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  1. Server Stability Update

    I am worried that if they don't get this crap under control that its just going to get worse wan worse. ACE fix this BS before you push out next patch, this should be priority ONE!!!!!
  2. I have not seen that, usually it takes a server reset to do that and that could be days, but maybe I am not on enought
  3. Yep and you can not repair them so a few hits puts a hole in them and if you then claim it it will still have the hole for other factions to exploit.
  4. Humm no word yet, Tyrannt must be in server room with a bat taking care of problem.
  5. Patch + Black screen + shutdown + repair + restart = black screen Ok who broke it?
  6. Same here Patch + repair = same thing Patch + Black screen/shut down + restart = same thing
  7. Try to re log and see if it helps because the server is very unstable well this patch is. If that doesn't work then try repairing , I get that a lot when server goes to poorly made socks and have to what till they restart the server.
  8. Leather Squares

    I have taken what you have provided and added it to what I have and here is my spreadsheet: Gophers Crafting Sheet And this is only done by me so anything that is out of place or screwed up please let me know.
  9. Leather Squares

    Add these to your list: Durable + Soft + Soft = Unexpected Results Durable + Soft + Strong = Unexpected Results Durable + Tough + Tough = Unexpected Results
  10. Leather Squares

    I have started recording the combos and I have found out a few others that work and don't work. Stitched Leather that gets turned into unexpected result does work with book chapters. Metal bar turned into unexpected result does not work with book chapters.
  11. Every time I make one it turns out as a "Unexpected Result" and I am not able to use them to make Leather set, anyone able to make one and use it to make leather armor?
  12. Ok first login and had something strange happen. I updated both clients I use to run 2 accounts and after logging in on the first updated client, I could see all past skills I have trained. But, on the 2nd client I logged in and could bot see any past skills trained nor banked time. I have shut down and restarted 2nd account and now can see past trained skills. Just fyi
  13. Maybe so, I get maybe 10-15 every day, do you have crafting disc in, maybe that's an issue and I don't have in.
  14. You do need dust to craft crafting stations to craft adv stuff, thus asking to lower the amount needed because the server issues and being down a lot.