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  1. Ranger Crossslash power now ticks only twice. Refill timer on trade chests seems to have been changed from 10m to 60m without any notice I'm seeing really weird effects on the ground (and on corpses laying on the ground) - they pop up during combat and never go away.
  2. Pressing issues: The target being assigned on keypress (instead of release) for attacks like ranger bow LMBs needs a fix. Same thing applies to harvesting - weak spots light up and disappear when you mouse over them rather than when the tool hits. It just feels wrong. The getting stuck on changing zones is really irritating too. Sometimes it sticks on loading zone, sometimes on loading terrain. Either way, we have to kill the client and restart. And attack queuing is still noticeably broken. That's another one that needs a fix sooner rather than later. We take the old "tow truck" durability hit on every death now because we are forced to rez at a temple/statue instead of flying back to our body. No way to get major disciplines in 5.9
  3. I tested this with 5 accounts as follows: Acct 1: The crafter who had a problem earlier. Acct 2: logged in same computer as account 1. Owner of the EK Acct 3: logged in different computer Acct 4: logged in different computer Acct 5: logged in same computer as acct 1 Spun up the EK. Acct 1 could craft. Had acct 4 logout. Acct 1 could craft. Had acct 4 quit from lobby. Acct 1 could craft. Had acct 3 quit to desktop without logging out to lobby. Acct 1 could craft. Had acct 2 logout to lobby. Acct 1 could craft. Had acct 2 quit from lobby. Acct 1 could craft. Had account 5 quit to desktop without logging out to lobby. Acct 1 could craft. So while I have had the problem of a character being unable to use the crafting tables, I was unable to reproduce the problem by quitting alts from the EK or logging them out, either from the same computer or another one. I was able to fix my inability to craft by letting the EK spin down and restarting it 5 mins later. I have submitted my logs for the session and account that couldn't craft to support, and fancyhats is looking at them. EDIT: Aha! I didn't interact with a crafting table for about 10 mins, and now the character (acct 1 above) cannot interact with them any more once again. Edit 2: None of my characters can access any table in the EK after all tables have been idle for 10 mins.
  4. The XP changes didn't go far enough. Monsters should give XP for levels 1- (Rank x 4), then half XP for another (rank) levels Wartribes should give XP for levels 1- (Rank x5), then half XP for another (rank) levels Ancients and group/raid bosses should give XP to 30 (and more than 50 per kill). The XP penalties for using higher rarity vessels should be eliminated - it already costs a whole pile more XP to level them. Making XP awards end earlier for them is just annoying and adds nothing to gameplay.
  5. Warden Aero spin power doesn't proc off dagger spin. No stacking buff, or indeed any buff at all. When you capture an outpost, if you kill the guards, the capture wheel stops when your faction owns the outpost. It starts again if you're still there when the guards respawn.
  6. Capturing an outpost - if you kill the outpost guards the capture wheel stops when your faction takes control. It starts up again once the guards respawn as your faction. Ranger warden passive Aero Spin is not being triggered at all by dagger spin. No stacking buff. No buff at all.
  7. Just used Flare from molehunter. It sent me into a "loading zone" screen that persisted until I alt-F4'd a few mins later. When I reloaded the game, I was told my previous location wasn't valid, was teleported to a gate, and appeared dead. My cairn was under the stones at the gate. Video here. weakspots disappear when the lmb is pressed instead of when the harvesting tool hits the node. Same as channeled attack powers. For those of us who hold lmb to harvest, this means the weak spot disappears when we mouse over it, but the weak spot hit doesn't occur that swing, it occurs the following swing. Harvesters no longer turn to face the node they're harvesting The mob health bar is screwy. It's very slow to update. Also, mob health appears to be yoyoing like mad in this video. I got a chunk of slate out of a hunger shard. That's gotta be a bug
  8. Make the tool using a runemaker with the runecrafting techniques minor discipline equipped, using a polished soulstone. Hit resources of R6 or higher. The souls drop very rarely (about 1/3 as often as chaos embers), but they do drop on TEST in the current build. Arkade posted about his finds in the feedback thread, too, I think.
  9. They're in on the current 5.9 build on TEST.
  10. Charged attacks take their target when the key is pressed, not when it is released. So you can start on target, strafe behind a wall or rock, aim somewhere else release, and still hit your target. If you press the key while off-target, move to on-target, and release the key, you will miss. This happened a year or more ago, too. Repeat bug.
  11. @jtoddcoleman You guys really need to go back and look at your mission statement presented to us for the kickstarter. That's the game we backed. That's the game we want to play. If I wanted to PvE, I'd go back to WoW. They do it 10x better than you guys. What you do well is small group PvP. Build your game around PvP. Yes, we need stuff to do when not fighting each other, but that shouldn't be the focus of the game. Since the wipe at the start of 5.8.6 I have done no PvP. None. I've been grinding my crafting vessels to get ready to PvP. I've been grinding mats to make disposable gear to grind those crafting vessels. My entire guild has moved on because you deviated so far from your promises. The tattered remnant that remains can't compete because everything required to succeed in the game requires a large group of people and a willingness to suffer through a long period of doing chores before getting to the part of the game that's enjoyable. I've invested thousands of dollars in Crowfall, and three years of testing time, and I'm on the verge of walking away too.
  12. Combos feel bad in the new controller. On combos, you can't start the second (or third) move in the combo until after the animation for the previous move has finished, but the timer for the second (or third) combo starts the moment the first action's key is pressed. It results in us having a really short amount of time to hit the combo, especially since the game ignores keyboard input during the animation instead of queuing it. Knight block locks my character out of any other action for 30s. Can't do anything but move. No jumping, no powers of any kind. Gold is now worth less than it was in terms of xp. From 1-20 on a white vessel, 3g = ~1xp. From 21-30 it's 5g = ~1xp. I am scared to see what it's like for epic vessels. You're making it harder and harder for us to level, to get to the point where the game is fun. Why do you think we need to play a long term PvE grindfest to get to the PvP?
  13. Moved from starting area to temple. Appeared under the raised area, but was able to run out. Maps won't load. New lighting is pretty, but the world looks more cartoon-y as a result. There's still no way to turn off the custard tooltips. Spirit bank contents extend past the edge of the window: What is the new SPK thing in the performance window? Lag spikes? Over what time? I've had it go as high as 12 already. Barrier UI doesn't show over the portion of the health bar that isn't filled, so if your health bar is low enough you can't see your barrier: New movement engine doesn't appear to be in yet. Water wells cannot be looted. The F to loot interface comes up but hitting F does nothing. Terrain bug: chain pull doesn't pull properly. Mobs don't charge properly.
  14. My ranger is recovering energy at an incredibly slow rate. It takes 10 mins to fill the energy bar from empty (so essentially, I can't melee). It has been this way for several levels, through repeated log-offs, so it doesn't appear to be a temporary hitch. I have a video if needed.
  15. stop custard putting me in zone chat every time I change zones. You still can't place weak spots on animal corpses properly, I see. FFS, give us a way to turn off the custard tooltips wartribe mobs have no cooldowns on their power use. For example, Knight mobs can charge over and over with no cooldown. 5.8.6 is the first time I've gotten the "stuck on loading terrain" bug, though I know others got it a lot in earlier 5.8 builds. You're getting worse instead of better. The new player experience sucks. The harvesting/crafting grind is worse than ever.
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