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  1. Bugs: When you die, there's no grave pointer at all. When you take the ladder to the top of a tower you appear on the roof, no way down Died and spawned at beachhead even though my faction owned a fort much closer to where I died. Map is fully revealed when you first enter a zone. Overall impression: Huge improvement over 5.6 Seemed very stable. Had 80fps even at the keep/fort. Elk and wolf models are awesome (Elk in particular). New summer cat model is meh. New environment / lighting is nice. New sounds are great. Well done.
  2. ACE Q&A for July - Official Discussion Thread

    ACE have taken steps to make acquiring gear far easier: white mats on vendors, white mats in beachheads, white mats in EKs. They have dramatically reduced the cost of making gear, as well. And they have increased the rate at which we lose gear across the board with the durability hit on-use. They are taking us in the direction of "easy come easy go" for bottom end gear, which is what the player base has been asking for all along. It will keep crafters busy, and removes the gear barrier from PvP. That said, the durability hit on-use changes high end gear from "difficult to acquire, relatively easy to keep" to "difficult to acquire, easy go" - and that may be problematic. As things stand, I generally only replace my gear when my guild's crafters produce something that's a clear upgrade. It's very rare that I break an item between wipes. However, going forward, if I choose to wear my good PvP gear whilst farming NPCs in case I get jumped, I will now be punished for it in item loss. One way to partially alleviate that particular issue would be to give higher quality gear much more durability than white gear. Yes, durability can be experimented on right now, but it's only used as a filler when there are no more grade or sheen pips available. Durability hit on-use makes durability experimentation more attractive, but it will always be the least attractive option when making top end weapons. That extra point of dmg will always mean more than a few seconds more durability. If ACE dramatically increases the multiplier on durability pips, that will help make it more attractive in this new environment.
  3. Chat Updates - Official Discussion Thread

    Will I be able to turn off all chat windows? The thing I care most about with chat is the ability to get it off my screen entirely. Combat log will be nice (once it contains everything). Can the combat log be written to a text file for parsing?
  4. ACE Q&A for July - Official Discussion Thread

    In the video you mention that holding outposts will contribute points towards victory. Are you able to discuss win conditions with us yet? Will there be a rudimentary functional win condition in the 5.7 build (sounds like holding keeps, forts, outposts would generate points over time to the side holding them)? That'd be cool if forts were harder to capture, and if the keep capture required a siege on a timer. Even without that, as a proof of concept for win conditions, I'd welcome a points system at this stage. Victory would still be mostly meaningless, but less meaningless than the current useless slider.
  5. Two questions: 1. Will I be able to take my KS castles and just drop them down in a default layout with a single click (or simple series of clicks)? 2. Will I be able to let someone else build my castles on my parcel using my deeds without giving them away? It doesn't appear that I can do that in the current vassal system. I have no desire whatsoever to spend hours on end building castles in my EK. I have them, so I may as well place them, but 3D virtual jigsaw puzzles are not my idea of fun.
  6. Please keep in mind that we didn't sign up for a farming simulator. Food consumption is already ridiculously fast. Spending 500+ clicks to make a day's worth of brisket is not fun. Constantly farming animals for meat and trees for apples is not fun. In a throne war, the farming should be done by NPC peasant thralls, not by the heroes of the story. Let us fight over forts that have peasants out in the fields gathering harvest - while we own the fort, we have food coming in. That leads nicely into your idea of burning the other side's fields to prevent that food generation.
  7. Generating Worlds - Official Discussion Thread

    Also, why are all the maps laid out with crap resources along the edges and good resources in the center? It reduces the value of exploration if we already know there's nothing valuable on the outer edges of a map. In guild v guild worlds in particular, building your city next to a particularly valuable resource is a good thing. If, in every single map, that means trying to control the center and ignoring everything else, that takes away a lot of potentially interesting decisions.
  8. Generating Worlds - Official Discussion Thread

    Followup question: In the stream they said they have the tech to put different rank dioramas on a parcel but they don't do that. Why not? Why should every resource in an area be the same rank? Why can't high rank granite sit next to low rank iron? You've already got rules in to prevent iron spawning next to copper, so it would be diverse resources that are different.
  9. Current patch broken: Everyone I've spoken with is getting this error:
  10. Cannot download a gifted copy of the game

    Cutting and pasting from the last time I answered this question: Gifted packs lack the playtest entitlement - it needs to be manually added. Email support@crowfall.com and give them the username. They'll give you the correct entitlement for the gifted account.
  11. Master of Swords can be equipped by rangers. Rangers have short swords. Equipping two short swords and trying to use a power from master of swords yields a warning "must have a sword equipped." Please define ranger short swords as actual swords.
  12. Pre-Alpha 5 Live! - Official Discussion Thread

    Best stream in a long time, due to the info provided. Can't wait for 5.7 Edit to add: I am concerned about the bereavement map having 4 zones - 3 beachhead zones and the main zone. Beachheads are probably a good idea for faction play, but entire safe zones sound like a bad idea. I'm hoping you're going with safe beachheads in lowbie zones, plus a main zone that has the forts and keeps and higher level resources.
  13. Many times I log in with no Spring buff and have to relog to get it. Frustrating. Much more frustrating is the rate at which I go through food in combat. In a single keep siege, I can go through an entire stack of brisket. It's ridiculous. I shouldn't have to stop to eat whilst in combat. It's not fun.
  14. My medium castle pack comes with a rank 2 city parcel. The rank 2 city parcel doesn't have enough tokens to place the castle parts that come with it. I ended up just deleting all the deeds to get them out of my spirit bank.
  15. I am frequently logging into the CW (Mourning East, if it matters) to find my power bars and passives completely reset to default. It's not happening every time, but is happening about half the time. Also, the game just about grinds to a halt when you get 25+ people fighting over a fort with 90 people on the server. 6s lag is unplayable. Hell 2s lag is unplayable, but we had 6. Edit to add: There's something wrong with my food consumption. I show subsistence 0, metabolism 25%, which I believe is normal. But earlier today, I was losing a full chicken ticker a minute whilst crafting, and I'm going through chicken tickers faster than normal just standing around too. I'm in a crafted vessel.