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  1. It sounds like you're replacing the embargo for end-of-the-cw exports with the spirit bank (which was originally listed as a stop-gap temporary fill in for the embargo). That is... disappointing. At the very least, you need to make Spirit banks only accessible from inside a stronghold, or withdraw-only outside a stronghold. Also, where are crafters expected to store their materials for factory runs? Local bank is tiny. Guild banks aren't mentioned here - they're going to be absolutely crucial. A detailed log system for deposits and withdrawals, like WoW's guild banks have, is pretty much a necessity.
  2. Who cares about slag/cobblestone/knotwood? Laborer is there to smooth the entry level problems for the economy. If it is removed, it could be over a year before a harvester gets 3 pips in all forms of ore harvesting, for example. Laborer providing plentiful 3 to all advanced harvesting allows the economy to be kickstarted with enough materials coming in to make the system work. Without it, there will be problems. @thomasblair can you confirm whether or not laborer is sticking around, please?
  3. It appears that these new harvesting disciplines will replace Laborer. If that is the case, it feels like a step backward: Instead of having one discipline that gives 3 plentiful pips to all harvesting activities, depending on which passive is equipped, we'll have individual major disciplines that give +1 plentiful pips to a specific harvesting type. That means more forced specialization, and will increase the need for trained harvesters. It also means that an individual harvester is going to absolutely suck at harvesting most stuff for the first couple of years, and will suck only a little less at his/her chosen specialty for the first year or more. If Laborer is sticking around, then ignore these concerns - it won't be an issue.
  4. Beta 9 access?

    About 5 mins before soft-launch, most likely. We're still in pre-alpha, but the following backer levels have access: Pre-alpha1 Pre-alpha2 alpha1 alpha2 alpha3 The following were added because of a promise made during the kickstarter: beta1 beta2 The following levels do not yet have access and may not until actual beta testing starts: beta3,4,5,6,7,8, and 9.
  5. There are maybe a handful of knights in the game who hit that hard. I have 100% training in knight, lots of combat training, and epic gear. And I'm hitting targets with 0 physical resists because they're running around in leather. On top of that, I'm blocking beforehand on some of those to gain the dmg multiplier on my next attack. If a typical knight were to hit me (I have 45% physical resists in all 4 slots) with a chain pull they'd be lucky to hit for 300.
  6. Thank you. Had this been expressed in the livestream, I wouldn't have been so frustrated. It sounded like you guys weren't aware of the problem from what you said in the stream. In my most recent state of the knight post, I made it clear that I'm mostly happy with how the knight performs when fully trained. Chain pull is the difference between winning and losing in many fights vs ranged characters, though, which is why we harp on it so much.
  7. State of the Knight 5.2.10 (Oct 2017)

    The change to the cost and dmg on the Knight KD/Bleed combos and to the stun combo made a big difference to my fully trained knight. Now, I generally only run out of stamina when I have to block attacks when I get focused. I am using a 0 PCM weapon, and have 3 PCM nodes trained. I expect when 5.3 hits, PCM will once again be problematic for the first 6 months, but at least with the current numbers, there's light at the end of the training and crafting tunnel. Knight dmg feels good - on my fully trained knight with an epic weapon made by our maxed-out guild blacksmith. I can really do a number on squishy classes wearing leather armor if I can keep them in melee range. The biggest problem the knight has is that all the ranged classes are more mobile than the knight, and our gap closers are on a longer cooldown than the ranged classes' dodge cooldowns, and most particularly, that Chain Pull doesn't work. It hits, and 90% of the time in 5.2.10 it doesn't pull the target at all. 10% of the time it pulls them partway but immediately rubberbands them back to their starting position. Comparing Knight to Myrmidon, Champion, and Templar in turn: Myrm hits harder than knight, has the same problem on net pull that the knight has on chain pull, and requires the character to spend too much time managing the berserk state and mitigating the crash. Myrm and Knight feel roughly analogous to me in terms of effectiveness. Champion has incredible survivability from ultimate warrior heals (edit and especially third wind), and has 3 ways to become invulnerable (C, UW1, UW2), making him tankier than the tank classes at the moment. He does good dps - more than myrm and knight. Negatives are that his attacks feel clunky and he has recently gotten a bug with UW that prevents him from attacking when he triggers it. Templar - amazing area control. The "parry any nearby attack and combo it into an AE knockdown that hit harder than any knight power" ability is ridiculously overpowered. Templar damage is better than knight and myrm, and templar survivability is the best in the game bar none. Templar has two bugs right now, both of which work it its favor: execute sometimes hits twice instead of once, and sometimes the templar goes into permanent parry mode, parrying every attack, and offering the AE KD/dmg after each. Templar is far and away the stronger class at the moment, and I feel the parry/knockdown is the biggest issue with that. All that said, if Knight's chain pull worked as intended, I would be happy playing the knight as my main going forward. I would really like to see the "dodge pip removal" power worked into chain pull rather than being a separate power (it does jack for dmg, requires you to block or 3LMB before becoming available, and takes a really precious power bar slot, so it's incredibly hard to justify slotting at present). So Knight is in a better place than it was in June. I'll post another update when 5.3 hits live and the devs have had a chance to patch any problems it introduces.
  8. How can Blair and Halash still not be aware that Chain Pull is broken and desperately in need of a fix? It's class-breaking. And it's been this way for months. And we've told them about it repeatedly, including on a previous livestream where they looked confused about it. I've submitted over a dozen videos showing the problem over the past few months. And Blair supposedly plays knight. What kickstarter backer level lets me fly to Austin and have a come to Jesus meeting with the designers?
  9. No, you weren't. I popped you out of stealth, dizzy downed you, knocked you down, and then unloaded damage on you. The only CC power I used was the knockdown. If you were CC'd beyond that, it wasn't my doing. Here's the video. Maybe ACE can find a bug in it.
  10. You said you were focusing on movement bugs with this weekend's build. In addition to the well-known person trap North of Bastion's Hollow, I found two more movement / world issues. See this video for details. At one point I got teleported 2300m away and back, and in the other, it's a repeat of the movement problems you get when the fort parcel merges with another.
  11. If Chaos claimed a fort, why did the needle move toward order? Still feels like there's something wonky in there. Thanks for the extra info.
  12. All current playtests are on the LIVE environment, not the TEST environment. Download the LIVE client from the download page.
  13. Logged in 2.5 hours before 5.2.10 was scheduled to end. Order owned 5/6 forts and 3/3 keeps. In 2 hours I solo capped all 6 forts and all 3 keeps. Would have been a little faster, but there was some initial resistance to overcome. In the end, balance owned everything, but the slider was just off-center towards order. That looks like a bug to me. You can see it's off-kilter in this image, when we owned everything: Edit: Also, it doesn't appear that there's a toast message when a bane tree is planted - only when the siege is activated.
  14. Forum Issues

    My Investors access is gone on this account along with my Development Partners forum access on my ruby accounts. This account sees the development partners forum but cannot access it.
  15. The hilly parcel edges outside forts (particularly Bastion's Hollow, but all of them) are still causing significant problems when trying to move across them. Jittery movement, getting stuck for up to 30s, falling into the map, all present still. It is still possible to solo capture a fort. It just takes hanging around for 15 mins in the middle of the night (or day, really - almost no one comes to investigate when I take a fort because there's rarely more than 10 people on, and they tend to be newbies who aren't venturing out of their beachheads yet. Also because owning a fort is almost meaningless unless the CW is about to end). Fort walls are still paper thin, and not at all worth building. I can knock a wall segment down in under 10s solo on my confessor. EDIT: With the 9/29 build fort walls are much sturdier. They can still be creamed by some attacks, but are much sturdier vs others. Rangers, Druids and duelists can all teleport through walls. I understand this is intended for rats, but it's not for the others. Templars are double-hitting on their executes. Templars are still able to parry any attack that comes anywhere near them and translate that into an AE knockdown. You need to either fix the parry so it only parries what the tooltip says, or nerf the hell out of the knockdown damage, or give the parry / knockdown an internal cooldown. It's ridiculous that a templar can spam knockdowns that do 1000+ dmg at will. When you kill someone in the throne room of a fort, their corpse teleports to the roof of the building (or falls through the floor to the ground, can't tell which). Either way, it's unlootable. When you use a ground effect power (druid orbs, ground target heals, confessor firewall, etc) in a building with a raised floor like the throneroom of a fort, the game calculates the angle to the actual ground underneath the floor, and places the effect above that spot instead of where you aimed it on the floor, and so the ground effect stuff is well off-target. See 2:48 of this video for an example. Druid root takes effect even through a knight's block. This is broken. Most of the powers from disciplines still have no animation (druid root, for example, from master of staves). Standard Bearer rallying banner doesn't drop a banner or provide any indication of where it is (to friend or foe).