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  1. I rather like games that allow you to be surprised by what you're fighting. If you get into a fight at a bar with some loudmouth, alot of times, you have no idea what his fighting ability is. He could be all mouth, or a MMA fighter. Its not known until the first punch is thrown. From there, you find out if you made some poor life decisions, or how you need to react for the rest of the fight. When you're coming up on a group in a game, and know exactly who and how to hit them, it seems a bit easy and the PvP becomes more automatic from the get go. Much better when leaders have to actually make decisions and shot call, as opposed to just following the same pre-planned hit every single time, against every group you face. That would be no better than grinding gear in WoW.
  2. That takes me back...I think that was the first time in the game where I felt my actions had substantial impact as opposed to just being part of a mob throwing stuff back and forth. Thanks for the screen shot! And I see Kalis in there too....He kept me alive the entire time....Miss that guy.
  3. Also, his reply was not a straw man argument. Just saying. Yours was BTW.... I like to use fancy words and terms too, but when you're going to call someone out, do so with a little accuracy. Also, why report someone for that? Why even bring up that you were going to? Seems extra childish.
  4. Yeah, there seems to be quite a number of us from SB.
  5. Im Thankful for internet access......Even on Thanksgiving.
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