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  1. I'm not really a refugee, but I played a little Free Realms with my daughter - we had some good times kart racing.
  2. So far I'm the first Arizonan, where I'm told our main exports are heat stroke and rabid xenophobia... (It's not true! Well, the heat stroke part is.)
  3. I used to play Eltanin DIKU MUD way back in the...it was a very, very long time ago. My friends and I also played the Epic MUD which was built on DIKU. Wasted many an hour back in college on those two.
  4. I'm totally with omulet on this one. I love being able to fish in game (and IRL) and I really hope this is included in the crafting/gathering system.
  5. I really liked SAO, but it seems like most people did. And Angel Beats, even though it was a flying ninja death kick to the feels. A friend of mine is trying to get me to watch Bleach, but starting at episode 1 with 400+ to go is kind of daunting.
  6. Truth. I don't see it happening, but so many people were burned hard by that steaming pile of a game.
  7. Crowfall Fans has such a handsome layout and nice color scheme too. Darn you guys!
  8. We picked up crowfallradio.com for like $10 on GoDaddy, and you could probably find it cheaper elsewhere if you look around. Either way, I'm looking forward to checking out your site.
  9. I'm so glad you asked that question. If you manage to lay hands on it or get a close facsimile, would you spread the word around? Thank you!
  10. We're putting up a link page and including all the links we've seen in the Fan Site forum so far. If you've got a fansite we don't have listed at crowfallradio.com, please let us know and I'll get it on there! Getting links out there and getting more fansites active grows our community...thus giving us all more potential targets in game.
  11. Absolutely my pleasure. Putting a link to it up on the site now - fansite communities work so much better when they work together. Plus a good LFG site will be a godsend to people coming over from other games who don't know anyone and need to find some allies fast.
  12. No one can say for certain, so please take this with a gigantic grain of salt, but I think if it is able to run CF, it would be on absolute minimum settings. (As ever, I truly do know nothing and could be/probably am quite wrong.)
  13. I wouldn't have it any other way.
  14. Thanks for posting these! There are a lot of us 'Wizardry' (great term, btw) folks who could really use a crash course and this sounds like the place. I'm hitting MagicBane later this week.
  15. I'm really glad to hear other people are considering doing some Crowfall livestreaming. We do a lot of streaming in our current podcast and will probably test out some on Crowfall Radio using a delay. man0fbass - What's your Twitch channel? What are you currently streaming?
  16. Penned a new blog post today I hope y'all will have a look at if you're of a mind to. Cheers. http://wp.me/p5vZ8e-A
  17. Todd, Thanks for the post. That was really well said. Also, I'm not at all surprised it was a Wizard player sanctioned on the forum. Have you seen Central lately?
  18. I think a lot of Wizard players will be driven off pretty quickly by the hardcore, open-world PvP contingent for whom the game seems designed. Those of us that stay will have to watch one another's backs and be ready to mix things up with other players at a moment's notice.
  19. I love Mount and Blade! Do you play the Napoleonic Warfare DLC at all? I've been having a great time with that. (I apologize for the off topic, everyone - I just so rarely run into another M&B player outside of that community.)
  20. I might be wearing another guild's colors, but I hope you'll let me buy you all a drink from time to time.
  21. A lot of Wizard/Pirate gamers have formed guilds already! I'm over in Knights of the Dragon Rose. Good to see you!
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