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  1. Yeah I was able to earlier this morning
  2. Then why would it let me download and patch? Here is what I did from the beginning today: I just got back into town and I have seen them doing some snap test so I tried to login with the download that I had, told me "User Not Entitled" at patcher. So I went on another account that I know is Alpha 2 entitled and had a not correct version error. So I downloaded the new version from the website and used my "Gopher" account to login and patch. But when I tried to launch after patch it gives me what the post tile says. So I tried the other account and I am able to play.
  3. Ok, so I am a Alpha 2 user and have this error show up after I have patched and login in. It pops up after I click launch, any ideas why?
  4. I had a bug I haven’t seen before. Ok, I started a trade and filled up the trade window will all the mats that I wanted to trade then I decided to delete a few out that I did not need to trade. I dragged and dropped from the trade window to delete them, it asked if I was sure and I clicked yes but they did not disappear from the trade window. I then went into my inventory dragged the same items to delete them and they disappeared from my inventory but they were still showing up in my trade window, so I right clicked on the same items that were still in the trade window and they then disappeared. So after the items I wanted to delete were removed I clicked trade on both windows and got a message that said my inventory on the toon accepting the trade was full (there were only 2 items in that inventory). I clicked trade again and poof all items were gone and did not show up in either inventory or chest. I will try to see if I can duplicate it again tonight.
  5. It will come in all due time
  6. Had a great time, was red across the board but was still able to move a fight with out any issues.
  7. Well now able to enter and yes I lost all, that suxs but its a bug and needs to be fixed.
  8. EK Bug I was on another toon in my EK crafting leather set, had all made but gloves and was in the process of making harden leather when I was kicked out on the other too (My toon was still in EK and had no problems). So I tried to get back in and after 10 times of it just hanging up at entry I ran the repair. So now I was able to get in and I am a crow. So I tired to go to middle statue to retreve body and I am now in combat in crow form, but on other toon I can see a warrior. I am stuck in crow combat mode with all my stuff gone and now grave stone. Cant post image for4 some reason, I hope I did not just lose all my stuff.
  9. Campaigns Ending

    I saw you now added a date to the East server name, thanks that will help out a lot, it did for the EU one.
  10. Is there any way we can get more of a warning then 1 hr, I cant do anything from work but with something like 24hr warning would help everyone.
  11. I forgot to post this so maybe few days old, but here is what I have encountered: Live: Corner pieces in Forts would not upgrade. The Iron ingots would go into the log slot and vise verses with Logs. Logs would not fresh in chest at POIs and also had same issues with the Iron ingots.
  12. Same here, this was the order statue. I tried several time with full bars expired and nothing. I can't seem to attach a ss I have.
  13. Thnks for posting the fix, I have been having the same issue and this fix help.
  14. Nice, good job guys and the only complaint I have is you haven't invited me yet to test 5.2.
  15. I would say wipe, when game goes for launch everything is going to be wiped anyways so start here to work out the bugs.