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  1. Fessers have been nurfered since HD days, we can't do any damage anymore and have to be in the front line which means we are insta dead
  2. Like others have said, I would say a full wipe even as it would be painful for me.
  3. Bought 3 Banshee Major disc and I tried to combine them at several diff crafting stations in Temp area and at lumber yard in forest, could not right click or drag and drop them into the slots to combine. I have also tried equip one and could not.
  4. Every time I try to zone into live Camp I get stuck at "Loading Zone" screen. I have shut down and restarted about 5 times now, this is when I try to zone from starter area to Templee. It took me about 4 times to even load into camp the first time.
  5. Siege timers are off: Map timer says Scribbles Fort in Nysa is open for siege 6pm-7pm but when I got to fort the timer inside for says siege starts in 3hrs and Xmins, so something is off.
  6. Pann you have 3pm posted here but in the link it says 2pm.
  7. Month to month and half is my guess, still some bugs need to be worked out on Test first.
  8. Very interesting can't wait to test out 5.7 so hurry up!
  9. Thanks for the help with others that I have not included yet, I don't have the motivation to update the rest until 5.7 hits test server. I will continue the rest with 5.7 and will let you guys know when I have added more.
  10. Yeah haven't gotten into the blood use vrs water yet, all that is there is water only and will add the blood stats later
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