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  1. I think this is fair, everyone gets their own eternal kingdom. But the player can decide whether they want to spend the time to gain recources to gain parcels to either work on their own eternal kingdom, or the guild eternal kingdom or trading eternal kingdom etc. Unless eternal kingdom parcels will be easy to get recources for, I think this really emphasizes on a community driven economy.
  2. http://crowfallwiki.com/index.php/Knight >> Bloodstone Spin Instant Reticle 4 Meters 13 Mana N/A 76-102 + 100% Weapon Damage Slashing Primary Attack - Third Swing: This attack also applies a 50% movement speed reduction debuff to the target.
  3. http://crowfallwiki.com/index.php/Knight I mean we already got a main aoe small cc spinning attack that is pretty good, but is just on a 40 second cooldown. Whirling Leap Instant Sphere 5 Meters N/A N/A 112-151 + 100% Weapon Damage Crushing Leap in the air creating a vacuum at your feet, pulling in nearby targets and damaging them when you land. While in the air you are invulnerable and immune to physics. P.S I feel like some of these attacks are inconsistent with the skills when you play the game, if you get the chance to see any difference please do.
  4. Are we all forgetting one major actor of the knight? His slows, I mean his jewel combo can result in a 50 percent speed reduction. and he has pursuit AND chain grab. And if anyone think " oh, that's just a knight, he doesn't do much damage". Use your shield which can make you deal like 5-10k damage and make that sucker bleed and fall down. I mean if you just chase a ranger just so you can be in front of that ranger to block, that ranger will seriously get punished hard if they don't do anything.
  5. For pursuit, I have tested it multiple times and the most I can charge is 22 meters when the wiki (http://crowfallwiki.com/index.php/Knight#Promotion_Classes) says that the full range is 25 meters. If anyone else can verify the full range of pursuit please mention it. I also have posted this about pursuit: "Pursuit - I am able to push someone back if I am in perfect alignment with them and I am close enough so I can ram past the point I am trying to touch, but if the trajectory is off than I will just pass by".
  6. There is a problem with the knight's jewel slash combo. Even if you hit the slow, no debuff will be shown on the target debuff bar below their name you were able to put a slow on. Please have this visual error fixed. When I successfully use obliterate there is a bleed debuff, I even looked at the wiki where it said bleed was a debuff. When I knock someone down it shows a huge purple text and and the enemy is also knocked down, so you don't really need an icon to show their knocked down, but if someone is slowed I think there should be a visual icon to represent this. If the developers intended for slows not to have debuff icons, please reply.
  7. I'm thinking it's going to be a little bit similar to the raid servers on minecraft, yeah there'll be mobs but there just there to make the world harder and sometimes you do need certain mob drops and exp to do other things, and as time progresses you might see that zombie in full diamond armor while you were chatting to your friend. But in the end, their just there to make the pvp a lot more focused. I mean if the goal in minecraft raid servers were to have your faction be the last one to survive in hardcore mode i'd say that's the mental image i'm thinking of when I think of pve in crowfall.
  8. I'm not so sure about the chain thing, I mean imagine if you became thresh. You grabbed the enemy, and then you pulled an ally to you, it would be really hard cc combos left and right. How do I know this will happen, if you've seen a thresh montage on league of legends, or heard the term thresh 'god', you will understand that though this will make the knight a lot more fun, it might make him unbalanced. I mean imagine this some of the archeatypes we haven't even learned about, what if a knight and a rougue teamed up. hide in a bush while knight is outside and instantly kill the ranger. Don't get me wrong, as I've said before I think it's really fun and cool, but just like thresh it will become op, and overused causing a disb-alance. If there was a middle ground where the knight wouldn't would act better as a tank instead of accommodating other archeatypes I think this would be a cool idea.
  9. I will test out that knight bleed blocking thing next testing.
  10. Guys remember, the average bleed does 3k of damage. It has about somewhere in between 6-10 kicks, it's not like it's chance i'm just not sure, but when I played I counted 7 tick; each one of those ticks did 500 damage. I was 1/5 of my health, but I killed a low ranger not by using shield bash but my bleed, but by using my bleed. I feel like if the bleed caused a slow reduction, it would make the knight a whole lost more optional and more important to use it. But if that were to happen that'd even everyone what do it, and a perma-slow for 4 knights seems really annoying, especially when they all of hooks. Did anyone say, but what about the hidden combo that if you sprint while doing ruby slash it can slow the enemy. I'm going to be honest, I think it would be amazing if they combined onslaught and the jewel slashes. Where you could still do only onslaught and only jewel slashes, but allow a mix in between so you can get a mix of slows and knockdowns and bleed. Anyone else like this idea?
  11. I'm thinking it will be like wizard 101 death class, deals damage, and get's lifesteal, and some abilities you can heal others by stealing others health. But instead of it being directly to hit points, the mana or whatever the source of her skills will be the person walking out of the two doors, damage, and healing.
  12. Resolve- I did regen health but i'm not sure if is just regular health regen or actually 4 percent, I did notice a boost when I was low. Ruby slash etc- while I was chasing a ranger I did notice a a slow with my first hit while sprinting, so I think I pulled off the hidden combo and a regular combo where the 3rd hit slowed instead. Block- I don't think I saw any reflection damage; it is a chance so maybe it crossed my eye, I still don't think it should be 360 degrees, maybe like 200 or at most 180. Pursuit - I am able to push someone back if I am in perfect alignment with them and I am close enough so I can ram past the point I am trying to touch, but if the trajectory is off than I will just pass by. Shield Slam- I don't see any problems with it, I charge my attack and I hit. When I turn and I don't hit, it's because the enemy steps back. Shield bash etc, no problem whatsoever, I get the 20 percent stamina and I get the stun. Onslaught- I get all the hits, I stun with the shockwave, and I get (the most I counted) 7 tick bleed. feels like a 1:3 ratio of weapon damage Noble Blood- I get a temporary shield when I hit an enemy, not sure how long it lasts. Chain Attack - I was able to get a stationary enemy at 26 meters. Whirling Leap- 40 second cooldown, and it drawn in enemy targets just the way I want it. I like the z mechanic, helps me run faster, and I have seen no problems with not being able to be healed or anything like that. Strafing, as I was doing my ruby slashes etc I was able to comfortably attack the enemy ranger with decent work because I have not mastered it yet.
  13. I hope people catch a video of me, because I am a crow he desires to be a master knight and duelist, so hopefully some people can catch me in action and take good quality videos for other people. I will be checking out some of this stuff while I play.
  14. I am in California, so I am on pacific time because in my time it says 6:39, as of right now, so do I have to way wait 20 minutes or like 2 hours our something.
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