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  1. Spider queen has no fancy loot I killed a bog bear and his charged power continued to charge and hit me long after he was dead My stun combo's second power has a longer cooldown than the first, but the power bar shows only the first, leading to times when I use it and can't use the second power If I chain pull a mob as my opener, it heals the dmg I do with chain pull when it gets to me If you stun a mob casting rain of arrows, the AE continues for its full duration Running as a knight, hit RMB, activate block. Release it. It drains 100% of my stam, then returns to normal combat, then to out of combat. I have video
  2. ACE, your marketing strategy appears self-contradictory to us. On one hand, you say you're marketing this to the non-tester masses. You release garbage news tidbits and withhold anything useful about the coming 5.110 build on the theory that you'll get more attention with an information overload when the patch hits. On the other hand, you persist with cultivating your pet streamers and you continue to push "war stories" when there's no war going on because 99.95% of your paid tester base isn't playing. You could release racial skills one race every few days if you wanted a little tease to build hype. "Aracroix knight" is a waste of your time and ours. Your absolute best marketing was when you were releasing "patch notes from the future" - your player base was engaged, and the mmo game sites whose attention you covet were writing articles about the coming changes. You have so much you could write dev diaries about: Caravan mechanics Refineries New racial attributes Discipline Changes Thralls Crafting Changes Harvesting Changes Guild interaction (subguilds, alliances) Stronghold buildings How strongholds will work in dregs (who can build where, will some sites be restricted to fort level or will all ruins be buildable to full castle / cities) How sieges will work in dregs (cost of sieging, schedules of sieging, how to initiate a siege) God-specific outposts Power changes to each class and promotion (that could get you 20 dev diaries alone) New passive skill trees and progression rates Frostweaver (again you could get 4 articles out of that, one for the base class, one for each promotion) The list goes on and on. You will get a better response from the gaming sites by releasing a long string of meaningful information drops leading up to 5.110. The gaming sites want views - they'll publish every release. They'd prefer 1000 eyes on each of 50 releases than 2500 eyes on a single news dump article. And the unwashed masses who aren't backing Crowfall are perhaps not as stupid as you think they are - they'll appreciate more actual content in their news, too.
  3. Knights are very gear-dependent. Without top end gear, they feel weak. With top end gear, they do crap damage still, but can take more of a beating. With a good healer you're very sturdy, but knights have no self-sustain so we don't last long without a healer. In PvP, secutors tend to get ignored because they aren't really a threat and take a long time to kill. If you want to feel tanky, play a templar paladin or a pitfighter champion, or even a Battle Rager Myrmidon. The way crowfall handles threat is simplistic. The most damage gets the mob's attention. So a knight can't hold aggro because knight damage is crap compared to pretty much any other class. There's no threat multiplier or anything for "tank" classes or powers.
  4. I enjoyed the combat flow before the switch to survival tray. And the angst in this thread echoes the angst when the survival tray was introduced in the first place. I'm looking forward to testing the new state.
  5. So many words, so little said. Very disappointing. I really hope you start churning out news articles about the new content and features.
  6. For the past year I've played almost exclusively solo, so while it may not matter to active guilds, there's a significant portion of the player base that still tries to solo, and so I'm glad some thought was given to solo viability in your charts. My warden is anti-stealth. It's a specialty role and I saw that specialty roles aren't included in your charts, which is fine. I'd argue that it's at about the same level as brigand in group play, which is why I was surprised to see Brigand there but not Warden. Thanks for taking the time to come up with the lists - hopefully the devs will take it into account when rebalancing for 5.110 and beyond.
  7. ACE - I agree with much of what's written there. Swordsman solo play shouldn't be an A though - no class with no viable self-sustain should rate higher than a B. Which brings me to the point that all classes should have a viable form of self-sustain in a PvP game. My dps warrior in WoW feels good in PvP because he has some self-sustain. In Crowfall my swordsman can be nickel-and-dime'd to death with no recourse. Pitfighter has way too much self-sustain, which is why it's an S in solo play (really, it should be an S++). Vanguard - Why is Brigand listed as ranged DPS and warden not? My warden feels pretty balanced between ranged and melee dps.
  8. What would the multiplier on the training rate be?
  9. So I guess this topic is where we discuss the skill wipe idea. Three things that matter: 1. There will be a skills wipe with 5.110 in February 2. With no new content until February, a skills wipe (with an accompanying much faster skill training curve, like 10x or 20x) is pretty much the only thing that'll bring players back to 5.100 3. But there's nothing new until February now, so the players who've been sitting out waiting are likely to still sit and wait. Skill wipe or no skill wipe, Sugoi members aren't going to give Crowfall another look until 5.110. IF you do wipe now, advertise it broadly so you have the best chance of players returning for the level playing field. But realistically, by saying 5.110 in February and no further 5.100 content, you've effectively killed off the game until then. It's going to be a howling wasteland.
  10. 25 exports is too few to justify taking harvesters and crafters into the CW.
  11. It's been a while since we did one of these, mostly because nothing has really changed - all the problems we've mentioned over the past few years are still present. Knight remains the worst solo class in the game, primarily due to a lack of self-sustain. Knight remains a decent contributor to group play, primarily due to the chain pull and dodge pip steal abilities that let a group isolate an enemy target and burn him down. With the change to 3m melee range (from 5m), melee characters are suffering more whiffs and misses than ever before, which tilts the playing field towards ranged at the moment, too. Edit to add: The loss of surging spirit, demon's pact, and expansive mind really hurt knight as well. Knight's toolkit and playstyle are fun, more fun than many of the more effective classes out there, and so people still play knight quite a bit, despite the fact that it mostly sucks. Knight has been my main since the early greybox days of hunger dome. There are three knight specs: Swordsman (nominally the dps spec), Secutor (nominally the tankiest spec) and Sentinel (the CC-heavy spec). Swordsman - the swordsman gets more AP than the other promotion classes, but only a little. It generally has less AP than a similarly geared DPS Myrmidon or Champion, for instance, because it gets less AP from the talent tree. The swordsman's primary dmg boost comes from the mighty surge power, which can be triggered by using a non-shield non-ranged attack power. There are a few issues with this - it's not predictable when you're going to get it, as it doesn't trigger off every instance that it could; it has a pretty long internal cooldown; and it is only triggerable by one native knight power (the onslaught combo). So you get a dps increase for LMB (only) attacks that can't be triggered on command and that leans on only a few powers granted by disciplines to trigger, which limits your discipline choices. Other features of swordsman include a reduced cooldown time on the pursuit (charge) power, guaranteed critical hits on bleed ticks, and an increased critical hit chance. Secutor - the secutor is the shield spec for the knight. It has better anti-CC than the other specs (meaningless, really, with the ease of retaliate in the past few builds), more health than the other knight specs (1500 more), and more damage on shield attacks. Given that most native knight powers are shield attacks, this holds promise. It also introduces a different playstyle for knight, as the best damage on secutor comes from shield bash crits. Shield bash is activated after using another shield power or 3 LMBs in a row, and is guaranteed to crit if it's been used in the past 5 seconds already. So the playstyle for secutor is shield power - shield bash - shield power - shield bash - 3 LMBs - shield bash - shield power - shield bash etc. If your target is willing to stand in front of you and let you constantly shield bash them (like, say, a target dummy), the damage is quite strong for a knight. Secutor also takes reduced stamina drain from blocking, so they can last longer than the other specs when focused, although they still can't do anything but block while they block. Sentinel - the CC spec. With the current state of retaliate (everyone has all the retaliates they could ever want, really), CC builds are weak in general. That said, the Sentinel does have some nice features. They get an increased power efficient cap which lets them use maces (maces are too heavy and inefficient for the other specs). Their chain pull has a slow, their charge gives them a stun, their shield slam adds a suppress, etc. And they get a 15% dmg increase for a few seconds after stunning or knocking down an opponent. Unlike the swordsman's mighty surge, this gives the knight a consistent way to trigger a dmg increase on demand. It's not a big dmg increase, but it's consistent. Now let's look at damage mitigation. The knight wears plate, and with training and good gear can easily reach the mitigation cap of 65% to physical attacks. They can generally also get about 50% resistance to the non-physical dmg types. When a knight uses block, he can further reduce the dmg he takes by 50%. So a knight blocking will take about 25% dmg from non-physical attacks and about 17% dmg from physical attacks. But he can't do jack whilst blocking (compare this to the myrmidon and champion mitigations where they can continue to attack whilst enjoying their extra mitigation powers). The knight has no self-sustain beyond a passive that grants a 16% heal once (4 4% ticks) when the knight falls below 20% health. The lack of self-sustain is what is most crippling about knight. With a pocket healer, a well-geared knight can do very well. Without a healer, nope. Compared to the other tanky classes, knight is pretty poor at overall damage mitigation. The knight takes dmg slightly more slowly than the other tank classes (assuming he blocks and deals out no dmg of his own as a consequence), but can't recover any health. Myrm has much better dmg mitigation from vengeance and berserk, and can still attack whilst using those. Champion gets ridiculously good self-heals (especially pitfighter). Templar healing (paladin in particular) is very strong. All those classes will last longer in a real fight than a knight due to the self-sustain. Healing beats armor in every case. Ok, so what about damage? More bad news here. Knight dmg output is lower than the other "tanky" classes - myrmidon, champion, and templar, and by a significant margin. The swordsman spec, which is nominally the dps spec for knight, does significantly less damage than the dps specs of those classes, with same quality gear. And the same down the line for tank and cc specs. Knight is very gear-dependent. With top end gear (epic or legendary everything) and end-game training, a knight can do quite well. The gap between it and the other classes I'm comparing it to here is closer at end-game than it is earlier on in the game. But it's definitely still a gap. After all this negativity, why does anyone play knight? Why do I play knight as my main? Because knight is fun. It feels good to play, if you ignore the constantly dying while solo part. In a group, knight has a clear role (pull an opponent, steal its dodge pips, and help your group burn it down). I honestly don't like that isolating and burning down a target is the be-all and end-all of Crowfall group combat, but as long as it is, the knight has a place in groups.
  12. Honestly it feels like the community team took the summer off, and the marketing team is clueless. The schlock that appears on crowfall's social media is terrible, and given how few likes it gets on twitter and fb, everyone else agrees with that statement. Sorry, ACE, you're really dropping the ball. The game has become more fun recently, but you still have no player engagement for a few reasons: There's still a huge amount of busywork to do before players can meaningfully engage in PvP. Players who are thinking about returning see the training gap between them and the established players and decide to wait for a skill wipe. There's not enough people playing for the game to reach a critical mass. It's not fun if you can't find anyone to fight (or if the only people you can find to fight are running around in groups of 10-15 when you're running around solo or in a group of 2-3). Having people spread out between GR, The Infected, and two CWs isn't helping. There's nothing enjoyable for solo players or small groups to do Word of mouth to new and returning players is "game's still not ready, don't bother" because those of us still testing see the above problems and are hesitant to call people in to suffer along with us. Your near-total lack of communication and engagement over the summer hasn't helped at all.
  13. Having only 20 exports in trial of Yaga was a poor decision. I didn't bother bringing any of my harvesters or crafters into the CW because it's just not worth it. Anything I harvest or make is going to have to be left behind once I export the gear I imported at the start of the campaign. Splitting the population between GR, the Infected, and the CW means there's pretty much no one around except at sieges when the big guilds strut their stuff. At some point (either 5.11 for dregs or 6.0 for alpha, or maybe both, depending how long it takes you to get to alpha from dregs) you're going to want to do a skill wipe so all the people who walked away months ago can come back to a level playing field. If I were you, I'd do a skill wipe at 5.11 but turn progression up to 20x. Do another wipe at alpha and use the current 3x for that (with the caveat that you've figured out thrall buffs by then so the first couple of CWs can have ridiculously strong thrall buffs in keeps / forts to allow for good gear to be made). The PvE aspect of the game has really improved lately. That said, PvE isn't why we're here. It's a nice backdrop and gives us something to do in our downtime, but that's it. There's currently still a dearth of PvP things to do for a small group. 3-5 players can take an undefended fort, sure. But there are guilds out there who run 10-15 people per group for fort battles. And honestly, that's probably an appropriate size for a fort battle - 10-15 per side. So what is a small group of 3-5 supposed to do? Outposts are a waste of time and don't generate PvP (unless you catch the attention of a bored group of 10-15 in which case you're splatted). Guarding harvesters isn't a thing. Trying to gank harvesters is sort of a thing, but it's mostly a lot of running around looking at empty spaces, and you don't get a fun fight even if you catch one.
  14. Um, what gap is this supposed to fill? What places it between GR and the 3-faction CW?
  15. I love that I can choose to have my inventory windows close on movement. I hated having them stay open. So many kudos for that. I'm glad there's a 30-day trial because it takes a full day to sort stuff out for exports at the end of a trial. Guild banks will help with that, no doubt. Restricting imports to 12 is fine with me for a one-month CW - it encourages us to farm and craft in the CW. But it does reveal the problem with your overall economic system. If CWs are going be low- or no-import, time spent in GR is wasted, and anything purchased outside the CW is worthless in the case of no-import CWs, and has to be valued carefully in the event of low-import CWs. The economy inside a CW feels like it's coming along. The greater economy with EKs and GR does not. I'm actually ok with that, but I'm hearing a lot of grumbling from people who wanted to be active vendors and traders. Low- and no-import CWs need to be significantly longer than high-import CWs to make it worthwhile to go in and do all the farming and crafting from scratch.
  16. It's like you're actively TRYING to misinterpret us. We want a variety in the rulesets, yes. But not in the badge reward criteria - that poorly made socks is meaningless. We want variety in the winning side criteria. Point accumulation for holding outposts, forts, and keeps determines the winner. THAT is what we want varied. Give us a bloodstone ruleset, or whatever. Just not the same old same old every campaign.
  17. I custard HATE windows staying open when I move. If I open something during autorun, fine. But normal movement keys should close all UI elements the way they did in all previous builds.
  18. The loot dropping off mobs makes the new player experience much better. That said, the lack of refineries and caravans means that after an hour of playing, there's nothing left to do but wait for 5.110 and dregs. 5.100 is a big letdown. The wipe means that I'd have to spend 6-8 weeks leveling and gearing purple vessels on all my accounts, just in time for them to be wiped again when 6.0 hits. Screw that.
  19. JULY 10 TEST build: I can stack minor disciplines by ctrl-Rclick, but I can't stack them by dragging them on top of each other. Can't stack them at all in the bank. I'm going through food at a ridiculous rate. At least double, maybe triple what it is on live. The new ability to move with UI windows open sucks. I think we should be able to open windows whilst autorunning, sure, but any normal movement key should close all open UI elements, the way it does on TEST. At the very least, I need to be able to change stances while the UI elements are open if they're going to stay open whilst I move. I kill 2 mobs. Open the corpse of the first one. Loot it. Move. Inventory and Loot UI elements both stay open. Can't loot the second mob or change stance. Manually close the loot window. Still can't loot the second mob. Manually close the inventory window. Now I can loot the second mob. Manually close all windows, now I can change stances. Feels icky. I would prefer normal movement keys to close open UI elements. Opening UI elements whilst autorunning is cool. However, IF UI elements staying open during movement stays THEN I want to be able to loot with the inventory window open AND change stances with UI elements open AND a single keybind for "close all open UI elements" Loot windows now stay open until manually closed, even if you move a long ways away from the corpse. If I kill something, open the loot window, and don't loot it, I can run 50m away and still see the loot. I cannot loot the items in the window at that distance. If I run back to the corpse, I still cannot loot the items. If I close the loot window at that point, the mob becomes unlootable.
  20. When the macemanship passive is equipped, skullcrusher is not triggered as it should be by stunning or knocking down an opponent whilst using a mace. I have been completely unable to make the power trigger. The macemanship power shows, but skullcrusher never ever does. Thanks for removing the sticky targeting reticle. That was terrible.
  21. Leveled one character to 30 with dust to test. Leveled one character by hand, with nothing at all from the test vendors. Went 1-21 in 2 hours, and had a spirit bank full of loot to sell/sacrifice. The process feels a lot better than it used to, but it still isn't fun. It's just a less onerous chore than it used to be. I don't like the removal of the most popular minor runes. I don't like having only 8 (or 9 or 10) power slots. On several classes, taking two good disciplines means you end up with 6+ powers you want to slot but don't have room for. You also need to look at passive slots 3 (even 4 for humans/half-elves) is not enough, given that we are pretty much obliged to spend one on the promotion class capstone power. Many of your minor disciplines offer nothing but a passive power. Every major offers at least one passive as well, and you generally have a an additional class power and leadership on top. If the class powers are integral to the class, they shouldn't take a passive slot. Edit to add: the new sticky targeting reticle sucks. And did you really intend to put R8 resources in a God's Reach map with absolutely zero risk?
  22. The minors you've listed as having been removed are on the TEST vendors still. PLEASE give us a way to turn off the custard tooltips. This build is missing all the key features from 5.100 (refineries, new mob AI, etc). It looks like 5.9.n The range indicator doesn't work beyond melee range (except on target dummies - works fine on them) Jumps look like double jumps. Food consumption rate is about double what it is on Live. Knight Onslaught power (the first power in the combo) costs more than a full energy bar even at capped weapon proficiency. It's uncastable. Chain pull targets still get caught on terrain. Urgu champions sometimes spit fireballs at me (apparently these are hurlbats that look like fireballs, every 2s) Satyr Rangers drop stakes, but the stake visual effect drops at their feet every time they move for the entire duration of the power. Enbarri Champs are bugged. Most of them just stand there and let you kill them. Mounting doesn't increase your movement speed. Your feet move faster, but you don't cover ground any faster. There's no UI on your target so you can't see any debuffs that are active.
  23. It's a good change. It probably didn't warrant an article, but it's a good change. A small step on a long path towards a tedium-free PvP paradise.
  24. This whole economy thing is a problem generated by the devs having faction play as an option. In the dregs, guilds/alliances will keep it all in-house. They will craft for themselves, harvest for themselves, and gear themselves. They won't be selling stuff to the enemy. There will be no overall economy to speak of, especially in low-import campaigns. In faction play, and for those people wanting trade EKs, there's a lot of talk of the economy and making stuff to sell. It feels like the economy will be casual unaffiliated players selling to casual unaffiliated players. Or big guilds selling their surplus to casual unaffiliated players in high-import faction campaigns, assuming the devs can come up with a currency casuals can get that has appeal to the big guild sellers. I have been saying for a couple of years now that the economy in Crowfall won't work, and I still see nothing that indicates that changing. That said, I applaud the item reward loop presented in the article. It will definitely help solo and casual players gear up to viable levels without having to take their harvesting rewards to multiple crafters who may or may not be available in the pre-alpha environment. And because the gear won't be perfectly itemized, or as strong as well-crafted epic and legendary gear, crafters will always have work. While my harvesting alts will almost certainly make do with found gear, my crafter alts and main characters will have purpose-crafted gear.
  25. It was nice to hear Todd acknowledge the problems we're seeing, but without fixes, fewer and fewer of us are willing to test. The fact that we can't get disciplines for green or rarer vessels at all any more is pretty harsh. Having all the rare drops gated behind RNG rolls with very low chances is miserable. It's not like I have 90 (or even 5) guildmates helping get stuff for my crafters - so my chances are pretty tiny. Crowfall's kickstarter funded in March 2015. I've tested every build, every patch since then. There have been patches where 26s lag spikes (bigworld 3.0) made it almost impossible to play, but we persevered. With 5.9, even the hardcore testers don't want to persevere any more. If you manage to fix the problems that make us think the game is too grindy, and implement the dregs ruleset, you should get a decent bump in testers - how we react to the dregs is going to make or break crowfall. I hope you get it right, and that it comes soon.
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