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  1. In the Profession 2 track there is a bug and you can gain 100k points in about 5 mins, see below how to do this. No matter what skill you have in your 2 profession slot you can gain points rapidly by going into any other of the tracks (Prof 1, Race 1, Class 1 were tested) and hovering over any skill and just leaving your mouse there. Any skill that is in the profession track 2 will then start gaining points about 100 per second. It seems to only be the profession 2 track. But when you try to spend the points they disappear.
  2. It seems that at Black Mire their are 2 walls over each other. For example, the north and west entrance are completely built but when I run up to it and can interact with the wall and it wants more boulders, lumber and ingots.
  3. New snap test today, I am getting right off high msg spikes and frame rates are really low. msg = 100 to 1k fps = 17 to 19
  4. You will have more patching to do, I was playing this morning before shut down and had 2 patches since then.
  5. Looking good, can't wait to test it out!!
  6. It depends on bugs and stuff but what they have said for sure that skills will be wiped because of new layout.
  7. Down For Maintenance

    thomasblair posted this below in the bugs post:
  8. He posted that before this last test was up, thought there was not going to be any test this weekend, but later the map opened up up so so you question has not been answered yet.
  9. Cant log into the map now, I had a crash to login screen and now stuck at Auth with Zone screen. Anyone else having this issue?
  10. Any word on Alpha 2's getting in?
  11. Hey can we get maybe a 12-24hr notice to these pop up test, I always want to join but am not monitoring the forums 24/7 either. Maybe a few hrs heads up because I did not see the last on because I was heading home from work.
  12. Here are a few things: Fort guards only attack when they are engaged otherwise they just stand there and do nothing. I feel like the motherloads need some working, if I can not find a group then I am screwed and can not progress through any crafting of stuff like jewelry or necro, not sure what could be done but seems like something else could be done. I may be the only one on this but I feel like the Fessor is really gimped and kind of worthless right now. Need to get strong and soft hide in game, I like that we now have durable from spiders. Crow travel back to body is WAY TO SLOW and I think it more of a punishment them just recall body back, its a punishment to wear leather and spending my whole weekend just gathering leather.
  13. Great video, thanks and looking forward to new ones
  14. Map of Wrath 5.5

    Thnks Jah, I was working on making one but you beat me to it.