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  1. I went full spirit on my basic vessel. Now that I'm levling my green vessel I have put 0 points into spirit and with benediction talent I got 800 support power without gear. Go Int, Will update / change my fist post as well.
  2. "Play to Crush"... I haven't heard that name in years. Welcome to Crowfall!
  3. The aim and goal of this thread is to share our thoughts on the cleric class what we have learned from our experiences. But to keep it simple we can only put it in one sentence/instance. I'll start! - Intellect / Spirit all day errday... You hit the magic cap at 1000 support power fairly easy. After that its Con.
  4. What author above said. Same situation as you with backing in 2015 and just started. Within two weeks would be a good idea so you won't have to experience harvesting and crafting during winter, like I did. Welcome
  5. Great iniative @Soulreaver. Me myself had a chat @DravoiX and will try to make that work. See you on the fields
  6. @Minke Thanks man, feels good after three long years to actually be able to join the gameplay. See you out there!
  7. A Shadowbane family member is always welcome here. Best of luck to you!
  8. Hey guys, Been along the ride since the Kickstarter project started. Decided just now that it was time to try out the game after a pretty bad experience the first time I tried it. I'm an old Shadowbane player, shoutout to my boys if you recon the character "Lell" from Wrath and Veknilash. Will name my character MadSeason so if you guys want to get in touch with me. Haven't really tried the game 100% yet so not sure what to expect but hey, send me a whisper and we'll take if from there. See you around, MadSeason
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