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  1. I purchased my main Amber account through Kickstarter. I'm interested in purchasing a second Sapphire account through GameStop. I buy most of my games through them & have a card that gives rewards. Opening up this avenue will provide additional advertising & notoriety for the game. Please let me know if this course is worth pursuing.
  2. I like the survey, & would like to see anonymous results posted. I would even like the option of posting my own answers, for the purpose of stirring debate on what reasonable expectations are for this or any game.
  3. I played Ultima Online & ShadowBane @ launch. I'm a Unity programmer looking to play this game & develop Android apps to support this community.
  4. One should never pay for Alpha/Beta access. In practice, the players are acting as interns helping to develop the game. That fact that these testers accrue perks, as a form of non-monetary compensation, that others are willing to pay for is irrelevant. Throwing money @ the problem perverts the focus away from exposing bugs & polishing game-play, and towards "Getting a Leg Up on Competition" & concealing bugs to exploit them. All that being said: I pledge $250 to kick-start this, 'cuse I MISS SHADOWBANE SO MUCH!!! :'(
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