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  1. I love that I can choose to have my inventory windows close on movement. I hated having them stay open. So many kudos for that. I'm glad there's a 30-day trial because it takes a full day to sort stuff out for exports at the end of a trial. Guild banks will help with that, no doubt. Restricting imports to 12 is fine with me for a one-month CW - it encourages us to farm and craft in the CW. But it does reveal the problem with your overall economic system. If CWs are going be low- or no-import, time spent in GR is wasted, and anything purchased outside the CW is worthless in the case of no-import CWs, and has to be valued carefully in the event of low-import CWs. The economy inside a CW feels like it's coming along. The greater economy with EKs and GR does not. I'm actually ok with that, but I'm hearing a lot of grumbling from people who wanted to be active vendors and traders. Low- and no-import CWs need to be significantly longer than high-import CWs to make it worthwhile to go in and do all the farming and crafting from scratch.
  2. It's like you're actively TRYING to misinterpret us. We want a variety in the rulesets, yes. But not in the badge reward criteria - that poorly made socks is meaningless. We want variety in the winning side criteria. Point accumulation for holding outposts, forts, and keeps determines the winner. THAT is what we want varied. Give us a bloodstone ruleset, or whatever. Just not the same old same old every campaign.
  3. I custard HATE windows staying open when I move. If I open something during autorun, fine. But normal movement keys should close all UI elements the way they did in all previous builds.
  4. The loot dropping off mobs makes the new player experience much better. That said, the lack of refineries and caravans means that after an hour of playing, there's nothing left to do but wait for 5.110 and dregs. 5.100 is a big letdown. The wipe means that I'd have to spend 6-8 weeks leveling and gearing purple vessels on all my accounts, just in time for them to be wiped again when 6.0 hits. Screw that.
  5. JULY 10 TEST build: I can stack minor disciplines by ctrl-Rclick, but I can't stack them by dragging them on top of each other. Can't stack them at all in the bank. I'm going through food at a ridiculous rate. At least double, maybe triple what it is on live. The new ability to move with UI windows open sucks. I think we should be able to open windows whilst autorunning, sure, but any normal movement key should close all open UI elements, the way it does on TEST. At the very least, I need to be able to change stances while the UI elements are open if they're going to stay open whilst I move. I kill 2 mobs. Open the corpse of the first one. Loot it. Move. Inventory and Loot UI elements both stay open. Can't loot the second mob or change stance. Manually close the loot window. Still can't loot the second mob. Manually close the inventory window. Now I can loot the second mob. Manually close all windows, now I can change stances. Feels icky. I would prefer normal movement keys to close open UI elements. Opening UI elements whilst autorunning is cool. However, IF UI elements staying open during movement stays THEN I want to be able to loot with the inventory window open AND change stances with UI elements open AND a single keybind for "close all open UI elements" Loot windows now stay open until manually closed, even if you move a long ways away from the corpse. If I kill something, open the loot window, and don't loot it, I can run 50m away and still see the loot. I cannot loot the items in the window at that distance. If I run back to the corpse, I still cannot loot the items. If I close the loot window at that point, the mob becomes unlootable.
  6. When the macemanship passive is equipped, skullcrusher is not triggered as it should be by stunning or knocking down an opponent whilst using a mace. I have been completely unable to make the power trigger. The macemanship power shows, but skullcrusher never ever does. Thanks for removing the sticky targeting reticle. That was terrible.
  7. Leveled one character to 30 with dust to test. Leveled one character by hand, with nothing at all from the test vendors. Went 1-21 in 2 hours, and had a spirit bank full of loot to sell/sacrifice. The process feels a lot better than it used to, but it still isn't fun. It's just a less onerous chore than it used to be. I don't like the removal of the most popular minor runes. I don't like having only 8 (or 9 or 10) power slots. On several classes, taking two good disciplines means you end up with 6+ powers you want to slot but don't have room for. You also need to look at passive slots 3 (even 4 for humans/half-elves) is not enough, given that we are pretty much obliged to spend one on the promotion class capstone power. Many of your minor disciplines offer nothing but a passive power. Every major offers at least one passive as well, and you generally have a an additional class power and leadership on top. If the class powers are integral to the class, they shouldn't take a passive slot. Edit to add: the new sticky targeting reticle sucks. And did you really intend to put R8 resources in a God's Reach map with absolutely zero risk?
  8. The minors you've listed as having been removed are on the TEST vendors still. PLEASE give us a way to turn off the custard tooltips. This build is missing all the key features from 5.100 (refineries, new mob AI, etc). It looks like 5.9.n The range indicator doesn't work beyond melee range (except on target dummies - works fine on them) Jumps look like double jumps. Food consumption rate is about double what it is on Live. Knight Onslaught power (the first power in the combo) costs more than a full energy bar even at capped weapon proficiency. It's uncastable. Chain pull targets still get caught on terrain. Urgu champions sometimes spit fireballs at me (apparently these are hurlbats that look like fireballs, every 2s) Satyr Rangers drop stakes, but the stake visual effect drops at their feet every time they move for the entire duration of the power. Enbarri Champs are bugged. Most of them just stand there and let you kill them. Mounting doesn't increase your movement speed. Your feet move faster, but you don't cover ground any faster. There's no UI on your target so you can't see any debuffs that are active.
  9. It's a good change. It probably didn't warrant an article, but it's a good change. A small step on a long path towards a tedium-free PvP paradise.
  10. Druid LMB is dictated by the weapon held. You need to use a staff to drop healing orbs as your LMB.
  11. Corpses still get in the way of charges Satyr racial charges still toss me in the air even if I'm blocking resource nodes still prevent chain pulls If I should be able to retaliate but hit any key other the one bound to retaliate, the option to retaliate goes away, even if the key I pressed has no effect because I'm cc'd. Terrain DOES break chain pull again this build. Mobs get stuck if the terrain rises between me and the mob or if anything sticks up from the ground at all. It felt ok two test builds ago. Outpost guards still kill random nearby wildlife Ancients still misnamed: "monster_spider_summer_jumping_raidboss_r7" for example
  12. This whole economy thing is a problem generated by the devs having faction play as an option. In the dregs, guilds/alliances will keep it all in-house. They will craft for themselves, harvest for themselves, and gear themselves. They won't be selling stuff to the enemy. There will be no overall economy to speak of, especially in low-import campaigns. In faction play, and for those people wanting trade EKs, there's a lot of talk of the economy and making stuff to sell. It feels like the economy will be casual unaffiliated players selling to casual unaffiliated players. Or big guilds selling their surplus to casual unaffiliated players in high-import faction campaigns, assuming the devs can come up with a currency casuals can get that has appeal to the big guild sellers. I have been saying for a couple of years now that the economy in Crowfall won't work, and I still see nothing that indicates that changing. That said, I applaud the item reward loop presented in the article. It will definitely help solo and casual players gear up to viable levels without having to take their harvesting rewards to multiple crafters who may or may not be available in the pre-alpha environment. And because the gear won't be perfectly itemized, or as strong as well-crafted epic and legendary gear, crafters will always have work. While my harvesting alts will almost certainly make do with found gear, my crafter alts and main characters will have purpose-crafted gear.
  13. It was nice to hear Todd acknowledge the problems we're seeing, but without fixes, fewer and fewer of us are willing to test. The fact that we can't get disciplines for green or rarer vessels at all any more is pretty harsh. Having all the rare drops gated behind RNG rolls with very low chances is miserable. It's not like I have 90 (or even 5) guildmates helping get stuff for my crafters - so my chances are pretty tiny. Crowfall's kickstarter funded in March 2015. I've tested every build, every patch since then. There have been patches where 26s lag spikes (bigworld 3.0) made it almost impossible to play, but we persevered. With 5.9, even the hardcore testers don't want to persevere any more. If you manage to fix the problems that make us think the game is too grindy, and implement the dregs ruleset, you should get a decent bump in testers - how we react to the dregs is going to make or break crowfall. I hope you get it right, and that it comes soon.
  14. Nice changes for the lobby. Now if you could get rid of that awful list of buffs/debuffs in the top right, give us better indications of when our buffs are active / ending (the cc-immune shader is about the only thing you do well in that regard), and put the enemy buff/debuff info over the enemy's head, you'd be getting somewhere. I'm not asking for WoW-level UI modification options, but something better than what we were using in 2003 would be nice.
  15. I posted this format a couple of months ago and I still like it. Each Wartribe grand general has a cart containing an artifact. Let's assume there are 7 wartribes. The carts act as pets and move at the pace of 100% runspeed (so a normal human out of combat with no buffs). Each artifact gives a buff to every member of its owner's faction within 100m. The goal is to assemble all 7 artifact carts in the same place under the control of the same faction. The carts do not log out when their owners do - they drop owner tags at that point. If their owner dies, they drop their owner tag. If the owner moves more than 100m from the cart, it drops owner tags. So one day faction/guild A gains control of a cart. It follows one of their members around until he dies or logs off or gets too far from it at which point someone else has to pick it up. Or they park it in their keep / fort (with no owner tag). Or they park it (with no owner tag) in a corner of the map where they hope no one will look. The CW ends when all 7 carts are together all under the control of the same faction (when one person has all 7 buffs, his faction wins). There is no indication on the world map or whatever as to who owns which cart. That's for scouts/spies to figure out. In order for the seasons to progress, I guess we need a set time limit, and whichever faction/guild has the most carts at the end of the CW wins if the CW isn't ended by a single faction gaining all 7 and bringing them together beforehand.
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