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  1. Oh dont get me wrong, learn to read. Wm blows even numbers. You outnumber every nation, at that point you know its not skills. If you were good you would be outnumber and win. Next week ill teach you your abcs...
  2. they are like roaches, they always come back
  3. I dont understand how wm enjoys playing a pvp game when they are 85% of the entire server pop. Sigh, ill play but the pop will drop due to wm then they get the server to themselves. Maybe they enjoy it that way so they can pve all day
  4. Seriously the low pop make the game so boring. And the whole wm outnumbered every nation 4to1.
  5. Magicbane is way better then sbemu fyi
  6. Thats good news. This is Kaladys. I havent played mb in months and my tol is still up haha. Wipe should be fun
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