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  1. Achiever: 53% Explorer: 73% Griefer: 7% Socializer: 67% guess i'm in deep trouble
  2. After some reading and some days to heal my wounds i thought about the system. If you really can have your first vessel and think that it is your first body after you became a eternal hero (like todd said in a post) i don't see much problem now, i keep forgetting that we will have a LOT of campaings with diferent set ups, and some will have the possibility to lose vessels and the possible solutions is: not to play them. I can't say there are flaws but yes things i don't like or don't feel optimistic. past 30ish pages i start to think there will be things i will dislike a whole lot, but in
  3. Sorry if sounded like that, but it's the same feeling from what i got for eternal kingdoms,i know it's really concept now but many already said it's poorly made socks and said it's useless, even though i like the idea.I undestand peoples feelings about it, and pretty much they said "you don't need to use this". And i agree with your point, they are making their game and as someone that bought it, just feel saying what a felt about it and giving opinion of what i would love to see. I stated at some posts that i'm ok with that if you guys want to do it anyway, again apologies if the last
  4. Yes we are aware that this was to get out from the old MMO standards, but we are just putting arguments so we could be diferent (applying this vessel system) and also putting something so you could "ignore" the system, like something they will do to eternal kingdoms where you can play the game without visiting it, but you could use it somehow to improve your game (IF YOU REALLY WANT TO). Yet again they did said this system is something they were thinking a time ago, it looks like a good system, it probaly will work and they look pretty restrictive to change something about it, just want to
  5. AriesWaterfall, this is more like it. Would be nice if you could use your spiritual form and set up a specific class with maybe some disavantage or just "this is a normal vessel, not the best nor the worst", but to use other classes you should craft/adquire the proper body.
  6. I think this opened my eyes a bit. If i really " want to stick with what i am" i will protect and make my body safe, this really makes things quite interesting, you would "fix" your body, know its limits and could even ignore the vessel thing, in the end it's your ideology, maybe this could be even a political thing, where people that use vessels disgustes you since they forgot what they are. But will this be possible? from what i got from you posts probaly yes, but i fear for the future.
  7. Yep, couldn't say that better, this is more about liking or not, i just leave my opinion as a feedback,doesn't mean it is right at all. i still support crowfall since they are always open with us and the lore looks incredible. When i got into crowfall forums i knew this was a huge gamble since i'm not a huge fan of PvP, but hell they showed effort and competence. Again, i still give my support and looking foward for this.
  8. That's what keeps me a little happier, if in diferent rulesets you can keep this body normaly and kinda ignore the vessels thing i have no problem on having it and trying it someday. I'm no roleplayer, i just like to think when i create a character in a mmorpg: "that's me, Altair person". I would dedicate my time choosing atributes, customizing the character, because hey "it's me right?" You are right about the lore thingy. No one said that being a crow would be all fun and games. Maybe this was just a great punch that i didn't expected.
  9. At the same time i feel this system is awesome, i got devastated about it. When you guys said "Some will love it, some will hate it" you really mean it. As a PvP game this is something pretty neat, as a game where there is only war will have a great pile of bodies, and they need more manpower to substitute and this just might work. "necronomiconomics" would be really a thing. Personally... I just feel wierd to think: "This is just another body, i can get another one". I'm aware that it may looks less hardcore in other campaings, but still is another corpse on the battlefield. Maybe
  10. My life ended just as it started… A broken image. Btw, i can see the tiny image on the news, but when i click it's still broken.
  11. Couldn't agree more, sometimes i check random post about suggestions/discussions and mostly people are like "fudge you casual, this is a hardcore PvP and i don't give a damn about you", this is one example, maybe i read the older posts too much or something but i feel that the first place to someone to check on a game after the news is the forums, and when i saw the kind of posts it makes me feel like 'maybe i don't belong here'. I know, there is always someone or something about the game that will make you unhappy, name it toxic players or some random feature from the game, but it doesn'
  12. Agreed Sorry if this hurt someone's feelings but i think the whole thing of "it's alpha/beta/gamma" excuse doesn't matter at all. An opinion is an opinion, feedback is given freely and people should try finding their answers with good arguments for that, but keeping cool and respectful between players so both can argue like human beings: "I don't disagree with you, i just think that way". And this game state thing confusion happens a lot since it's way more open to everyone, so i don't blame too much on artcraft or players, it's just too new for many here. I'm not sure if i just no
  13. The first idea is quite nice, maybe a litte complex about having polished constellations to guide you, but i don't think it's good removing minimaps, maybe not making them able if you don't have it or a campaing limitation. and about idea number two: i think it's quite a luxury addition, cool one but that's it. I think it's a amazing idea for the future.
  14. This is a hell of a concept, i like to think that the core of the planet got so corrupted that it started to freeze out [if it really is this, sorry for not paying too much attention]. This also remeber me the idea of the game Lost Planet, a game where the planet is freezing and you need to kill monsters and enemies to keep your "thermal energy" up, which is pretty much the warmth concept probably. when you lost all of it you start to lose hp, you can't regen anymore and die slowly. Nice approach btw, i hope this is it.
  15. altair

    Fallout 4

    Not a fan of fallout franchise but the game is good enough, don't know about the other fallouts too well, but something that i notice that people was not too satisfied with the dialogue options. I'm stuck like in every game like this, i'm doing every sidequest and can't continue with the main one, please send help.
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