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  1. hate to burst your bubble, but I'm pretty sure that's a nose piercing, not a nose hair mustache.
  2. It would be great to have transmogrification, the ability to transform the appearance of your equipment. I don't know if the good people at ArtCraft Entertainment already have plans for this or not, but I'd love to see it in the future (I know it is way to early in the development cycle for them to be actively working on this, especially since there are currently very few gear appearances, I'm just trying to get my foot in the door)
  3. interesting that the only tree with one class in it is the Scoundrel, a description that a Bard would fit perfectly. no surprise, they've more or less confirmed that it will be the first class that they add after release.
  4. while it might skirt the RMT definition, trading VIP for tomes would certainly be within a newbies power. it certainly doesn't invalidate your points however.
  5. "SKILL TOMES will not be available at launch" from here. https://crowfall.com/en/news/ace-qa-for-september-live-skill-trees-and-vips/
  6. I wouldn't be surprised at all if they are already planning an EK specific bank like you suggest. especially with the Spirit Bank eventually going the way of the dodo. I imagine some system, perhaps like this: Character Inventory (Lootable like you say) CW Storage (chests and other storage items, protected within castles and other buildings, but lootable by attackers based on campaign rules) Import/Export Bank (possibly a severely limited Spirit Bank with materials only able to transfer at the start or end of a campaign) EK Bank like you envision but this is all hyp
  7. wood elf has the assassin class instead of the ranger class, but thanks for the poll, it's great!
  8. how will attributes be effected by the Archetype divide? for example, a human knight, could have it's strength be additive (3 for a human, 4 for a knight) for a 7, or limited to the knights 4. illegal bonus question: have the attributes been sorted, or are they just arbitrary placeholders for the moment, making my primary question moot?
  9. They should make a major discipline rune that would allow access to a 3rd major discipline slot.
  10. there has been clamoring for Hamster Assassins, but I personally think all hamsters should go back inside Richard Gere, where they belong.
  11. how will the archetype split change attributes? will they be additive between the race and class, or will one or the other attributes pips represent a theoretical maximum?
  12. I wonder, if they do separate race and class, if the Stalker class will go away, as it seems to be very similar to the Ranger. the two archetypes could consolidate to combine the best of both.
  13. if you go here: https://crowfall.com/client/ while logged in, and can download the client, you should be able to get into the game, if I understand it correctly.
  14. which Gods or Goddesses do you guys think would best represent or work well with Sugoi? I personally think it's a toss up between Arkon, Cybele or Illara. Arkon, I imagine having that anime cool, distant demeanor, (like Jin in Samuri Champloo) while being a dangerous combatant with a tragic past. Cybele seems very Magical Girl, bubbly and light. and Illara is an aloof magical cat person, I think that needs no elaboration. I personally like the darker characters, Malekai, and Zaleena, but I don't think they represent the one true Sugoi that I know, which is filled with honour, and strive
  15. I think THE PURGE: FIRST TERM will be plenty terrifying.
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