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  1. I've got half a dozen knight builds (two of each promotion class) I feel are viable in 6.200, especially with end game training (as we have on test). I agree with Arkade that the bottom half of the knight talent tree is way weaker than the top half. Justice is the worst domain in the game, and it's entirely unsuited to knight builds, so of course, it's the domain all three knight specs get. None of my viable builds for any of the promotion classes use Justice. None of my builds for any class use the Justice domain, actually. Knight's in a pretty good place compared to what it was
  2. You cannot put a +Constitution ring setting into the ring band recipe. All other settings work. My guinecean cleric frequently cannot F to interact with some other characters (per the video I showed mdonley) Redirected Strikes tooltip has nothing to do with what the power actually does. The power reduces incoming dmg by 90% for 6s and reflects 6% back to the attacker. Practice dummies are killable. I've killed two. They do respawn after 5 mins fortunately. If you equip a third ring of the same gem type on a guinecean, you correctly get an error, but the error message sa
  3. Ok, Reah, you said you read all these - here's some very specific feedback about the knight talent trees: Knight Talent Tree Feedback: Board and Board: Useful, which is good because it's required. Martial Weaponry (stat block): Decent values, I guess. Taken because the alternative (Vitality) is pure garbage. Vitality (stat block): 450 health is pure garbage. In terms of effective health, pure health is one of the worst things one can take (healing and armor and barriers all offer more). This is basically mitigation for one LMB attack and costs the same as as a who
  4. Many of the disciplines are junk. Some of the domain assignments to classes are weird and unhelpful. Many of the disciplines in a domain that are available to a class don't apply well to that class at all. All three knight promotions get access to Justice. In 20 hours of building and testing knight characters I haven't found a single worthwhile build in any of the knight promotion classes that makes use of Justice. I have a secutor build with no domain that's better than what I can get if I go Justice. Domains prevent us from taking interesting combinations in many cases. It's not
  5. Great work @Tinnis - really appreciate it. Was starting my own crummy version when someone linked this for me.
  6. The requirement to be able to equip siege engineer is "siege engineer" The Juggernaut Knight talent adds 1 resist all per stack. So at max stacks, it increases mitigations by 0.05%. I assume it should be 100 per stack for up to 5% mitigation. Valorous strike execute dmg is inconsistent on low health target dummies. I hit a low health dummy for 130, 299, 471, and 235 dmg with the same attack using the same weapon (471 was due to mighty surge). Increased bleed dmg from Exsanguinate does not stack with increased bleed dmg from tenderizer. Actually, tenderizer does not increa
  7. Bug report from the siege last night. I died at a bane tree, spawned at the tree of life in the keep, never had my own body render on-screen after rezzing, got teleported out to where I died for no reason that I can determine, and got killed again as a result.
  8. Lack of population has been an ongoing problem for Crowfall, and the designers need to take some time to work out why that is and what they can do to fix it. There are tens of thousands of people with access to the beta right now. Yet under 1% of them are playing at peak times. I've heard all the excuses about how people who've paid for early access don't actually want to test an unfinished game, how an upcoming wipe is causing people to not want to play, etc. Wait, let's unpack that last one a bit. People don't want to participate because there's a chance their work will be wiped aw
  9. Motherlodes: As you get more training, your motherlode dmg decreases instead of increasing: The cap is positive, but you get larger negative values with training. There's still something else wrong with motherlode armor compared to previous patches, but this is a start.
  10. You moved +heartwood, +minerals and +blood to Villein from Connoisseur. But the "Unexpected Value" power in Villein can't be used, because Villein doesn't grant harvesting pips.
  11. chain pull and net pull drop the target nearby on a snap-to-grid system Monsters spawn and snap to a nearby spot on the grid my character faces (and sometimes limbs) don't render with textures on my screen (they appear as black cutouts with eyeholes) When I approach mobs they will often use their gap closers to run away (even melee mobs) sound effects on harvesting don't match swings.. the hit noise is almost a second late. when I dismount on a portal platform, I sometimes sink to my knees in the platform.
  12. Great comments McTan. Well thought out and they'd all help tremendously.
  13. You can get a foreman discipline by harvesting soul gems (you need the training to do so) from R1+ ore nodes (not including slag). Then you need a jewelcrafter to polish those. Then a rune crafter incorporates the polished soul gems into tools capable of harvesting foreman. To do so, you need to harvest R6+ stone nodes or animal nodes with a soul-enabled runetool. Once you have the soul, you need a runecrafter, and 4000g plus two blood plus two soul essence and three stone to craft the final discipline you can equip.
  14. Durenthal

    New to Knight

    Swordsman gets a nice crit boost from noble blood. Crit dmg in the build becomes more important than crit chance, because you can give yourself that extra 25% crit chance pretty regularly. Both paths that you've looked at are viable. I prefer the more consistent gains from STR to the occasional increase in burst from DEX because that burst doesn't happen instantly on demand. Second major is pretty open, as you suggest. When Knife Grinder was available to knights, it was the clear best choice for DPS increase and on-demand burst. With it gone, there are half a dozen viable alterna
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