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  1. Yeah, I am not the one to gripe because I have been around since the early days but really can u even fix the chat? I got 2 zone tabs and no general. I am going to be more nit picking now you cant get ur poorly made socks fixed and that has been since HD days. I have been trying to get many guild members into game but they are scared to join because this is not finished and not ever close.
  2. What does SB have to do with loosing my stuff to switching servers or even moving from EK to EK? I lost a full set of leather armor and a swift mount, plus other mats, I have been in support of ACE but this is really pissing me off since I am the only one in my guild playing and it sets be back so much!
  3. Ok losing my poorly made socks is getting really custard old, what the custard I have stuff stored in my SB and put it into a camp then it ends and I can pull out my stuff. I cant even create a second toon and move from EK to EK, I keep on loosing my poorly made socks, this is pissing me off ACE, fix this poorly made socks or post it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Seems to be working again, I can get into my EK, set skills and other stuff that I couldn't earlier. fingers cross
  5. I had the same issue, you should be able to pickup parcel with new vessel then you can place it again and replace the buildings. That was my work around
  6. Yeah, I got an email with the location, sent it off with other files, thanks
  7. Live is still 5.7, you have to download the test patch to get into 5.8
  8. This is across 3 accounts and none of the toons are locked into a campaign right now, plus 3rd account is beta so first time into 5.8 and can not even create a char from the start. Where are the logs again, sorry
  9. Ok tried to do a fresh download and login on my beta account and was able to get in for the first time but now can not make a new char and still having issues where I can not switch between campaign tab and EK tab, I have to go back to home screen to go to the other one. and to add, I can not logout or quite, I have to do a hard shut down.
  10. I can not get into a campaign, it only has one faction to select and once I select the campaign map i get locked into the select faction screen and have to do a hard boot to get out of it, I cant post ss but it suxs. Too add I can not get into my EK now, just stuck on loading screen
  11. Month to month and half is my guess, still some bugs need to be worked out on Test first.
  12. Got the message test is open, so relaunched and still getting login failed
  13. Yeah figured that, just wanted to post that there are multi accounts having issues just encase its something else
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