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  1. Many of the disciplines are junk. Some of the domain assignments to classes are weird and unhelpful. Many of the disciplines in a domain that are available to a class don't apply well to that class at all. All three knight promotions get access to Justice. In 20 hours of building and testing knight characters I haven't found a single worthwhile build in any of the knight promotion classes that makes use of Justice. I have a secutor build with no domain that's better than what I can get if I go Justice. Domains prevent us from taking interesting combinations in many cases. It's not
  2. Great work @Tinnis - really appreciate it. Was starting my own crummy version when someone linked this for me.
  3. The requirement to be able to equip siege engineer is "siege engineer" The Juggernaut Knight talent adds 1 resist all per stack. So at max stacks, it increases mitigations by 0.05%. I assume it should be 100 per stack for up to 5% mitigation. Valorous strike execute dmg is inconsistent on low health target dummies. I hit a low health dummy for 130, 299, 471, and 235 dmg with the same attack using the same weapon (471 was due to mighty surge). Increased bleed dmg from Exsanguinate does not stack with increased bleed dmg from tenderizer. Actually, tenderizer does not increa
  4. Bug report from the siege last night. I died at a bane tree, spawned at the tree of life in the keep, never had my own body render on-screen after rezzing, got teleported out to where I died for no reason that I can determine, and got killed again as a result.
  5. Lack of population has been an ongoing problem for Crowfall, and the designers need to take some time to work out why that is and what they can do to fix it. There are tens of thousands of people with access to the beta right now. Yet under 1% of them are playing at peak times. I've heard all the excuses about how people who've paid for early access don't actually want to test an unfinished game, how an upcoming wipe is causing people to not want to play, etc. Wait, let's unpack that last one a bit. People don't want to participate because there's a chance their work will be wiped aw
  6. Motherlodes: As you get more training, your motherlode dmg decreases instead of increasing: The cap is positive, but you get larger negative values with training. There's still something else wrong with motherlode armor compared to previous patches, but this is a start.
  7. You moved +heartwood, +minerals and +blood to Villein from Connoisseur. But the "Unexpected Value" power in Villein can't be used, because Villein doesn't grant harvesting pips.
  8. chain pull and net pull drop the target nearby on a snap-to-grid system Monsters spawn and snap to a nearby spot on the grid my character faces (and sometimes limbs) don't render with textures on my screen (they appear as black cutouts with eyeholes) When I approach mobs they will often use their gap closers to run away (even melee mobs) sound effects on harvesting don't match swings.. the hit noise is almost a second late. when I dismount on a portal platform, I sometimes sink to my knees in the platform.
  9. Great comments McTan. Well thought out and they'd all help tremendously.
  10. You can get a foreman discipline by harvesting soul gems (you need the training to do so) from R1+ ore nodes (not including slag). Then you need a jewelcrafter to polish those. Then a rune crafter incorporates the polished soul gems into tools capable of harvesting foreman. To do so, you need to harvest R6+ stone nodes or animal nodes with a soul-enabled runetool. Once you have the soul, you need a runecrafter, and 4000g plus two blood plus two soul essence and three stone to craft the final discipline you can equip.
  11. Durenthal

    New to Knight

    Swordsman gets a nice crit boost from noble blood. Crit dmg in the build becomes more important than crit chance, because you can give yourself that extra 25% crit chance pretty regularly. Both paths that you've looked at are viable. I prefer the more consistent gains from STR to the occasional increase in burst from DEX because that burst doesn't happen instantly on demand. Second major is pretty open, as you suggest. When Knife Grinder was available to knights, it was the clear best choice for DPS increase and on-demand burst. With it gone, there are half a dozen viable alterna
  12. New Player Experience and God's Reach feedback: It's a good thing that most of the quests are "run over there and talk to X" because you're absolute crap at provisioning your server for "kill N of these" or "loot one of these." The killing, looting, and waiting for pack pigs to spawn elements of the new player experience are bottlenecks. You need way more critters dropping the quest discipline rune. You need pack pigs in the questline to respawn the instant someone claims one. The quest motherlodes need to respawn instantly. If the bottlenecks are this bad with less than 100 people
  13. Bow damage is still broken. My 6dmg bow and my 48 dmg bow do the same damage, and double shots isn't boosting the dmg. First 3 shots are with the 6dmg starter bow. Next 3 are with my 48 dmg crafted bow. Same quiver used for both sets.
  14. Nonsense. At no point did you have nearly that much uncontested time. You do realize there are videos of the siege, right? Also, your treb operators were spreading their damage across three segments of the wall (the tower with our ballista on it, and the two segments west of it). Regardless of any of that, to bring down a R10 keep, you need a lot more than 4 concurrent trebs. The keeps are designed for end-game content when full sized guilds attack other full sized guilds. You need to make a significant investment in siege hardware in order to counter the significant investment the
  15. The constant howling of wolves can be heard throughout the starter temple, and its especially loud in the bank. Please turn down the range on those noises.. there is no reason we should be able to hear wolves that far away in the temple. The Gods Reach zones are... utter crap for leveling. Why on earth do you have so much empty space in starter zones? There's not nearly enough mob density to support 50 testers. 3000 (hell 500) in there at beta launch will be an absolute disaster. Fix it before beta please. Balance pass. Please. Soon. All the classes are in. Beta is around
  16. Fix the bottleneck on green+ minor disciplines. They're stupidly rare, and they're holding back progressing to crafted vessels. Fix the ranged vs melee disparity. It'd be an interesting experiment to remove all snares/roots from ranged powers. Change wartribe loot drops to be common quality only. Stop trying to make wartribe gear potentially viable vs endgame crafted gear. Make it good starter gear and leave it at that. The idea should be to let players get started without needing to have everything crafted. The time and effort required to craft gear even at white levels shou
  17. New Player Experience ends when the sentinel tells you to take the gate to the ruins of bloodmire or some such. You don't get a quest for that, and there's no such place on the map. I assume that's the end of part1 of the NPE and all that's in the current test. The NPE is less awful than I expected it to be, honestly. When there are hundreds of players doing it at launch, there will be absolutely no wolves, elk, or wartribe dudes to kill though - that will get frustrating fast.
  18. Thoughts and questions on where CF is and where it's heading. - If you have more factions/alliances/guilds than there are available strongholds, you need to make not having a stronghold viable. Similarly you'll still need to make holding a stronghold worthwhile. It's a fine line to walk. - If you announce caravan spawns and who's picking up what and where, yes, you'll drive PvP. But it'll be large group PvP over what we'd normally consider small group PvP objectives. Announcing the spawn without a location may work better. - If you put 2000 players on the current CW maps th
  19. Harvesting Discipline souls are too hard to come by. Why are there no white ones (foreman, villein, lookout, hoarder, connoisseur) on the vendor? If you had white ones on the vendor, the current rarity for blue ones would be acceptable. If you don't want white ones on the vendor you need to increase the drop rate by a factor of at least 5. When can we expect to see a balance pass? Before you let in the unwashed masses, one hopes.
  20. Whatever's in the 9th power slot for humans still disappears every time you enter a zone. The new image for rapiers (in inventory) is godawful. Those are sabers. Rapiers have straight blades by definition. My power bar UI has frozen again. Can't tell when cooldowns are done. Have video of it starting this time. The power bar UI going bad: https://youtu.be/41mV4go8t6Y If you kill an urgu ranger while its channeling barrage the graphics for barrage never go away. I just chain pulled an embarri from 20' ahead of me to 50' behind me. Seems pretty consistent but only on them: h
  21. So we have campaign cards for each season generating divine favor points. And we have conquest (holding outposts and strongholds and killing people and crafting I guess) generating another set of points, but nowhere do I see a combined score to see who's actually beating whom. I can't even tell how heavily conquest is weighed against divine favor. Which matters more? I also don't know how my guild (or any other guild) got the favor points they got. The system is a black box, and that's poor game design. I have had to retire my melee accounts for 5.110, and that's really annoy
  22. Holy cr4p the 0 imports thing is awesome fun. small group combat in starter gear at the wartribe encampments was really enjoyable. At one point our group of 5 ran into BSF fighting Horizons and joined in. Then Caldera joined in and 30s later Vanguard rolled in. I really dislike the 5.110 meta and balance issues, but the game can be so much fun at times. This patch has introduced a pile of disconnect bugs. And I agree that mobile banking should just be removed.
  23. World layout - feels bad. There are no real clusters of resources to harvest, and resources seem pretty thin on the ground. The caravan start placements need better UI. Some are literally a stone's throw from a caravanserai. And there doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to their placement. Stone pigs hanging around on open plains or in the woods, for example. There's too much wasted space. As I've said before, that would be ok if we were expected to fill that space with player built strongholds. But you're pre-placing strongholds so that empty space is just a waste. You've made some
  24. I'm disappointed in the siege mechanic - buying a plague seed and dropping it to start a siege window makes a lot more sense than every stronghold in the game becoming vulnerable at the same time every night. There's nothing to do during the day except flip outposts (already revealed as counterproductive in the current environment) and escorting/intercepting caravans. I'm disappointed in the caravan escort mechanics I'm disappointed in the lack of free building. If there's no free building, why is the landscape so empty? Having it empty to provide space for city building makes
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