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  1. You absolutely need to be able to determine which outposts and POIs are adjacent to each other, even if they're in different parcels. It's imperative for territory control, and territory control is imperative for guild vs guild and faction vs faction to actually feel meaningful.
  2. Territory Control. This requires code changes, I know, but it's what you should have been aiming for from the start. You can only capture outposts / POIs that are adjacent to others you own. Your guild/faction gets a harvesting buff in the territory they own, and conquest points for holding more territory. Forts are capturable 24/7 but produce materials slowly in off hours and faster in peak hours in the zone's prime time. So at the start of campaigns, guilds claim keeps. They can capture the outposts around those, expanding outwards. They will meet up with other guilds doing the same, and you have a battle front with those outposts. You can trigger a handshake siege if you have an outpost adjacent to an enemy keep. This requires bigger maps with multiple keeps on each map and lots of outposts to fight over. If it were me, I would instance keep sieges - create a copy of the keep parcel and fight there. Have a construct-able siege tent that acts as a respawn point for the attackers, that the defenders can attack. You had most of this tech in siege perilous five years ago. Make outposts take longer to capture but still be doable with small groups - maybe you have to deal with multiple waves of guards, or the guards have significantly bigger health pools. Also, bring back Hunger Dome. Have the circle at the end stop at 10m diameter. And FFS fix class balance and discipline balance.
  3. Live Server Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). Concept is good. Potential to be great is there, but well out of reach for now Hunger Dome was good fun when it was around (except the stupid mist closing to nothing at the end) Live Server - Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? Balance is awful. Look at which classes are dominant and why. Look at which promotions and disciplines are ignored. Debuff UI is the worst I've ever encountered in an MMO. Having to look to a list at the top right of my screen to see which effects are applied to my character is awful. Combos and telegraphs. The oldest classes have multi-part combos that telegraph stuns, knockdowns, bleeds, etc. New classes and disciplines don't have that. In a PvP game telegraphs are useful and improve gameplay. If you want to do without, so be it, but be consistent. For example, Knight AE bleed is a 3 part combo with a long telegraph. Assassin AE bleed is a single keypress, no telegraph. There is very little fun to be had for someone playing alone or in a small group. Campaigns are far too short. There's no time to enjoy the fruits of your labor with a keep or whatever. There's a constant build grind followed by a campaign reset. Shadow is worse than dregs, compounded by the fact that no one in shadow is willing to spend on building up a faction keep. Dregs campaigns should average 3 months. Test Server 7.100 - Top 5 Crowfall likes The mega map concept has potential. I like having players from all timezones in the same world. Test Server - Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? It feels like nothing has changed other than the mega map. Balance is still crap. All my complaints about live are still valid on test. You've fixed pretty much nothing.
  4. Balance remains atrocious. There are specs that no one plays because they're weak. There are promotion classes that are clearly better than others in almost every situation, regardless of discipline choice. There are dozens of disciplines that no one takes because they're weak. I love small group pvp and crowfall has so much potential. The best PvPers I know won't touch Crowfall because the balance is pathetic and things like telegraphs and combo- pre-reqs exist for some classes and powers but not for others. A knight wants to land his AE bleed? 3rd part of a 3-part combo with telegraphs. An assassin wants to a land an AE bleed? One button, 360-degree bleed, no telegraph. Generally speaking, powers added in the early hunger dome days had combo requirements for stuns and bleeds and knockdowns, with telegraphs. Stuff added afterwards does not, but the old ones remain in place and present a clear disadvantage. Block is fundamentally flawed. A knight has to give up all his attacks for X length of time to mitigate incoming damage, then gets a very short lived dmg buff afterwards. It is far and away the weakest class feature. Champion has been overpowered for years. Insane self sustain. You guys can clearly generate metrics to see which disciplines are most and least used, same with classes. You can generate metrics to see which promotion classes have the best and worst kill to death ratios for DPS and CC promotions, etc. Use your tools and fix your problems.
  5. I play on the highest settings at 1440p. I've been getting an average of just over 40fps in hunger dome final circles, and 120+ fps in the earth temple on TEST. AMD 5800X, nVidia RTX3070, 32GB 3600 RAM, SSD.
  6. The increased building costs are ridiculous. Yes, campaigns are longer. No, that doesn't mean we want to spend the entire length of the new campaigns building a keep that will go away shortly after we finish it. We were looking forward to the longer campaigns so that we could live in and use the keeps we've constructed, not so that we can drag pigs across the map for additional days on end. If all we're doing is constantly building, there's no energy left to go out and do fun things like fight. If our buildings get destroyed, the prospect of rebuilding becomes more daunting because no one wants to spend all day every day rebuilding. As long as keeps become vulnerable on a schedule instead of via an expensive bane circle or whatever, costs should be kept relatively low. Easy come easy go, right? Easy to build a keep, easy to lose it. Not "incredibly boring long term grind to build, easy go"
  7. I get 120+ fps at 1440p with the settings maxed out, so it's definitely not capped. Maybe email support@crowfall.com and see if they can help. Send them your dxdiag info.
  8. The wipe came as a bit of a surprise. I thought my test characters were safe until launch. The intro cinematic didn't work for me; had to restart the client. Changing the L key to bring up the quest log rather than the talent tree felt a bit silly - the only time we use the quest log is in the first two hours we play the game. It's never seen again after that.
  9. The ailments UI in Crowfall has to be worst I've ever encountered in any game. How do I know if I'm bleeding, diseased, poisoned, etc? I have to take my eyes off the combat and look at the ridiculous list of buffs and debuffs in the top right of my screen. Why are there so few on-character indicators of ailments? The slowed ailment looks like a cloud of blood coming out of me, but at least it's there, I guess. Monster density in the infected zones is pathetic. You already have tiny zones to accomodate your weak engine. Surely it's not so weak as to require so few mobs, too. Wartribe encampments all appear to have been abandoned, with a few stragglers still packing up the camp when we encounter them.
  10. 2 of the 5 members of my team didn't pick a character and so didn't enter the HD. 1 of the 3 who did quit after 2 mins. The 2 of us who remained got steamrolled by a pre-made guild team. Still more fun than the campaign.
  11. Hunger Dome was the reason I invested so heavily in Crowfall. At release, I will only be playing campaigns to get a vessel and disciplines for Hunger Dome - the focus of my Crowfall time will absolutely be Hunger Dome. Why? Because Hunger Dome is pure fun. The campaign is mostly boredom and grind. If I could drop real money on someone for a legendary vessel and discs, I'd never set foot in a campaign at all. I've been saying this for years, but I'll repeat it here: ACE, if you want the campaign aspect to succeed, you need to make it fun. It's not fun to spend interminable hours grinding for harvesting and crafting disciplines whose drop rates are dictated by RNG. It's not fun to participate in blob vs blob battles where player skill and individual build choices are essentially meaningless, where numbers are the primary determining factor in the outcome. It's not fun to craft an item that's worse than a trash drop off a wartribe mob. It's not fun to spend hours in the campaign world without getting small group PvP. It's not fun capturing a fort during an hour long window in which only the last few minutes matter. Etc. Etc. There have been a lot of decent suggestions on how to fix what ails campaigns in this thread. Here are my thoughts on what it'd take to make campaigns enjoyable for me: Meaningful territory control. Owning a keep should affect the area around it, providing benefits to the owners or hampering invaders. Owning a keep and all the outposts around it should extend that further out. In order to siege a keep, an attacking force should have to take a number of adjacent outposts nearby. Sieges should be player-instigated, and not on a timer. Fort fights should matter for their entire duration. I don't like the window system, but I don't have a good replacement for it. So fix fort fights so that control over the fort for the entire duration of the battle matters, rather than just who holds it when the timer runs out. Have a counter for each side involved that ticks up for each player who's in the throne room every 10s. At the end of the hour, the team with the highest count owns the fort. Or have an ownership token that drops on death or when the owner exits the throne room and puts a banner over the holder's head. The side whose players own that token for the most time during the hour wins. You're smart people - figure something out. Easy come easy go is a perfectly valid idea, but you haven't balanced it out yet especially in terms of harvesting and crafting. That system is definitely not easy come. Wartribe gear remains a good idea, but you should just cap it at white quality, with greens dropping from bosses in infected and blues dropping from bosses in campaigns. It'd be nice to see crafting mats drop from wartribes too. You need to find things for small groups to do. Right now, everything that's worthwhile for a group of 5 is also worthwhile for a group of 20. If a guild has 20 people on, they don't run around in 4 groups of 5 looking for trouble, they run around in a single group of 20. It's annoying as hell and makes the game less fun for everyone, but the system seems to encourage clustering up. One thing I'd love to try is that in some dregs campaigns, only your group is immune to friendly fire. For me, Crowfall has always been most enjoyable during small group combat. Hunger Dome provides that in spades. Campaigns don't, and they don't offer anything else that's fun to replace it.
  12. Bringing Hunger Dome back pretty much saves Crowfall for me. It is where I will spend the vast majority of my playtime, because small group PvP is where Crowfall shines, and hunger dome back in the day (even before class/race split) was the most fun I've ever had in Crowfall. Although I'll be spending most of my time in Hunger Dome, I will also have to level my HD characters in the campaign, and get their disciplines and vessels there. That means I will be playing more campaigns than I would have (because I would have played none - I was walking away from CF after my 4th guild quit the game same as the ones before). I will need to join a guild to get vessels made, and will therefore be obligated to show up for sieges to help the guild. This thread has a bunch of newbies who never experienced Hunger Dome whining about how it will take players out of the campaigns. That's the wrong way of thinking about it. It will bring PvP-focused players back to Crowfall. There's a large segment of testers who walked away because the campaigns are more work than fun. Hunger Dome is pure fun with no grind. And it's not like people are playing the campaigns outside siege hours anyway. The campaigns are an empty wasteland of content. Hunger Dome provides constant PvP at any time of day. I am absolutely thrilled at the return of Hunger Dome. Now all the devs have to do is get pvp balance right.
  13. Top 5 likes and why (be brief please) about 6.400 on TEST (things you feel we're doing great on for TEST only). New infected layout is nice and should help with crowding at release. However, the NPE takes place entirely in GR so lvls 1-18 in infected seem a bit of a waste. Vessel upgrades have potential, though white green and blue are going to be throwaway vessels - no one's going to bother with additives and trying to max vessels until epic or legendary. Not having to go through the NPE for each new vessel is nice. New lobby is probably an improvement, once I get used to it. New character display is definitely an improvement Crowpedia is an excellent start Top 5 Dislikes and why (be brief please) about 6.400 on TEST (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? You missed the mark on easy come easy go. The easy go part is there, but easy come is not. Crafted gear breaks faster and equipped gear can be lost on death. That's definitely easy go. But it's still time consuming and materials-intensive to craft replacement gear. That's definitely not easy come. Having to use email addresses instead of account names to login to the patcher is annoying. Bleeds don't stack or overwrite. What's the point in me investing my discipline choices in +bleeding discs to get 400 per tick bleeds if they never get applied because Joe schmoe has a 175pt bleed on my target already? Balance still sucks. You made a couple of random changes but balance is still well outta whack. You added powers to the talent tree - many classes already have a full bar's worth of powers and you've added two more to the tree. No room for racial or discipline powers at this rate. WoW's tiered talent trees where you choose one of three talents in each tier feels less restrictive and yet allows you to force us to choose between strong powers. Your current tree forces some powers on us that we may not want. The chance of loss of equipped gear on death (in an enviornment where replacing that gear is time and materials intensive) means that people will be even more hesitant to seek our fair fights or to fight when outnumbered. That's exactly the opposite of what we want. People should be seeking out fun fights, not looking to overwhelm any opposition through weight of numbers to ensure safe victories.
  14. Mitigation tanks are deeply flawed in Crowfall. Among tanks, only sustain-style tanks are viable. I don't even slot block on my knights any more because giving up all my offense and all my stamina in order to reduce incoming damage is a fool's proposition 99% of the time. In the early days of hunger dome, knight block reduced incoming dmg by 90% and you could hold it for 40s on a full stam bar. You had no offense, could take no other actions, and moved very slowly. But at least it preserved you in an emergency situation. Today's block reduces incoming dmg by ~50%. It costs 100% of your offense, 90% of your movement, and drains your stamina so fast that it lasts about 10s and leaves you vulnerable to CC afterwards. It is useful to block specific attacks, but CF devs stopped putting telegraphs on big attacks after HD. So you can get a big whammy with no warning from the newer classes. Only the original classes have the telegraph combos on big powers. I would like to see knight block become a normal power on the power bar - hit it (make it flash cast) and for 3s you're CC-immune (like the old juggernaut ability) and your personal dmg mitigation goes up by 25%. Leave dodge on RMB like other classes. Circling back around to mitigation vs self-sustain as viable tanks. A mitigation tank in Crowfall takes less dmg than other classes and does less dmg than other classes. It is easily ignored in a group fight because all it can do is stand there and hit you with a wet noodle. Knight tanks give up 100% of their offense and drain their stam to gain 50% increased mitigation. Sustain tanks are able to continue attacking while they heal themselves (and sometimes others, paladins). It's a sad state of affairs when an assassin or ranger is a better tank than a plate wearing knight. Sustain is absolutely king in terms of effective health. Something needs to change with the way mitigation tanks are implemented in Crowfall.
  15. It'll be a full wipe. Blair has said he wants to see 6.400 without any artificially created shortcuts ( he said so in some gamer's twitch stream after the Q&A). But they won't announce a full wipe because that will harm population levels even more than staying silent will. Accept the full wipe. Use up the resources you have to just enjoy the new campaign. Don't waste time harvesting stuff or farming gold. PvP without fear of having to replace your gear. That said, ACE - there's not much to do in Crowfall. Sieges are a couple of hours a night, forts are an hour each (but only the last 5-10 minutes matter). There's no player agency in sieges - they're on a schedule that we get no say in. There is nothing to do in game 20+ hours a day. Since you're bringing the TEST server down for internal 6.400 testing, I'd like to see test rules brought to LIVE until 6.400 hits. Unlimited free mats in the temple. Leveling dust. Let us test out all the things we want on the live server. You don't gain any data from 6.3 live testing with 6.4 being so different.
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