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  1. Harvesting Discipline souls are too hard to come by. Why are there no white ones (foreman, villein, lookout, hoarder, connoisseur) on the vendor? If you had white ones on the vendor, the current rarity for blue ones would be acceptable. If you don't want white ones on the vendor you need to increase the drop rate by a factor of at least 5. When can we expect to see a balance pass? Before you let in the unwashed masses, one hopes.
  2. Whatever's in the 9th power slot for humans still disappears every time you enter a zone. The new image for rapiers (in inventory) is godawful. Those are sabers. Rapiers have straight blades by definition. My power bar UI has frozen again. Can't tell when cooldowns are done. Have video of it starting this time. The power bar UI going bad: https://youtu.be/41mV4go8t6Y If you kill an urgu ranger while its channeling barrage the graphics for barrage never go away. I just chain pulled an embarri from 20' ahead of me to 50' behind me. Seems pretty consistent but only on them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fF-1NONJ89M Hunger-form animals aren't aggressive if their normal forms aren't. Hunger form animals aren't despawning in the day Hunger form animals respawn as hunger form when you kill them (at least these 3 aurochs in Danilo (sp?) zone) The Reaping Basics node in the reaping tree grants a stat called "stat name"
  3. So we have campaign cards for each season generating divine favor points. And we have conquest (holding outposts and strongholds and killing people and crafting I guess) generating another set of points, but nowhere do I see a combined score to see who's actually beating whom. I can't even tell how heavily conquest is weighed against divine favor. Which matters more? I also don't know how my guild (or any other guild) got the favor points they got. The system is a black box, and that's poor game design. I have had to retire my melee accounts for 5.110, and that's really annoying. But the meta is incredibly range-heavy in 5.110 due to your inability to implement balance fixes. I'm a good knight. I'm a crappy confessor. But I get far more kills and assists on my confessor than I do on my knight, and the confessor is able to influence fights a lot more. Balance was poor in 5.100. In 5.110 the frostweaver has upset the balance applecart entirely. It's dregs. Beta is right around the corner. And yet I cannot tell my guild to give Crowfall another try because if they do, they will walk away forever. PvP is an unbalanced mess riddled with problems, and it's frustrating as hell because with a good balance pass it could be awesome. I can see the potential. What I haven't seen is any indication that you can get us from here to there.
  4. Holy cr4p the 0 imports thing is awesome fun. small group combat in starter gear at the wartribe encampments was really enjoyable. At one point our group of 5 ran into BSF fighting Horizons and joined in. Then Caldera joined in and 30s later Vanguard rolled in. I really dislike the 5.110 meta and balance issues, but the game can be so much fun at times. This patch has introduced a pile of disconnect bugs. And I agree that mobile banking should just be removed.
  5. World layout - feels bad. There are no real clusters of resources to harvest, and resources seem pretty thin on the ground. The caravan start placements need better UI. Some are literally a stone's throw from a caravanserai. And there doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to their placement. Stone pigs hanging around on open plains or in the woods, for example. There's too much wasted space. As I've said before, that would be ok if we were expected to fill that space with player built strongholds. But you're pre-placing strongholds so that empty space is just a waste. You've made some of the outposts freaking huge to fill up space, but it just looks like you're making them freaking huge to take up space. There's probably a fine line between "too much space" and "I can't squeeze past these damned wartribe camps to get where I want to go without fighting 20 things" but you're not near that line yet. Stronghold building seems pretty cool. Your sentinels don't appeal though. And fort walls need to be sturdy enough to require siege engines to drop. Beating on a wall with melee weapons for 2 mins should not be a viable way to siege a fort. Guards are much improved, but the UI is a little wonky. Confessor guards are worth 5 of any other kind with their constant knock-ups. Siege timers are a terrible idea. They're ok on test for testing purposes in short CWs but sieging should be a big deal, and needs to happen the way they did in Shadowbane, or something similar. The mobile bank thing is pretty terrible. It's almost like having the spirit bank back. It's pretty much a required building because it's so strong. 2H of being able to drop a bank after every resource node harvested is crazy strong. And it will deeply underscore and perpetuate the power imbalance between guilds with a stronghold and those without - the only people you'll be able to gank for loot are those who are already without a stronghold. The campaign cards are a good idea, but they're poorly executed this pass. The conquer scoreboard at the top of the UI is misleading in terms of who's doing well. Showing the guild that's dominating an island on the map is pretty cool, and the heraldry on the map in general is pretty cool. The map is still a resource hog though. Loading into the game takes far too long for a game in 2020. Balance is a nightmare. The meta is frostweavers (all 3 promotions), confessors (fanatics) and druids (stormcallers) - that combo absolutely dominant at the moment in larger battles. Frostweaver is too strong in every aspect of the game, and in addition to those classes being OP in terms of damage dealt, they all have bugs associated with them that make them even stronger than they should be. In any battle over 5v5, melee are just cannon fodder. They can't impact the outcome. A proper balance pass cannot come soon enough. You have really increased the spell effect clutter with frostweavers, and it was too much to begin with. Tone it WAY back please. Tester numbers have dropped back down to the usual suspects again after an initial good turn out for 5.110. Maybe it's only hardcore testers who'll play on the test server as opposed to the live server. But the fast drop-off in tester numbers has to be concerning for you. It's concerning for me. It's an indication that players don't feel the game is compelling yet, and the dregs are you with most of your cards on the table.
  6. I'm disappointed in the siege mechanic - buying a plague seed and dropping it to start a siege window makes a lot more sense than every stronghold in the game becoming vulnerable at the same time every night. There's nothing to do during the day except flip outposts (already revealed as counterproductive in the current environment) and escorting/intercepting caravans. I'm disappointed in the caravan escort mechanics I'm disappointed in the lack of free building. If there's no free building, why is the landscape so empty? Having it empty to provide space for city building makes sense. With pre-placed strongholds, all that open space is just travel time.
  7. Things that should be taken into account for balancing PvP: raw damage. The starting point. range. Being able to deliver damage from a greater range than your opponent is a significant advantage mobility. Being able to deliver damage whilst moving at speed is an advantage burst. Being able to deliver a large amount of damage in a short time is an advantage mitigation. Being able to reduce incoming damage is a small advantage (unless like knight block it prevents you doing your own damage, and reduces your mobility drastically). healing. Being able to heal damage taken is a large advantage. cc. The ability to slow your opponent from either reaching you or getting away is an advantage multiplied by range (retaliate only hurts people in melee range). A small advantage given how retaliate works and how often retaliate can be used. gap closers for melee is an advantage, or at least a counter to the advantage of range. Countered itself by dodges on a short cooldown (possessed by every class). And no gap closer power can operate at the range an archer starts at. There's an interplay between these factors (as demonstrated by knight block, above). A character that can deal ranged damage, is highly mobile, and has a self heal is massively more powerful than a melee character with poor mobility and no self-heal even if that melee character has more dps than the ranged one against a target dummy. ACE has never taken range into account in determining balance for damage. To be fair, it feels like they don't take much else into account either. Each class is designed around a concept that a designer feels would be cool, and to hell with balance. Which is why as each class gets introduced with new toys to play with in the design kit, it's stronger and more versatile than those that came before. The archer promotion intially had to root itself to do its burst damage. That got removed and it hits like a truck from a range nothing else can match, and it can maintain distance from most classes. It's a better ambusher than an assassin. Frostweaver is just stupid compared to the earlier classes. Ridiculous burst damage at range, movement CC, immensely strong physical resist buff, healing. It's versatile, and all its options are strong. In all the years I've been testing Crowfall, I've yet to see the designers display any ability to balance combat. And that has me worried. The BS they spout about not trying to balance for 1v1 doesn't hold up. They don't try to balance classes for group combat either. When I look at the balance of WoW (yes, it's a AAA game with a large staff) or Path of Exile (they actually give you all the numbers. All of them), or BDO or ArcheAge, or Guild Wars 2, or Blade&Soul, etc., Crowfall looks awful by comparison. And PvP is the very essense of Crowfall. If individual promotions or whole classes are weak compared to others, they will be played only by people who don't know better, or who are too stubborn to adapt to win. And all the time spent developing those classes will be wasted. And people will see how terrible the balance is and they will walk away. PvP is the be all and end all of Crowfall. Balance matters.
  8. Why is chicken ticker decay still a thing? Food gives buffs, so we want it for that. You provide free food top-offs in the temple, and you've moved away from the nasty survival game aspects to a more strategic concept. But still you persist in tracking chicken tickers on all characters all the time. Why waste server cycles and database space on a mechanic that no one likes and that contributes nothing to the gameplay experience? Also, please do a balancing pass before this mess goes to LIVE and you invite 300K fresh eyes in to see it. If their first reaction is "unbalanced mess" word of mouth will kill Crowfall. Edit to add: Oh, 1x training still feels terrible. I can wait a week to train, then spend 10s filling up a couple of dots and make next to no progress. Also, the interaction between harvesting and combat feels kludge-y. And pulling out a glow in the dark harvesting tool every time my character faces a harvestable resource is annoying. Wait until I click on the resource to pull out the ridiculous tool.
  9. ACE, you really need to stop trying to promote Crowfall like it's a released game. It's embarrassing even to watch. The game is an unbalanced mess with a skeleton crew of testers. War Stories sounds like it might be interesting once we get 1000+ active testers on a server and actual wars taking place. You have established the concept - now please stop trying to ram it down our throats in this unpopulated early testing stage of the game. Bring it back once you have destructible cities, balanced combat, and full servers.
  10. The chat window still leaves a lot to be desired. I'd like to be able to leave various channels and stay out of them until I opt to join them again (I have no interest whatsoever in general or zone chat, for example). I'd also like the game to remember the state (minimized) I leave the chat window in when I logout for the next time I login.
  11. Yup, druid leveling has been awful since the promotion classes were added. I always use another character to level a druid - the druid just leeches. Add me to the choir wanting an improved experience for druids.
  12. 4 of my accounts are dedicated to crafting. I absolutely love that I can level all my vessels to 30 using War Tribe gear. That said, I have no problem with War Tribe gear being capped at green or white quality though, or having reduced durability. But I don't think that'll help crafters much. Earlier Blixtev posted a couple of things that both strike me as off. First, that there are two tiers of crafting professions (and that jewelcrafting is T1. LOL - it takes longer to make decent jewelry than any other crafting profession). Second, that it only takes 60 days at 1x training to max out a crafting profession. That number means it only took 20 days at 3x, and I'm pretty sure it took longer than that. Can we see the math on that, please Blixtev? The experimentation difficulty inversion for rarity of components introduced in 5.100 feels wrong when we look at it with untrained toons. To make a white item with any increased difficulty is ridiculously hard, and even choosing not to increase the difficulty results in more crit fails and fails than successes to start with. Perhaps the inversion is fine, but the starting point for no difficulty increase is too low. Making a runetool with 5 pips and no difficulty increase should not result in a pick with 9 mining on it, given an intermediate pick is guaranteed 10, and uses less than a third of the mats. Starting crafters should be able to make decent white gear out of white mats. A decent bespoke white should compare nicely to the average War Tribe drop if you reduce War Tribe gear to white or green rarity. That would let crafters learn their crafts and feel useful without having to overhaul the crafting system much. Maybe a starting runecrafter makes white tools with +15 mining (for example) and 200 durability to start. You don't have to redo everything - nerf the top end of war tribe drops to greens or even whites. And reduce the number of crit fails and fails on white gear when the crafter doesn't increase the difficulty at all.
  13. Another hour with not a single new piece of information offered. You guys are killing me. Edit: I guess the campaign cards and victory condition stuff was a new announcement, though as you said, we already saw them on test. Why is God's Reach so empty? It's supposed to be a teaching area, ok. It's supposed to be a leveling area. Yet it's mostly comprised of wasted space, like the rest of the zones. If the only thing I can do in a space is run through it, it's wasted. In a CW with free city placement, wasted space is necessary - that's where cities can go. But in GR, you need to populate those spaces. There are already too few mobs for the people trying to level. The players are like a plague of locusts scouring the landscape clean. I spend more time standing around waiting for a respawn or running around looking for mobs that haven't been killed than I do anything else in GR, and it's frustrating.
  14. It specifies Crushing damage, so it doesn't benefit, yeah. But I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. This April 1 build is the best thing to happen to swordsman since it was created. Uh, April 1 build. ACE.. don't make me come down there.
  15. Those are the two I went with, and it's pretty good dps. I don't know how good it'll be in actual pvp, but vs mobs and dummies, it's a significant improvement over yesterday with the ability to proc the swordsmanship buff consistently and have the dmg apply to those attacks.
  16. Hard to tell, need to run to the dummies to test after maintenance. Edit: Yes, it's a 30s ICD and a 10s duration, so you get 30% uptime. Edit again: I've been able to make it trigger after 20s once, so it may well be a 20s ICD with a 10s uptime (but it's not easy to trigger that early). So in theory you may be able to get 50% uptime. Realistically, I'd say 40% if you're working hard at keeping it up. That said, my DPS is significantly improved on my new swordsman when working to maximize slashing dmg and proc the swordsmanship buff every 30s. Gave up my stun and knockdown though, and in doing so, lost my energy regen from them. I'm actually happy with swordsman DPS with just the changes made April 1.
  17. Yeah, I rolled a new swordsman after the patch (my old one only had one major) to test the viability with that single change. If you're willing to throw away all your shield powers and take two majors with melee attacks, dps output does go up. It will take some getting used to though.
  18. My Ranger Archer cannot retaliate - it says "melee weapon required" I have tried two maces, a mace and an axe, axe and shortsword, and two shortswords. I have video if needed.
  19. Following up, I'm not asking for wholesale changes to the class or even the promotion class. I don't want to see swordsman as the LMB "dps for dummies" build. I actually like the playstyle as is for the most part. I think the swordsman passive needs to be changed significantly to ramp up damage, and an additional mechanism for increasing dps would be nice. I would even give up block entirely on swordsman in order to secure more dps (although I note that the Titan literally cannot die with Frenzy active, so I don't think swordsman mitigation is problematic in a DPS class, especially now that it's been nerfed to mail from plate). Additionally, the capstone should include crushing and slashing dmg bonuses (and cap increases to match), same as the Titan capstone (and others) offer. I'm going to edit the original post to include the above paragraph.
  20. The Swordsman promotion class for Knight is listed as melee DPS, but there are some significant problems with it. As a result, it does less dps than any other dps promotion class. I've done a comparison with the Myrmidon Titan promotion, which is strong, but not as strong as the Champ Alpha Warrior promotion, for example. Stat-wise, there's not a huge difference. Titan gets 105 more Attack Power, and 1.5% more crit chance. But the Titan has a number of ways to increase its damage output: Frenzy adds 1.25% dmg for each 100 dmg done or received during its duration. It has an uptime of about 65% Whirlwind generates up to 20 stacks of increased damage (and causes a bleed) Blood Thirst buffs the damage on most Titan powers when hitting a bleeding target (LMB 3 causes a bleed, so does whirlwind) The Titan passive grants up to 25 stacks of a damage buff (for an increase of up to 50% dmg) for 30 seconds after hitting a bleeding target. The swordsman is so very weak in comparison. The swordsman buff grants a 50% dmg increase to LMB (and only LMB) attacks for 10s after it's triggered (it has a 30s ICD, giving it at best a 33% uptime). Only one native Knight power can trigger the buff (the first part of the Onslaught combo, and the bleed 3rd part of the onslaught combo). Also note that that hits the cap for Basic Attack Damage bonus, so anything from jewelry or the passive skill tree goes to waste when the buff is active. If a knight blocks, he gains a stacking dmg buff based on the amount of damage he takes while blocking. So if a swordsman stops attacking to block for 10s, he can, perhaps, get a 45% dmg buff that lasts 5 seconds. This is actually a DPS decrease compared to just attacking. 10s of 0dps followed by 5s of 1.5x dps. That's the same as doing half damage for the 15s. The swordsmanship capstone talent gives a 10% slashing bonus dmg (and cap) benefit. But every knight power save part of the onslaught combo does crushing damage, because they're all shield attacks. Even the Ult is crushing. Note that the Titan capstone power gives 10% slashing and 10% crushing to the Titan. Titan does not need a nerf. It fits in well with the rest of the dps promotion classes. Swordsman needs a buff to catch up to the other dps promotion classes. Edited to add: Following up, I'm not asking for wholesale changes to the class or even the promotion class. I don't want to see swordsman as the LMB "dps for dummies" build. I actually like the playstyle as is for the most part. I think the swordsman passive needs to be changed significantly to ramp up damage, and an additional mechanism for increasing dps would be nice. I would even give up block entirely on swordsman in order to secure more dps (although I note that the Titan literally cannot die with Frenzy active, so I don't think swordsman mitigation is problematic in a DPS class, especially now that it's been nerfed to mail from plate). Additionally, the capstone should include crushing and slashing dmg bonuses (and cap increases to match), same as the Titan capstone (and others) offer.
  21. Some Enbarri not falling over when they die. Mob AI totally screwed as others have reported. Melee mobs don't appear to change facing but can hit you when facing away from you. They leap only in the direction they were initially facing, etc. Satyr and Aracroix mobs do their dodges incorrectly too. The buffs from the god outposts reset to 2H when you change zones or log. After you get a golden apple drop, your regular apple drops often have the golden apple glow (though not the sound effect).
  22. EK's: My EK's crash after a short while, no matter how active they are, how many people are in them, etc. I haven't had one last more than 10mins yet, and some have lasted as little as 60s. I can't spin up another one on any of my accounts for a short while after the crash, which indicates that there's a bigger problem than a single EK. But I see other players talking in general chat in other EKs suggesting those ones didn't crash at the same time mine did. Different host servers maybe?
  23. I posted in the feedback thread about how combat still feels too floaty. I have a hard time explaining what I mean, but it doesn't feel grounded at all. Characters and mobs slide off each other, and it feels like we're skating. Attacks have no real impact compared to other games in the genre.
  24. Knight... So the only thing you did to the swordsman spec was take away plate armor. It still does terrible damage. Because of the pain you've inflicted earlier in the talent tree, it actually does LESS damage now than when it was a plate class that did crap damage. My lvl 30 knight with the capstone talent does significantly less damage than my lvl 22 myrmidon that doesn't have the capstone talent yet. Please - fix the swordsman spec in knight to be an actual DPS promotion.
  25. The starter zones are too small, and too empty. Their whole point is to level us. So why are they empty wastelands? More camps. A starter zone supports maybe 40 people comfortably. You're capping them at 100, which is a)pathetic and b)still too many people for the mobs in there. The training speed is godawful. Newbies are going to start training, see that it's going to take them days to finish even the starting node, and be turned off. At the very least the first nodes in the basic trees should be fast to get. Combat feels a bit floaty. Mobs dance around and slide off players. Make collision a bit stickier. Also make combat feel more grounded please. The talent trees feel bad now. 5 points per major discipline doesn't mean that we have hard choices to make in the tree, it means we skip a huge swathe of the class talents to get to the promotion and discipline talents. The way you have 3 point minimums in the first talent beyond the 3-way split, and you put active powers behind each means that our choices are further restricted. There are too many "you must put points into this" places and not enough real choices.
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