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  1. 5.7 has a series of bugs that can be exploited together to generate a completely new meta that is very successful. Some people choose to embrace those bugs and the resultant meta. Others choose to avoid the bugs but cannot avoid those embracing them, and so choose to wait for a less buggy environment to test. 5.7 has been tested into the ground at this point. There is no game loop and there's no fun to be had. So I'm taking it easy until 5.8. My harvesters still have 5 pips in winter, so it's not a matter of the season making a difference. I embraced the grind at the start of 5.7 and have more coin and resources and gear than I can use. I'm not opposed to fall and winter resulting in fewer resources - frankly, it's a lovely excuse to not harvest (Hey, ACE, the harvesting grind still sucks. Hitting rocks is never going to be engaging gameplay. I'm very much in favor of the white resource vendors, though - they were a big help early on, and have no impact on gameplay whatsoever once crafters advance to rarer materials). For 5.8 I remain in favor of having only one CW up during pre-alpha because the population is so miserably low. I also want no imports, so that all the gameplay actually happens in the CW. Along with that, I want forts to be sturdier and a toast pop-up when someone starts damaging a wall or guard rather than when the fort's being flipped. And turn sieges back on - proper sieges with capture windows, not 5 min timers. It won't happen, because that would cut the bolted-on EK system out of the game loop. But a guy can dream.
  2. I like the music, but in a game where you need to hear the enemy approaching, or a harvester harvesting, I think most of us turn the music off entirely.
  3. Blazzen has hit the nail on the head again here. I think friendly fire should be avoided, but on all other points, I agree entirely. I would like to see CC require more thought and planning to work out well. As it stands, CC is incredibly spammable - there's no reason not to spam it. Going with a system whereby you got an immunity to the CC you just got hit with for at least as long after it expires as it lasted would be a start. If you remove the number cap on AE powers, it'd be nice to see something in the skill tree where you've got an OR gate - you can choose to increase the size of your AEs, or you can choose to increase the intensity (dmg) of your AEs, but not both. Put a few OR gates in there and you can specialize in wide area coverage or intense small area damage, or something in the middle.
  4. Note: Editing this post to reflect some PCM stuff and more testing in 5.7.1 Hi, @mhalashace and @thomasblair, me again, back with another episode of "State of the Knight." Overall, the knight is a fun class to play. It has a nice base toolkit. But it's not an especially effective class to play, particularly early on. The knight scales pretty well with training and gear - at the start of training, it's the weakest melee class, but it feels better at end-game (even though I can't really say it's stronger than any other melee class at end game). The defining power of the knight should be its block. But for the most part, block is pretty meh. It cuts damage taken, but not by a lot (especially with end-game armor mitigations), and at the cost of preventing the knight from doing anything else. The resultant damage bonus lasts one attack, and in no way makes up for the loss of dps time while you were blocking. The reflect on elemental damage may mean more when confessors and druids become more popular, and when frostweavers arrive, but for now, it's not as good as advertised. The defining power of the knight is actually chain pull. It's on a 25s cooldown, but it does decent damage, and acts as a nice range closer if you can get close enough to use it. I get about 50% of my kills with chain pull (as opponents tend to try to escape at low health and it's my only ranged attack). Let's take a look at the full power toolkit of the knight: 1 - charge - 25m range charge that stuns a target if you cover the full 25m and end within 5m of the target, facing the target. Back in hunger dome, you would charge as long as you held the key (to a max of 25m) and the stun went off when you released the key. That version was much better than the current version. Recommendation: Charge should last while the key is pressed, with a minimum of 5m and a maximum of 25m, and the charge should end and the stun activate on key-release. 2 - Shield Bash - in theory, this is a good power. It sets the target's dodge pip count to 0. BUT (and this is a big but), it is rarely available when you need it (because it only activates after landing 3 consecutive LMBs or after filling your block meter), and it does jack for damage. Also, the target can regenerate a pip as soon as 1s after the power sets them to 0. Further, while it says it hits critically if used a second time in 5s, it's rarely available again 5s after the first use, and the crit is for about 100 dmg so that part of the power is total BS. Recommendation: Take away the activation requirements, take away the auto-crit on a second hit in 5s (given its crap dmg, that's just a slap in the face). 3 - Shield Swipe / Shield Stun combo - This is a decent combo. Both elements hit for reasonable damage. The stun is telegraphed by the shield swipe (something I like, and that I wish you'd continued with for later classes. The early classes telegraph their CC, later classes do not. This puts the earlier classes at a disadvantage against experienced players). The cooldown on part 2 of the combo is 7 seconds longer than the cooldown on part 1, which feels silly. I would much rather you split the difference (23 and 30) and gave each power a 26s cooldown. 4 - Onslaught Combo - this is a nice combo, and again, I wish it were something that later classes also had to manage. The first power in the chain does two very weak attacks. The second stage powers are strange.. brutal strike is a hard hitting attack. But twin assault has to be the weakest attack in the game from any class. I don't understand why you think it has any value or should be included in the combo chain at all. There is never a situation where a player would prefer twin assault over brutal strike. The third pair in the combo chain (shockwave and obliterate) are both good powers, and which one I choose is a tactical decision rather than one always being better than the other. Recommendation: Fix or remove twin assault, improve the damage on Onslaught. 5 - Noble Blood / Oath of Will combo - early game, this combo is absolutely necessary for the resource regen. The barrier is too small to have any real value - it just invites a shieldbreaker dispel power to knock you down. The combo is used just for the regen, really. At end game, this power drops out of the knight's power bar entirely, once they get a good PCM weapon and good power efficiency training. Given that Blixtev has now said power efficiency nodes in the skill tree are going away, this is going to be necessary throughout a knight's life. Recommendation: Make the barrier a better percentage of maximum health. 6 - Chain Attack - no one calls it that - it's chain pull, and always will be. Great class-defining power. Relatively high cost, long cooldown (especially compared to myrm net), mediocre damage, but the pull effect is wonderful. 7 - Shield Slam - again, a good power in theory. In practice, it's so situational that I only slot it if I'm going to be fighting on the edge of a cliff or wall. It's extremely high cost, does poor damage, and knocks a target away from the knight (and as a melee class, you rarely want that). When used to knock someone off a cliff it's very satisfying, but it cannot justify a regular spot on the power bar. The elken and centaur charges are more effective versions of this power - they are gap closers (instead of gap creators) and their knock-up is just as good as Shield Slam's knock back. Q - Whirling Leap - Again, better in theory than in practice. It pulls characters who are already within 5m of you right to you (it says 8m, but it feels much smaller than that). But the pull doesn't take effect until almost 2s into the animation for the power, so I frequently hit it, only to see one or more of my targets move out of the power's range before the pull takes effect. Recommendation: Increase the range to 10m, and apply the pull at keypress, before the character leaps into the air. Races: Knight is available to Human, Elken, High Elf, Stoneborn, Rat, and Centaur. Until mounts come into the game, Elken and Centaur have an advantage in that out of combat movement feels so much better on trailmaster classes. I prefer human for the extra power bar slot and passive power slot, but rat stealth, high elf humiliate, and stoneborn knockdown response are all decent for knight. Disciplines: Disciplines are pretty unbalanced for all classes at the moment. There are some very strong ones, and some very poor ones. I've noticed that class and/or role specific disciplines (Agent Provocateur and the champion-only majors, for example) tend to be stronger than general purpose ones. And unfortunately the knight gets nothing class- or role-specific in disciplines. Disciplines are a big enough topic for a hundred other posts, so I won't address them here. So that's the objective layout of the class. Now for the subjective bits. The knight doesn't feel tanky enough to be a true tank, and is lacking an identity. It's not the best melee class at anything. I tend to play knight as a harasser because it does have a decent variety of crowd control powers. It has the poorest damage output of all melee classes. Comparing it to the other tanky melee classes: Champion is much tankier than a knight due to all the self-sustain. Myrm is tankier than a knight due to the self-sustain. Templar is tankier than a knight due to the self-sustain. Hmm, maybe the knight could use some on-demand self-sustain. Templar is the undoubted king of area control and area denial. The divine light and parry/AE knockdown (on no cooldown timer, doing a pile of damage on top of the KD) is crazy strong, and the templar can heal himself and others. Myrm has wonderful self-sustain (the half-giant racial is so kind to them for mitigating berserker crash) and much better damage output than the knight. Champion has great damage, great mobility, extra invulnerability powers (UW 1&2), and utterly amazing self-sustain. Knight has plate armor natively, so at end game knight mitigations are very good (they're crap at early game, and the lack of self-sustain really shows the disparity between the knight and the other tanky classes at this point). Block further increases damage mitigation, but at the cost of making the knight do nothing but stand there blocking. Sure, he's taking less damage, but he's doing absolutely nothing to influence the fight. He's not protecting his allies, he's not doing damage, he's not able to move with his group. He's standing there (or inching along) like he's a spectator to the fight. So most knights don't block much these days. It's useful for the reflect on elemental attacks (but confessors are weak, and sickle druids don't come out until they get their sickle 2 months into the game. Frostweavers don't exist yet) - maybe block will have more value at release when those issues relating to energy-casting classes are fixed. Finally, knight is really gimped by power efficiency in early gameplay. It gets much better at end-game, but at the start, a charge followed by a knockdown combo uses the knight's entire energy bar (or the knight may not even have enough energy to complete the combo if he uses a heavy weapon). It'd be nice to see power costs tweaked a little to make this less onerous during the first few months of a knight's life. Edit: With weapon finesse and power efficiency training, it's relatively easy to hit the -25% power efficiency cap. However, with that cap hit, wielding a bastard sword results in a +33% PCM, meaning that the bastard sword is completely unplayable for knights even at end-game. Blixtev or Halash, you really need to do a pass on power costs for knight and drop them significantly. All in all, there's nothing really wrong with the knight - he's just not as good as the other melee classes, and is consequently the scrawny kid picked last for the team at recess. I would like to see you add some self-sustain to the knight to make him feel tankier (maybe put the self-sustain on block to give it more value). Give one or two of his powers more damage (and either remove twin assault entirely or make it worthwhile). Knight doesn't need an overhaul, but it does need a little love to make it a good choice for a group to take along.
  5. So, uh, what's she going to do between now and when you produce a marketable product?
  6. ACE have taken steps to make acquiring gear far easier: white mats on vendors, white mats in beachheads, white mats in EKs. They have dramatically reduced the cost of making gear, as well. And they have increased the rate at which we lose gear across the board with the durability hit on-use. They are taking us in the direction of "easy come easy go" for bottom end gear, which is what the player base has been asking for all along. It will keep crafters busy, and removes the gear barrier from PvP. That said, the durability hit on-use changes high end gear from "difficult to acquire, relatively easy to keep" to "difficult to acquire, easy go" - and that may be problematic. As things stand, I generally only replace my gear when my guild's crafters produce something that's a clear upgrade. It's very rare that I break an item between wipes. However, going forward, if I choose to wear my good PvP gear whilst farming NPCs in case I get jumped, I will now be punished for it in item loss. One way to partially alleviate that particular issue would be to give higher quality gear much more durability than white gear. Yes, durability can be experimented on right now, but it's only used as a filler when there are no more grade or sheen pips available. Durability hit on-use makes durability experimentation more attractive, but it will always be the least attractive option when making top end weapons. That extra point of dmg will always mean more than a few seconds more durability. If ACE dramatically increases the multiplier on durability pips, that will help make it more attractive in this new environment.
  7. Will I be able to turn off all chat windows? The thing I care most about with chat is the ability to get it off my screen entirely. Combat log will be nice (once it contains everything). Can the combat log be written to a text file for parsing?
  8. In the video you mention that holding outposts will contribute points towards victory. Are you able to discuss win conditions with us yet? Will there be a rudimentary functional win condition in the 5.7 build (sounds like holding keeps, forts, outposts would generate points over time to the side holding them)? That'd be cool if forts were harder to capture, and if the keep capture required a siege on a timer. Even without that, as a proof of concept for win conditions, I'd welcome a points system at this stage. Victory would still be mostly meaningless, but less meaningless than the current useless slider.
  9. Two questions: 1. Will I be able to take my KS castles and just drop them down in a default layout with a single click (or simple series of clicks)? 2. Will I be able to let someone else build my castles on my parcel using my deeds without giving them away? It doesn't appear that I can do that in the current vassal system. I have no desire whatsoever to spend hours on end building castles in my EK. I have them, so I may as well place them, but 3D virtual jigsaw puzzles are not my idea of fun.
  10. Please keep in mind that we didn't sign up for a farming simulator. Food consumption is already ridiculously fast. Spending 500+ clicks to make a day's worth of brisket is not fun. Constantly farming animals for meat and trees for apples is not fun. In a throne war, the farming should be done by NPC peasant thralls, not by the heroes of the story. Let us fight over forts that have peasants out in the fields gathering harvest - while we own the fort, we have food coming in. That leads nicely into your idea of burning the other side's fields to prevent that food generation.
  11. Also, why are all the maps laid out with crap resources along the edges and good resources in the center? It reduces the value of exploration if we already know there's nothing valuable on the outer edges of a map. In guild v guild worlds in particular, building your city next to a particularly valuable resource is a good thing. If, in every single map, that means trying to control the center and ignoring everything else, that takes away a lot of potentially interesting decisions.
  12. Followup question: In the stream they said they have the tech to put different rank dioramas on a parcel but they don't do that. Why not? Why should every resource in an area be the same rank? Why can't high rank granite sit next to low rank iron? You've already got rules in to prevent iron spawning next to copper, so it would be diverse resources that are different.
  13. Cutting and pasting from the last time I answered this question: Gifted packs lack the playtest entitlement - it needs to be manually added. Email support@crowfall.com and give them the username. They'll give you the correct entitlement for the gifted account.
  14. Best stream in a long time, due to the info provided. Can't wait for 5.7 Edit to add: I am concerned about the bereavement map having 4 zones - 3 beachhead zones and the main zone. Beachheads are probably a good idea for faction play, but entire safe zones sound like a bad idea. I'm hoping you're going with safe beachheads in lowbie zones, plus a main zone that has the forts and keeps and higher level resources.
  15. Gifted packs lack the playtest entitlement - it needs to be manually added. Have him email support@crowfall.com and give them the username. They'll give him the correct entitlement for the gifted account.
  16. When you buy an account, it goes into a queue to get its playtest entitlements. You can email support@crowfall.com and they will process the entitlement immediately if you don't want to wait for the next batch run to occur.
  17. A Crowfall promotional video with no PvP mention or footage. No mention of the improved netcode to allow group fights even. Who's the intended audience for this video?
  18. I would like the ability to toggle off trade requests globally. Looks like the incoming trade request window doesn't take priority over what I'm doing, so a trade request pop-up can't be use to interrupt a fight, which is crucial. Are group invites also unobtrusive like that? Hopefully the new chat system allows us to hide chat entirely. Hopefully it also includes a special channel or window for dev announcements, so I can get those without having to read through player chat. One more thing. Susi's name over her head is Origin-Mi-Susi but the name on the F to interract window is Faye. What's with that?
  19. I was so hoping this morning's website outage was something to do with adding more guild support. Ah well. This is another item checked off ACE's To-Do list, I guess. At some point they've got to get to the good stuff.
  20. 40 mins for the length of a day sounds awfully fast to me, but I'll reserve judgement until I see it implemented. Vampires and Werewolves - meh. If they're strong at night and weak during the day, then the fast day/night cycle will likely be necessary for balance issues. The hunger shards on the ground and new skills in excavation sound alright. Modifying weapons with DoTs and drains etc sounds good. But you'll need more DoT removal discipline powers spread out among more disciplines (that's an ongoing concern with a lot of the discipline powers - there should be alternative means to get them, and counters to a discipline power shouldn't be in the same discipline as the power they counter). The day/night variation on monsters is interesting, but doesn't fit well with the lore, frankly. The hunger-version of mobs disappearing at dawn feels meh. "Winter is coming" feels better than "night is coming for 15 mins soon"
  21. For the most part I agree with you. From a historical, standalone perspective, knight is in a pretty good place. I would like to see the dodge pip removal power rolled into one of the other powers rather than needing a separate power slot. Knight has too many necessary powers in the main kit compared to other classes (you could say that means it has a good base kit, but there's no room for discipline powers). Knight suffers when you compare it to Champion and Myrm (and to much lesser extent, Templar). End game myrms with 100% berserk uptime are ridiculous, and Champions are far too tanky to be high dps skirmishers. It feels like knight is about right on the balance scale, while Myrm and Champ need a nerf to match. I don't like doing the state of stuff at the start of a build because you can't see how the class will do at maturity. So I may change my mind a few weeks into 5.6 on LIVE.
  22. This is a significant change, and a positive one. The one thing that saddens me is that I'll no longer be able to train my human knight and my half-giant myrmidon on the same account with VIP. That's unfortunate. It's more than unfortunate, actually. It'd be really nice if we could train parallel trees (human and half-blood, chivalry and barbarian) at the same time, since there's no double-dipping involved. I understand the value in making it simple to understand ("one fighter-based tree only") but you're forcing odd pairings. Human Knight and Half-Giant Myrm were a perfect pairing even without any double dipping, and now they're forbidden. I can't start training half-giant until I'm done training human. And I can't start training Barbarian until I'm done Chivalry. My wife wanted a human cleric and a nethari confessor on her account. Can't have that any more either.
  23. I'm saying they aren't valuable to ACE. They are a money sink.
  24. There is a value to having a dozen or so big market EKs for the people you're talking about. There remains no value in having 50000 personal EKs consuming server resources.
  25. Will the tech involved in this help out CWs in any way? Will it affect city building in shadows and dregs campaigns, for example? This is helpful in that I can combine all my accounts into a single EK and make them all nobles in it. But that said, I don't expect to use my EK for anything, since I have no interest in the economy outside the CW I'm participating in. If we can display trophies in the EK, that'd be kinda cool. Storage chests would also be useful. But outside trophies and storage, instanced housing has little appeal for me. It seems like EKs are going to be a significant burden on your server pool without actually bringing much gameplay benefit. There will be a few large market EKs, and guilds may set up guild EKs to display their trophies alongside their shops, but for the vast majority of us, it feels like EKs will be instanced housing that will strain the servers with no benefit.
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