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  1. Bringing Hunger Dome back pretty much saves Crowfall for me. It is where I will spend the vast majority of my playtime, because small group PvP is where Crowfall shines, and hunger dome back in the day (even before class/race split) was the most fun I've ever had in Crowfall. Although I'll be spending most of my time in Hunger Dome, I will also have to level my HD characters in the campaign, and get their disciplines and vessels there. That means I will be playing more campaigns than I would have (because I would have played none - I was walking away from CF after my 4th guild quit the
  2. Top 5 likes and why (be brief please) about 6.400 on TEST (things you feel we're doing great on for TEST only). New infected layout is nice and should help with crowding at release. However, the NPE takes place entirely in GR so lvls 1-18 in infected seem a bit of a waste. Vessel upgrades have potential, though white green and blue are going to be throwaway vessels - no one's going to bother with additives and trying to max vessels until epic or legendary. Not having to go through the NPE for each new vessel is nice. New lobby is probably an improvement, once I get used to
  3. The RNG nature of gear drops is annoying in an environment where replacing that gear requires a lot of time for harvesting the mats and crafting the items (most likely time from another player, unless you happen to have all the crafters handy yourself). As many other people have said, this isn't easy come easy go. It's just easy go. Good gear remains hard to come by and very time consuming to acquire. If you're going to have equipped gear potentially drop on death, replacing it has to be as easy as losing it. The responses to the protection for harvested mats makes me laugh out lou
  4. Brutal Slam minor disc isn't available on the free disc vendor on test Character sheet still shows resist all next to Dex - should show Physical Resist. When I created my myrm, it had no cosmetic options: Can't launch my EK on test. Nothing happens when I hit the load button. Edit: After trying and failing, then logging into GR, then going back and trying again, it launched. And most importantly: You STILL didn't feed bleeds. Bleeds don't stack or overwrite. Any bleed applied when there's already a bleed on the target is ignored. That is total BS. I have been post
  5. Mitigation tanks are deeply flawed in Crowfall. Among tanks, only sustain-style tanks are viable. I don't even slot block on my knights any more because giving up all my offense and all my stamina in order to reduce incoming damage is a fool's proposition 99% of the time. In the early days of hunger dome, knight block reduced incoming dmg by 90% and you could hold it for 40s on a full stam bar. You had no offense, could take no other actions, and moved very slowly. But at least it preserved you in an emergency situation. Today's block reduces incoming dmg by ~50%. It costs 100% of your offen
  6. It'll be a full wipe. Blair has said he wants to see 6.400 without any artificially created shortcuts ( he said so in some gamer's twitch stream after the Q&A). But they won't announce a full wipe because that will harm population levels even more than staying silent will. Accept the full wipe. Use up the resources you have to just enjoy the new campaign. Don't waste time harvesting stuff or farming gold. PvP without fear of having to replace your gear. That said, ACE - there's not much to do in Crowfall. Sieges are a couple of hours a night, forts are an hour each (but onl
  7. With the wipe slated for 6.4 at the end of the current campaign (assuming nothing delays it), there is no point in harvesting or crafting to improve our vessels (our characters). You would think that would let guilds focus on the campaign, spending all their hoarded resources to battle it out for fun and glory. And yet a large portion of the player base is instead choosing to walk away until either 6.4 or release (or indefinitely). So far I've seen that DIS, KDS, and BAP are all leaving. There are probably others - I don't pay attention to most of the forums and I'm not in any communit
  8. We finally get a slightly longer campaign - at the same time half the testers are walking away because of the announced wipe following a massive progression grind after the most recent wipe. I hope the takeaway ACE gets from this isn't that longer campaigns are unpopular (I'd like to try some 3+ month campaigns so people can become attached to their stuff in-campaign). Wiping would be no big deal if the progression system were fun and engaging. The fact that so many people are walking away over this should make it clear to ACE that the progression system is neither fun nor engaging.
  9. I empathize. I've been playing since the greybox days of hunger dome, and my interest is currently at a low ebb. The lack of tester retention suggests that they won't be able to get the VIP subscriptions they'll need to survive more than a few months past the launch. From a personal perspective, the massive gold grind required to progress is very frustrating. I didn't sign up to farm wartribes for dozens of hours to equip disciplines. The vast majority of the people I started playing Crowfall with have long since left with no plans to try it at release to see if it's improved enough
  10. When moving with pursuit power active, jumping causes the character dramatically slow down while in the air, and resume pursuit speed afterwards. It looks and feels really awkward. Doober effects are still stacking. It's been 6 months. Just remove the visual effects from doobers until you can fix the issue. It causes crippling framerate issues and forces frequent client restarts. Getting up into tower outposts the ladders work well. But you can't interact with the top of the ladder to get back down, and inevitably have to take fall damage. Master of Swords' Iron Skin power
  11. The biggest lack in Crowfall is content. The idea that we'd all be running around solo or in small groups bumping into each other during the normal course of our daily activities and organically creating PvP was a pipe dream at best. Caravan spawn points could have been PvP hotspots. And maybe for a very short time they were. But they were quickly overcome by forts, which provided way more resources for much less effort. Nerfing forts may help Caravans become more meaningful. I would very much like to see mining spots like we did in the early big world days that drew PvP. At X l
  12. For the past 5 years, knight has been ACE's whipping boy. It lacks the sustain and damage to compete with the other melee classes. Mitigation doesn't win fights. Templar is an unwinnable fight for a knight. Pitfighter is unbeatable. Myrms have to be pretty awful for a knight to stand a chance. The ranged classes mop us up pretty well, too. Maybe I've just become a poor knight. Knights, show me your videos of you beating these classes 1v1 in 6.2 or 6.3. I want to see you beating a templar or a pitfighter, or a marginally competent myrm or brigand - teach me your ways. Pla
  13. Top 5 likes and why (be brief please) about 6.300 on TEST (things you feel we're doing great on for TEST only). You fixed Hellraiser's Needlin' Haystack so it's not an OP mess. Making valorous strike a combo with a lifesteal as an option helps swordsman The rest of my feedback for 6.3 is negative. No class balance, way too much grind. Top 5 Dislikes and why (be brief please) about 6.200 on LIVE (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? Bleeds. The first bleed applied runs it
  14. Bleeds are a problem. Here's how they work right now: The first bleed applied to a target runs its course on that target. All subsequent bleeds are ignored until that first bleed debuff expires. As a result, obliterate, which accounts for a lot of my damage output in group fights as a swordsman knight, doesn't get applied in most group fights because a lesser bleed is already on the target. There are two possible fixes: 1. Larger bleeds should overwrite smaller bleeds. Small bleeds should not overwrite larger bleeds. 2. Bleeds stack. I prefer option 1, myself.
  15. The removal of cutting grit from slag (yay, well done, good decision) means that slag and cobblestone are now effectively useless. Should we expect to see them removed from the maps so there are fewer garbage harvesting nodes impacting server performance? Knotwood trees provide bandages and apples, so they pretty much need to stay, but slag and cobblestone have no value. The gold grind for discipline upgrades seems... steep to me. It doesn't feel like a gold sink, it feels like a grind. Gold sinks should use up my surplus gold, not be the focus of my in-game activity. For those of
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