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  1. Switching from male nethari assassin to male human knight leave the knight with the nethari male cosmetics. Changing skin tone and hair color etc has no effect. The reticle for melee is now offset the same way it is for ranged. Please revert that. If I aim between two target dummies with my funky offset reticle, and I aim much closer to the one on the right, the one one the left gets hit instead unless I'm directly over the target on the right. Hitting ALT to go into cursor mode no longer works (I'm told it does if you spam it 30+ times) Running on stone or a path instead of grass makes it sound like you're running across a wooden stage, and the steps are not at all in time with the animation steps. I was expecting combat to feel smoother with input buffering. It does not. It feels more sluggish, especially on the assassin. LMB attacks with a bow (tested on knight, ranger, myrm) hit for normal dmg, and then hit a second time for 25-35. It shows two arrows firing from the bow per LMB. Arcane archer root has no animation and no arrow travel time. It needs to act like the ranger's suppress.
  2. You would have to release your biggest update in over a year the day before I go on vacation. I'll spend tonight digging up bugs, but I'll miss out on the next two weeks. The patch notes have a lot of great stuff in them. Should be a good playtest. Feedback: allowing everyone to DL the patch even though you're only allowing PA-1 and PA-2 in means that the DL is incredibly slow. You really need a beefier patch server. I'm using less than 5% of my pipe to DL and it's going to take 2 hours.
  3. Bloodworm drops appear to be governed exclusively by the presence of the survivalist discipline. I have been entirely unable to get them to drop without that discipline present, no matter what skills I have trained. I thought the blood skill in basic exploration would enable it, but nope. Training blood, bone, and the one after those that increases both of them... no effect. Is this intended?
  4. IP Routing - Network Engineer help

    Do you use the same AV / software firewall on all 3? Do they share a modem (or router - cable and dsl modems get called routers all the time)? Does that modem/router have a firewall or do packet shaping? If you already ran a ping to the AWS server with very low packet loss, then chances are it's not a carrier issue, but yeah, run the long ping tests just in case.
  5. IP Routing - Network Engineer help

    Your tracert looks fine, and your RTTs are quite respectable. I get about the same from Western Canada. Your issues with disconnects are unlikely to be carrier related, frankly. I'd be more inclined to blame something on your machine for the disconnects. Either software interfering (AV software and software firewalls are the most frequent culprits), or possibly (though quite unlikely, given that you said it's only CF you're having issues with) a flaky ethernet port. Your modem could also be to blame, especially if it has a firewall built in. Run a "ping -t" for an hour and see what you get in terms of packet loss. Anything under 2% should be fine. If you do get more than that, run "ping -t" (your provider's far edge) and see if the rate differs there. If you get a high rate of packet loss to, that's something you can take to your ISP and complain about. At that point they'll want to check your modem and the first upstream router (the CO), most likely. I suspect the ping dumps will rule out network issues, and would suggest you look carefully at software on your PC or a firewall on your modem. Good luck!
  6. Bug: When I login to the CW, my brightness seems to be about 50%. When I go into Settings, it fixes itself. Video evidence here.
  7. My knight hits too hard with a bow when he equips a bow discipline. It's too easy to hit from range (anywhere near the target will do), and the dmg at range is more than anything I can do in melee range with my knight's normal powers. I would like to see the raycast (spherecast?) shrunk so the reticle has to be very close to the target to hit. I would also like to see the range on non-ranger bows reduced. Arcane archer is far far too strong. An OOC move speed buff, a telegraph-less ranged AE root, and a massive dmg barrier on top of granting ranged attacks is too much. 5.3 is bowfall. Rangers & bowknights everywhere. If Myrm didn't suck donkey balls, we'd see bowmyrms everywhere too. The wood elf racial dodge needs a nerf, and dmg for non-rangers with bows needs a nerf. Edit: it'd also work just as well if you made sharpshooter and Arcane Archer ranger-only. Knights and Myrms (and assassins) who want bows can take master of bows. Gives them the ranged attack without making them into rangers (missing only rapid fire) in heavy armor.
  8. Bug: Once a boar has been hit to enable its aggro table, someone harvesting nearby (hitting a tree, rock, slag, or boar corpse) will pull aggro off the person actually attacking the boar. For some reason, you have dmg done to harvest targets set to contribute to boar aggression. General feedback: You need to do a balance pass. You completely screwed the pooch with Wood Elf ranger and it's making the game unenjoyable for anyone not playing a Wood Elf ranger. Additionally, there are absolutely clear winners and losers in the discipline choices (not just for Wood Elf rangers, this is a broader issue) - you should be able to clearly see which disciplines are favored and which are considered useless with just a cursory look at the data. I'm pretty much at the point where I'm having to take a break from testing the game because you've allowed balance to get so severely out of whack. And you've done so just as you invited thousands of new testers to try 5.3. It's like you're trying to shoot yourselves in the foot.
  9. Please give us some indication on the lobby screen as to which account we're logged in with.
  10. When you seige a fort there is no toast announcement when you place the bane tree. Messages only start once the tree of life is taking damage and by then it's too late to get to the keep to defend it.
  11. Hmm, some guilds were pretty pro-active, and already had a bunch of their members sign up. Does this bonus apply for backers that have already joined up before this announcement?
  12. This was the most informative stream in months (perhaps ever). Awesome stuff. Sounds like the armor changes will provoke a spirit bank wipe for 5.4 - is that correct?
  13. The new UI showing all the components looks nice. That'll be a welcome change. And I like that it drives the game loop a little by requiring us to hold forts and keeps to have access to advanced crafting stations. I just wish you'd take the next step with legit win conditions and sieges. As it stands, we'll spend 5 mins taking a keep, use the crafting stations, and abandon it to the next group that wants to use it. Still, baby steps, I guess?
  14. Much better than the the normal QA actually - instead of dodging our questions or answering them only tangentially, you gave us info about something we're interested in, in a bit more depth. Hope this becomes a trend.
  15. State of Melee In Crowfall

    The problem is real, but the proposed fixes are band-aids. The designers have to go through their classes and give them a budget to split between: overall dps/healing burst dps/healing range escapes movement speed melee CC ranged CC Area effect CC dmg mitigation etc. As long as they're willing to have highly mobile ranged DPS with ranged AE CC in a single class, the melee classes are screwed.