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  1. I just had an enemy duelist outrun me whilst in stealth. I had trailmaster active and was using wood-elf teleport on cooldown. He said he was using his duelist tunnel teleport on cooldown. Stealthed duelists are stupidly fast. That's way faster than they are unstealthed, and that is totally broken.
  2. This is a feedback thread for the devs. Take your platitudes elsewhere. Having a personal rollback and a failure for the world to load in that fashion is new, and needed to be reported. The video showed my vertical position cycling like crazy at first, and while it was clear I was in game, I could not use any commands, and the loading splash screen remained onscreen.
  3. Server crashed while I was cooking brisket at Black Mire. Logged back in to this when the server came back up. Looks like I rolled back about 5 mins and spawned in an adventure zone. The world never loaded onscreen, but I was there for the mobs to kill. You can see the stupid "E to Recall" come up when I was dizzy downed multiple times, too.
  4. Logged in to Abattoir. Appeared at the top of a tree. Got moved to the ground. Got moved back to the top of the tree. Fell and died. Full video here:
  5. This is a significant change, and a positive one. The one thing that saddens me is that I'll no longer be able to train my human knight and my half-giant myrmidon on the same account with VIP. That's unfortunate. It's more than unfortunate, actually. It'd be really nice if we could train parallel trees (human and half-blood, chivalry and barbarian) at the same time, since there's no double-dipping involved. I understand the value in making it simple to understand ("one fighter-based tree only") but you're forcing odd pairings. Human Knight and Half-Giant Myrm were a perfect pairing even without any double dipping, and now they're forbidden. I can't start training half-giant until I'm done training human. And I can't start training Barbarian until I'm done Chivalry. My wife wanted a human cleric and a nethari confessor on her account. Can't have that any more either.
  6. There are a few very annoying bugs that have persisted through all the 5.5 builds. First, health is capped at 10K, which really sucks for tanks. Every time I'm healed above 10K I take instant dmg to reduce me back to 10K, even though my health cap is 11K (or 13K or 15K depending on buffs). Second, every time an assassin is stealthed anywhere near you, your sound turns to poorly made socks. It gets all echo-y and faint. The only way to fix it is to log to desktop. But there's really no point in that since as soon as you log back in, there's some silly assassin stealthed in the beachhead screwing your sound up again. Tripping over rocks still does significant falling dmg. Mob behaviour has been getting better every build, but they're still getting stuck absolutely everywhere. Just have them despawn when they're stuck for more than 10s.
  7. Putting Recall on retaliate in harvest stance was an incredibly poor decision. Every time someone gets dizzy downed they get prompted to hit E to recall instead of retaliate. Please reverse that decision ASAP.
  8. See that green loopy arrow in the menu on the left side? click it.
  9. Some (not all, about a third) of the spiders in the spider canyon are spawning about 30-50m above the ground and falling to their deaths. If you die, your corpse can be healed (by illuminate and group heals, at least), which then prevents rezzing. Cosmetic choices are not working when selecting a human vessel. You don't get hair or skin color.
  10. I'm saying they aren't valuable to ACE. They are a money sink.
  11. There is a value to having a dozen or so big market EKs for the people you're talking about. There remains no value in having 50000 personal EKs consuming server resources.
  12. Will the tech involved in this help out CWs in any way? Will it affect city building in shadows and dregs campaigns, for example? This is helpful in that I can combine all my accounts into a single EK and make them all nobles in it. But that said, I don't expect to use my EK for anything, since I have no interest in the economy outside the CW I'm participating in. If we can display trophies in the EK, that'd be kinda cool. Storage chests would also be useful. But outside trophies and storage, instanced housing has little appeal for me. It seems like EKs are going to be a significant burden on your server pool without actually bringing much gameplay benefit. There will be a few large market EKs, and guilds may set up guild EKs to display their trophies alongside their shops, but for the vast majority of us, it feels like EKs will be instanced housing that will strain the servers with no benefit.
  13. Pre-Alpha 5 Live! - Official Discussion Thread

    This is not a debate. I'm here simply to present my opinion to the devs.
  14. Pre-Alpha 5 Live! - Official Discussion Thread

    No, I will absolutely have VIP on my combat account, as I said in the message you quoted. Combat and exploration go hand in hand. The question is how valuable is VIP to my other accounts. For me it's never been an either-or. The skill system absolutely forces me into multiple accounts. The question is simply how many of my alts will be VIP, and for how long.
  15. Pre-Alpha 5 Live! - Official Discussion Thread

    The rumored change to VIP (secondary skill stream granted by VIP training at half the speed of the main stream) is supposed to make us more interdependent. For some reason, ACE feels that we're not already too interdependent. The ridiculously slow training rate already in place means that alts are going to be a thing. If I want to harvest wood and ore in the first year of the game, I need separate accounts to do so. Same for gravedigging, quarrying, skinning, farming, and all the crafting roles. Eventually, an account will finish one path and start down another. VIP (be it at 1.5x or 2x) will do so faster than a non-VIP account, but it will still take a very long time. The additional storage, imports, exports, and the sheer convenience of not having to run to the beachhead crypt to switch vessels means that alt accounts are all but necessary for many of us. The question is - is VIP worth having on top of the alt accounts? With the vertical double dipping (being able to train fighter and chivalry at the same time), you get a faster path through the race and class trees. You will end up in the same place as a non-VIP account, but for over a year, the VIP account has a stats and training advantage. That means that we need VIP on our combat accounts. It's certainly beneficial for crafting accounts (faster access to the stat gains in the race tree) but those are less important given the stat gains from levelling a vessel and using a higher quality vessel - you can max out the important stats for your crafter without some of the racial training. Solo harvesters will want the double dip benefits, too - guarded specialist harvester accounts may be fine without. As long as double dipping the race and class trees (fighter and chiv, man and human, etc) is allowed, VIP is worthwhile. Remove that, and that equation changes - if all you get is 30 days skill bank time instead of 3, and a greater choice of classes and races, the vast majority of accounts won't bother with the VIP subscription unless ACE adds other valuable incentives (skipping queues, etc). For me, the question isn't "which is better" (the answer is clearly alt accounts) - the question is "how many of my alt accounts need VIP?". I have 8 accounts and 120 months of VIP to spread between them. I'm not alone in this - I know dozens of players with at least that many accounts. With the current system, I will use a lot of alts at the start of the game, and as my characters advance enough to train extra skills, I will stop playing some of the alt accounts, using them to create tomes to apply skills faster to the remaining accounts. However, I will always have at least one combat main and one harvesting account, and likely one crafting account, and all three of those will have VIP for as long as I play the game.