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  1. Training in Test Enviroment

    Yeah I just patched the test and get the invalid client please path to 5.6.3.
  2. Ok fix this poorly made socks ace please, this is the second time its happen and is so frustrating. I log out safe in the Jingles fort a few hrs ago, log in now and I am falling from the sky then splat I die. Fine I can deal with that bug bug now my body is far north where there is now way I can get to it, Thank you because now I have to hit the recall statue and lose all my stuff. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. WoW, major gathering bug that needs to be looked at. I was hitting a R8 Tin node and got 4-5 common tin drop, and on final I got 1 blue and one purple tin to drop. I head back inside to bank stuff at chest and open my inventory and nothing, no common blue or purple. I have been having this happen in the past with even greens, it shows 2 pop out but when I look into inventory there is only one.
  4. WTF did ACE just take down server without and warning? Ok that was strange, I got booted like many others and then was at the choose side screen
  5. yesturday hit live, big bug issue so they went down for patch and now back up it seems, but I didnt get a patch.
  6. It depends how long they need o find/fix and bugs before patch. I gave seen 24hrs to 30m.
  7. SB and EK wipes but skills should be fine
  8. Yes, they have a new patch coming out soon
  9. Yes it just went down and now in Maintenance mod for them to do a quick test
  10. Yeah new patch so I am sure they are testing everything before opening back up
  11. Thnks for the warning ACE, nothing at all and it just goes down into Maint mode, now patch. I am trying to get my guild and others to play but this is really frustrating.
  12. New patch again and same issue or error message
  13. New patch today, after I patched I get the Generic HTTP error now.
  14. Every thing looks great and running smooth but I am having disconnect issues. I would get kicked out a few times when I has on Test Snap but besides that, great job so far and getting close.
  15. Its still down, they are still doing some testing. Pann keeps teasing us