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  1. This is not a debate. I'm here simply to present my opinion to the devs.
  2. No, I will absolutely have VIP on my combat account, as I said in the message you quoted. Combat and exploration go hand in hand. The question is how valuable is VIP to my other accounts. For me it's never been an either-or. The skill system absolutely forces me into multiple accounts. The question is simply how many of my alts will be VIP, and for how long.
  3. The rumored change to VIP (secondary skill stream granted by VIP training at half the speed of the main stream) is supposed to make us more interdependent. For some reason, ACE feels that we're not already too interdependent. The ridiculously slow training rate already in place means that alts are going to be a thing. If I want to harvest wood and ore in the first year of the game, I need separate accounts to do so. Same for gravedigging, quarrying, skinning, farming, and all the crafting roles. Eventually, an account will finish one path and start down another. VIP (be it at 1.5x or 2x) will do so faster than a non-VIP account, but it will still take a very long time. The additional storage, imports, exports, and the sheer convenience of not having to run to the beachhead crypt to switch vessels means that alt accounts are all but necessary for many of us. The question is - is VIP worth having on top of the alt accounts? With the vertical double dipping (being able to train fighter and chivalry at the same time), you get a faster path through the race and class trees. You will end up in the same place as a non-VIP account, but for over a year, the VIP account has a stats and training advantage. That means that we need VIP on our combat accounts. It's certainly beneficial for crafting accounts (faster access to the stat gains in the race tree) but those are less important given the stat gains from levelling a vessel and using a higher quality vessel - you can max out the important stats for your crafter without some of the racial training. Solo harvesters will want the double dip benefits, too - guarded specialist harvester accounts may be fine without. As long as double dipping the race and class trees (fighter and chiv, man and human, etc) is allowed, VIP is worthwhile. Remove that, and that equation changes - if all you get is 30 days skill bank time instead of 3, and a greater choice of classes and races, the vast majority of accounts won't bother with the VIP subscription unless ACE adds other valuable incentives (skipping queues, etc). For me, the question isn't "which is better" (the answer is clearly alt accounts) - the question is "how many of my alt accounts need VIP?". I have 8 accounts and 120 months of VIP to spread between them. I'm not alone in this - I know dozens of players with at least that many accounts. With the current system, I will use a lot of alts at the start of the game, and as my characters advance enough to train extra skills, I will stop playing some of the alt accounts, using them to create tomes to apply skills faster to the remaining accounts. However, I will always have at least one combat main and one harvesting account, and likely one crafting account, and all three of those will have VIP for as long as I play the game.
  4. This was the best one of these yet. Having Todd there to go in depth on the good stuff and skip the inconsequential stuff was great. 5.6 sounds like another good incremental step forward. The season of plenty will really help people who are turned off by the current starting grind. Here are the steps I'd like to see progress on: Guilds. Get guild heraldry in game for identification purposes. Win conditions. Give us a reason to show up and fight. You want numbers? This is how you get it Dregs / Shadows CWs - do the above two and this, and you'll have a seriously healthy testing base as the guilds come out to play. Performance with more people on the server. The big caveat to the above 3 points... you need to be able to support 1000 people on the map, and 100 on-screen.
  5. Most guilds aren't active, and won't be until in-game guild support and win conditions are added. Sugoi has under 10% of our members participating in 5.5. There's no point making a video highlighting harvesting runs, crafting, and 5-man fights over forts. We need epic content for a video, and that means big meaningful fights without vicious lag spikes.
  6. Cool beans. I'd love to see the one for 5.6 Seriously, it's a good video. 5.5 is a big step towards "game" from "test" and the video features the new additions well.
  7. The article (and forum post) say that the whole necromancy / vessel loop is in, but we can't pull our vessel from the crypt to export it. Given how much effort goes into making a vessel, at this stage that feels like a significant waste. On the other hand, if this persists into release, necromancers will be in high demand because you leave behind all your vessels every time a CW ends. On the other other hand, it would be nice to be able to export your amazing vessel that you wore to win a campaign to a place of honor in your EK. Edit: Nevermind. I forgot a significant piece isn't in play yet. We will be able to take existing vessels between worlds with moon gates. So we'll be using our vessels in multiple worlds, and will not be abandoning them in a CW when it's done. Gotta find another way to keep necromancers in business (back to decay on death then?).
  8. I think the movement of top end harvesting nodes to adventure zones will make harvesting more fun. Certainly more interactive, as you have to fight NPCs and other groups who want the same resources. The first month of gameplay in Crowfall sucks. You enter the game unable to do anything remotely well, and it takes a month before you reach the point that should be the starting point. After that, I think the game will be a great deal of fun, if anyone sticks around that long. The combat is probably too simplistic, but a team of good players can still do some neat stuff together. Given good win conditions, and a good score-tracking system, we could get enough people in game to actually test the fun factor of a campaign world. My original concern about Crowfall was "will people stick around after they get their asses kicked in a CW?" But in the past few months, my concern has become "will people stick around through the terrible starting experience to get to the part of the game we want Crowfall to be judged on?" Harvesting is tedious. It's terribly tedious in the early game, less so at end game. As I said, putting it in adventure zones will help. Having thralls to hunt down for runes will help. A lot, probably. Guild support is something they should have added in 3.0 at the latest. They are shooting themselves in the foot leaving it out this long. Having mounts will help. Having a reason to take and hold forts and keeps will help. Having proper siege mechanics will help. Having more testers will help. We have so few people actually testing the game at any given time that we can't tell if the gameplay systems are going to work. For me, this goes back to "the first 30 days suck" - people simply aren't willing to stick around through a month of tedium to get to the meat of the game. I'm ok with the differentiation between classes. I have issues with some of the designers' ideas about balance (range not being a factor in determining an attack's power budget for example), but balance can be changed pretty readily given designers who listen to competent testers. I think crafting is in a decent place, though the addition of thralls and factories will make a big difference. The skill system could use some OR gates... you can go down this path OR down this path... not "you'll eventually go down every path." The skill system is pretty bland to start with.. Blair has said it represents the same sort of thing you get from levelling up in other games... just stat increases essentially. Other games give you skills as you level - Crowfall dumps them all on you at the start, except for disciplines.
  9. Maybe try complaining about the distance on a ring with all good success or greater. You rolled 4 times (2 pips per), and got 3 fails. Of course it's going to be garbage.
  10. If an enemy and an ally are both dead in my resurrection area of effect, will I end up rezzing the foe as well as the friend? Common sense says no, but common sense also said Crows can't cap forts.
  11. Which I why I specified an additional healing discipline in my comment. The templar class heals don't scale with SP, but they do with weapon dmg, and they're pretty strong. Add a single healing discipline, and allow the templar to generate pips from blocking ranged attacks, and he can sit and heal himself while under fire unless hit with overwhelming numbers. I think it'd be too strong. I actually thought it capped at 100% penetration (ie, no cap), but a guildmate is sure it's 40% so I'm going with that for now, because it's the lesser argument.
  12. I agree with much of what has been said, but here's my 2c worth anyway: The duration of the dmg bonus from knight block is too short. A knight taking shieldfighter gets a 7s uptime instead and that feels much better. The rest of the shieldfighter discipline is crap, sadly. Templar parry was far too strong when it gave pips from ranged attacks being blocked. I feel that its present incarnation is still too strong in a melee situation. Templar in a melee group fight is a ridiculous wrecking machine with the parry knockdown not having a cooldown. I think the knockdown portion needs a 5-7s internal cooldown. At 7s, I would entertain the notion of the templar gaining pips from blocking ranged attacks again, but that may tilt them back into OPness. Right now Templar dominates melee and is vulnerable to ranged. Giving them pips for devotion from ranged attacks feels like it's too strong, and if they're able to take the 750SP minor and a healing disc they'll be nigh unkillable again. Special case - templar is also vulnerable to duelist expose punish, but duelists are useless in mass combat because they're too squishy. 1v1 a duelist > a templar, but 1v1 is nearly meaningless in Crowfall. There is too much armor penetration right now. ArPen caps at 40% and feels readily available, meaning a fully trained knight in the best gear available can have as little as 35% mitigation, since you cap armor mitigations at 75% naturally. If you allowed ArPen to subtract from mitgation that went over 75% (and then still capped the final mitigation at 75%) that'd feel much better. Finally, I'm not clear on how blocking inter-reacts with mitigation. If I have 75% mitigation vs slashing and I block a slashing attack, do I take 25% dmg or 12.5% dmg?
  13. Part 1 of this meeting was cool. Part 2 added nothing worthy of a second video, sadly. Your meeting dragged on too long, Todd. Also, I hope 5.5 isn't waiting on this EK poorly made socks. Force us to make everything in-world by giving us no exports until the end. Takes the EK poorly made socks out of the equation and lets us move forward with the parts of the game that matter to me. Just sayin'
  14. 1. Any time I access the forums there's a chance it tells me I'm not logged in. Doesn't seem to matter how recently I've gone through the process. 2. Nope. It's inconsistent. 3. Canada 4. Happens in both Chrome and Firefox
  15. Good stuff. I enjoy the Fly on the Wall segments. It's amazing how much time and effort go into little bits of the game that seem insignificant to us. I may spend all of an hour (ok, it may take a bit more time than that to place two castles and so on, but if there's a "dump your castle here in generic form" option I will take that) total of my game time messing with parcels and buildings in my EK. I'll set it up once and never touch it again. And yet it will take you hundreds of man-hours to put it in place.
  16. Feels like a big step forward. The knight changes were definitely needed - there was simply too much strain on stamina. It was a neat experiment, but I'm glad you were able to see that it was problematic. Hoping resource costs for energy are balanced well. Pretty much everything you listed was a positive for me. Adventure zones will add depth, and a new map was needed oh so much. Hopefully we'll get an idea of the beachhead - forts - keeps play progression you want via item crafting. The minor discipline for adding support power will open up a lot of options, too. I'd like to see more powers that are currently bundled into major disciplines also have an option as a solo minor discipline (trailblazer, for one. A bleed removal for another. More along those lines). Knowing that the current performance issues are a result of the Unity upgrade is a help, too. At least we're not blaming your engineers for adding something and then not being able to understand why they broke the game with it. Now we can just blame the third party software and be more patient waiting for a fix.
  17. The speed of development is picking up, and we're getting more of the intended gameplay now. We can level our vessels, disciplines are more widely understood and available to more classes (bowknight is a thing now, for instance). And knight feels pretty good right now. The addition of bows to knights has me a bit ambivalent. On one hand, it makes knights a lot more capable. Bows hit hard (because they're slow) and at range, which mitigates some of the problems knights have had up to this point. On the other hand, in many cases, a bow discipline feels almost required to make the class viable. Not in every case, mind, and maybe not going forward, but when they were first added, it certainly felt that way. Right now, I feel balance as a whole is as good as it has ever been in Crowfall. Right now, I don't fear any particular class. I do fear particular players, of a variety of classes. To me, this says the game is in a good place. Personal skill matters, and the classes are close enough to each other that there's no single massively overpowered class/build that dominates everything else. I give the devs a lot of grief over balance when they get it wrong, so it's only fair that I give props to @mhalashace and @thomasblair when they get it right. Now, when we gear up all our classes and combine that with the accelerated training, imbalances may suddenly appear again. But there's a good place at the core, and things will be tweaked many times before release. Things that need work: chain pull still doesn't pull targets all the way to the caster most of the time the dodge-pip-steal is too situational to have on a power on its own, especially given that it does almost no damage. Hard to justify including it on the power bar. We have only a few disciplines that feel viable on the knight. That's actually the case across most classes though. A pass is needed on the weaker major disciplines. Block feels weaker than it should. It needs more mitigation, perhaps. Or the dmg bonus period needs to last longer. Something. It's a pretty small list of problems this time around.
  18. Do you use the same AV / software firewall on all 3? Do they share a modem (or router - cable and dsl modems get called routers all the time)? Does that modem/router have a firewall or do packet shaping? If you already ran a ping to the AWS server with very low packet loss, then chances are it's not a carrier issue, but yeah, run the long ping tests just in case.
  19. Your tracert looks fine, and your RTTs are quite respectable. I get about the same from Western Canada. Your issues with disconnects are unlikely to be carrier related, frankly. I'd be more inclined to blame something on your machine for the disconnects. Either software interfering (AV software and software firewalls are the most frequent culprits), or possibly (though quite unlikely, given that you said it's only CF you're having issues with) a flaky ethernet port. Your modem could also be to blame, especially if it has a firewall built in. Run a "ping -t" for an hour and see what you get in terms of packet loss. Anything under 2% should be fine. If you do get more than that, run "ping -t" (your provider's far edge) and see if the rate differs there. If you get a high rate of packet loss to, that's something you can take to your ISP and complain about. At that point they'll want to check your modem and the first upstream router (the CO), most likely. I suspect the ping dumps will rule out network issues, and would suggest you look carefully at software on your PC or a firewall on your modem. Good luck!
  20. Hmm, some guilds were pretty pro-active, and already had a bunch of their members sign up. Does this bonus apply for backers that have already joined up before this announcement?
  21. This was the most informative stream in months (perhaps ever). Awesome stuff. Sounds like the armor changes will provoke a spirit bank wipe for 5.4 - is that correct?
  22. The new UI showing all the components looks nice. That'll be a welcome change. And I like that it drives the game loop a little by requiring us to hold forts and keeps to have access to advanced crafting stations. I just wish you'd take the next step with legit win conditions and sieges. As it stands, we'll spend 5 mins taking a keep, use the crafting stations, and abandon it to the next group that wants to use it. Still, baby steps, I guess?
  23. Much better than the the normal QA actually - instead of dodging our questions or answering them only tangentially, you gave us info about something we're interested in, in a bit more depth. Hope this becomes a trend.
  24. The problem is real, but the proposed fixes are band-aids. The designers have to go through their classes and give them a budget to split between: overall dps/healing burst dps/healing range escapes movement speed melee CC ranged CC Area effect CC dmg mitigation etc. As long as they're willing to have highly mobile ranged DPS with ranged AE CC in a single class, the melee classes are screwed.
  25. I am logged into the website with one account. I am logged into the forums with another. That probably shouldn't happen.
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