing right now!!
  6. First I'd like to state that my total play time in game is about 4-6 hours and have played only 2 days. I have also streamed this game on twitch both days to an AMAZING community that has taught me more that I would have ever learned on my own in such a short time. With that being said here is the first piece of feedback I have as a BRAND NEW player. Of which my opinions I'm sure will change over time. *I will try and update this thread as I have more feedback* Game Mechanic - Vessels I love the concept of having vessels, however I dislike that they are not "perma
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