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  1. So i've tested the new Knight changes and 1 major issue for me playing the Knight right now is stamina starvation. Once engaged in a fight i find myself usually stamina starved and find myself spamming oath of willl. I think the solution for this would be the same to build up the C ability. Have some abilities generate stamina when hitting a target.
  2. I remember a video from the devs where they stated they are bringing in some mechanics to counter zerging a.k.a ball up and roll everything. They were talking about stuff like projectiles bouncing between multiple enemies and increasing in damage the further it bounced. Isnt there any sorts of those anti-zerg mechanics yet ? I'm worried that it's going to be one giant zerg ferst again, and we have enough of those games already..
  3. I'm a 2015 Contributor (35$) and i was wondering if i upgrade with the Contributor -> 2016 Alpha 3 Bundle. Would i be able to participate in Alpha 3? According to an earlier statement this was not possible at that time. There are more packages now, does this mean i can upgrade my 2015 contributor pacakage to contributor Alpha 3 2016 bundle?
  4. The combat for PvP in Wildstar is the best i have ever experienced in any MMORPG, and i've played alot. The failure of Wildstar wasnt due to the combat or smt, but just poor management. The reason why i (and many others) liked it so much was because of the freedom and the level of individual skill that was needed to be trully a god in combat. The game was really fast paced, but not not at a level that it became annoying. From what i see in Crowfall atm, it looks very clunky and boring. I hope it will be alot smoother in the final product.
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