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  1. A. This was a known issue for months (it's in the patch notes as a known issue, even) B. It was fixed in 5.3
  2. I am saddened by the dodging of legit questions. Re: the game loop question: Right now you have the ability to give us a decent map, legit win conditions, and a fixed time limit. That's all we're asking for. We just want a reason to fight and a valid way of tracking who's winning / has won.
  3. I must admit I was disappointed with the response to the knight questions too. Saying that knights will eventually have 6-8x effective health with gear and training is misleading on three levels: knights gain the same amount of value from scaling armor values that the rest of the classes do. Everyone with 75% mitigations will have 4x the effective life of someone with 0% mitigations, no matter their class. you cap mitigations at 75% so a knight with 75% mitigations who's blocking will still have 4x effective life.. block doesn't double effective life. There is absolutely nothing to indicate a knight can get 6-8 times effective life. making knights harder to kill without making them threatening means they will continue to be ignored and avoided until all the high threat targets are dead, and then will be finished off at leisure. As to reasons to attack a knight: 1 - there's nobody else around to attack. 2 - you're melee and there's nobody else around to attack other than a templar. We've gone over it before. There is a fundamental design flaw in Crowfall - your most mobile classes are ranged dps. Your best CC'ers are ranged DPS. There is no overall balance between dps/healer, tank, harasser, ranged, melee. You undervalue range in your calculations dramatically. You put far too much value on rate of attack and not enough on burst dmg. It doesn't matter that an attack has a slow animation if it hits like a truck. Burst dmg is dmg royalty in group combat. Burst dmg from range is king. Little pitter patter dmg has far less value in a fight with healers. Pitter patter damage from melee characters is the least valuable of all, because it is both the most easily avoided, and the easiest to heal through. I was also disappointed in the response to the "how do you respond to us flocking to OP race/class combos?" Looking at the logs to see what's most played is useless. Solo players and casuals skew the numbers too much. What matters is which classes the big successful guilds are bringing to fights. If a big guild brings 6 wood elf rangers and 4 wood elf druids to a 10-man fight, you can be pretty confident that the wood elf teleport is too good.
  4. I think that the crowfall knight has a real identity crisis. It's not a tank - it's pretty squishy really (no self heals, and block has been nerfed so that it's weak (other than elemental reflect, which only works against people who don't know better). Cleric block is knight block + group heals. Templar parry is knight block + knockdown (no cooldown, great dmg)). A knight survives no longer than anyone else when focused. And it can't protect anyone else from harm. And it can't force enemies to focus on itself. It's not a dps - it doesn't hit hard. It could be a harasser - except that its gap-closers are on way longer cooldowns than enemy escapes, and all its CC is point blank range. There are dps classes with very effective ranged CC that make better harassers (as a secondary role to their excellent ranged dps). So what is it that a knight is supposed to excel at? I would REALLY like to hear the thoughts of @thomasblair @mhalashace and @vkromas on this. There's only one tank class in Crowfall - templar. Templar is utterly dominant in that role. The combination of divine light, parry-knockdown with no cooldown (WTF?) and massive dmg, execute, and holy warrior - that combination of powers is ridiculously strong when compared to knight, or even myrmidon. The rest of the templar powers are just icing on the cake. It hits harder, has excellent defense and self-heals, and has a plethora of knockdown options. So what is a knight supposed to do, ACE devs? The knight can't catch ranged opponents, can't hurt melee opponents, and can't take a beating. 1v1 in an arena environment, a knight can do ok against some classes. But that's not what the game is about. In mid and large scale group combat, the knight feels lost. What does a knight do well enough that a group should want to have one over another class? The only reason I get included in groups right now is that there's no one else available. I've been playing and advocating for knights for two years now - since the very start of hunger dome. And honestly, I don't think I've ever been so depressed about the state of the class. Thomas Blair already gave it one re-work, and it still feels pretty useless.
  5. I went back over the video, and with the new harvesting disciplines and the removal of Laborer, I've come to the conclusion that I will need to keep my alt accounts for harvesting. While it's possible to have vessels with harvesting disciplines prepared and in storage, there are a few factors making this less than ideal in the first year of release: Decent vessels will be hard to come by, swap time is quite long (having to run back to a beachhead to swap in a full size CW at release), and so on. Easier (for me at least) to simply have an alt account all set up for harvesting the materials I'll be specializing in. No need to swap vessels - if I need a fighting character in a hurry, I can log my harvester out and login with my main. With the tiny local banks, storage of vessels and associated gear will be problematic, too, which makes the additional storage provided by alts that much more appealing. Removal of laborer means no more 3-pip baseline for harvesting, so we'll need more specialist harvesters. Finally, dedicated harvesting alts will be able to double dip on harvesting training (poor decision, ACE), so in a guild environment with guards and harvesters, double-dipping alt harvester accounts are a decided advantage. I had hoped the new VIP system would enable me to cut down on my alt army, but it's not to be.
  6. It sounds like you're replacing the embargo for end-of-the-cw exports with the spirit bank (which was originally listed as a stop-gap temporary fill in for the embargo). That is... disappointing. At the very least, you need to make Spirit banks only accessible from inside a stronghold, or withdraw-only outside a stronghold. Also, where are crafters expected to store their materials for factory runs? Local bank is tiny. Guild banks aren't mentioned here - they're going to be absolutely crucial. A detailed log system for deposits and withdrawals, like WoW's guild banks have, is pretty much a necessity.
  7. Who cares about slag/cobblestone/knotwood? Laborer is there to smooth the entry level problems for the economy. If it is removed, it could be over a year before a harvester gets 3 pips in all forms of ore harvesting, for example. Laborer providing plentiful 3 to all advanced harvesting allows the economy to be kickstarted with enough materials coming in to make the system work. Without it, there will be problems. @thomasblair can you confirm whether or not laborer is sticking around, please?
  8. It appears that these new harvesting disciplines will replace Laborer. If that is the case, it feels like a step backward: Instead of having one discipline that gives 3 plentiful pips to all harvesting activities, depending on which passive is equipped, we'll have individual major disciplines that give +1 plentiful pips to a specific harvesting type. That means more forced specialization, and will increase the need for trained harvesters. It also means that an individual harvester is going to absolutely suck at harvesting most stuff for the first couple of years, and will suck only a little less at his/her chosen specialty for the first year or more. If Laborer is sticking around, then ignore these concerns - it won't be an issue.
  9. About 5 mins before soft-launch, most likely. We're still in pre-alpha, but the following backer levels have access: Pre-alpha1 Pre-alpha2 alpha1 alpha2 alpha3 The following were added because of a promise made during the kickstarter: beta1 beta2 The following levels do not yet have access and may not until actual beta testing starts: beta3,4,5,6,7,8, and 9.
  10. There are maybe a handful of knights in the game who hit that hard. I have 100% training in knight, lots of combat training, and epic gear. And I'm hitting targets with 0 physical resists because they're running around in leather. On top of that, I'm blocking beforehand on some of those to gain the dmg multiplier on my next attack. If a typical knight were to hit me (I have 45% physical resists in all 4 slots) with a chain pull they'd be lucky to hit for 300.
  11. Thank you. Had this been expressed in the livestream, I wouldn't have been so frustrated. It sounded like you guys weren't aware of the problem from what you said in the stream. In my most recent state of the knight post, I made it clear that I'm mostly happy with how the knight performs when fully trained. Chain pull is the difference between winning and losing in many fights vs ranged characters, though, which is why we harp on it so much.
  12. The change to the cost and dmg on the Knight KD/Bleed combos and to the stun combo made a big difference to my fully trained knight. Now, I generally only run out of stamina when I have to block attacks when I get focused. I am using a 0 PCM weapon, and have 3 PCM nodes trained. I expect when 5.3 hits, PCM will once again be problematic for the first 6 months, but at least with the current numbers, there's light at the end of the training and crafting tunnel. Knight dmg feels good - on my fully trained knight with an epic weapon made by our maxed-out guild blacksmith. I can really do a number on squishy classes wearing leather armor if I can keep them in melee range. The biggest problem the knight has is that all the ranged classes are more mobile than the knight, and our gap closers are on a longer cooldown than the ranged classes' dodge cooldowns, and most particularly, that Chain Pull doesn't work. It hits, and 90% of the time in 5.2.10 it doesn't pull the target at all. 10% of the time it pulls them partway but immediately rubberbands them back to their starting position. Comparing Knight to Myrmidon, Champion, and Templar in turn: Myrm hits harder than knight, has the same problem on net pull that the knight has on chain pull, and requires the character to spend too much time managing the berserk state and mitigating the crash. Myrm and Knight feel roughly analogous to me in terms of effectiveness. Champion has incredible survivability from ultimate warrior heals (edit and especially third wind), and has 3 ways to become invulnerable (C, UW1, UW2), making him tankier than the tank classes at the moment. He does good dps - more than myrm and knight. Negatives are that his attacks feel clunky and he has recently gotten a bug with UW that prevents him from attacking when he triggers it. Templar - amazing area control. The "parry any nearby attack and combo it into an AE knockdown that hit harder than any knight power" ability is ridiculously overpowered. Templar damage is better than knight and myrm, and templar survivability is the best in the game bar none. Templar has two bugs right now, both of which work it its favor: execute sometimes hits twice instead of once, and sometimes the templar goes into permanent parry mode, parrying every attack, and offering the AE KD/dmg after each. Templar is far and away the stronger class at the moment, and I feel the parry/knockdown is the biggest issue with that. All that said, if Knight's chain pull worked as intended, I would be happy playing the knight as my main going forward. I would really like to see the "dodge pip removal" power worked into chain pull rather than being a separate power (it does jack for dmg, requires you to block or 3LMB before becoming available, and takes a really precious power bar slot, so it's incredibly hard to justify slotting at present). So Knight is in a better place than it was in June. I'll post another update when 5.3 hits live and the devs have had a chance to patch any problems it introduces.
  13. How can Blair and Halash still not be aware that Chain Pull is broken and desperately in need of a fix? It's class-breaking. And it's been this way for months. And we've told them about it repeatedly, including on a previous livestream where they looked confused about it. I've submitted over a dozen videos showing the problem over the past few months. And Blair supposedly plays knight. What kickstarter backer level lets me fly to Austin and have a come to Jesus meeting with the designers?
  14. All current playtests are on the LIVE environment, not the TEST environment. Download the LIVE client from the download page.
  15. My Investors access is gone on this account along with my Development Partners forum access on my ruby accounts. This account sees the development partners forum but cannot access it.
  16. Action harvesting looks better than interact harvesting. The new toolbars look okay, too. I worry that harvesting disciplines (on top of laborer) will force us into harvesting alts, regardless of multi-track training. I don't like that we'll have to be out of combat to attack a tree of life - guess we'll have to see how that plays out. If defenders can dizzy down attackers, that's a massive advantage.
  17. Trying to land LMB3 on a ranged character whose dodge you want to steal is the designer's idea of a joke. If they're in range for 3 LMBs I don't need to steal their pips, because they're a melee class. Yes, I could conceivably land 3LMBs on a melee, then turn and chainpull a confessor who strayed too close and steal his pips, but I'm far more likely to get my pipsteal pip by blocking. Besides, because chainpull doesn't apply a CC effect, ranged characters can RMB escape whilst being pulled, so they often aren't there to have their dodge pips removed anyway.
  18. Ranged characters should have only point-blank CC to aid in escapes. Tanks need a way to engage the enemy more consistently. Myrm net pull, if it were working, does this. Knight chain pull lacks a root, and has a much longer cooldown, so it's less useful. The dodge-pip removal power is cool but it requires the knight to have recently blocked before chainpulling the target to them so the power can be used. Consequently, it's hard to justify slotting it on the toolbar. I would like to see the tank classes have the only ranged AE CC. I think overall Crowfall has too much hard CC. Roots, long stuns, and knockdowns are too common. Certainly, none of those powers should be ranged. I would like to see suppress as a point blank power, too, frankly. Slows feel more appropriate. I would like to see other debuffs - crit reducers (both chance and damage), healing reducers (that work), weapon breaks, armor breaks, range inhibitors. All of those feel like they could have more of a place in class powers. I do not like the zealotry / soul power build up concept on hard CC. I think Tanks should possess something to make them valuable to a group. Taking a couple of extra seconds to focus down does not compensate for lack of damage, lack of range, and lack of mobility. Strong CC is the obvious easy solution to give them value. One of my accounts will be confessor/frostweaver. One will be knight. I would love to be able to play the knight and contribute to the group as effectively as I can do on a confessor.
  19. @jtoddcoleman I really like everything you came up with, with one exception: We should be allowed to train 2 skills in general, as listed, but only 1 in each category (combat / exploration / crafting) instead of allowing 1 per tree. Making that one simple change would fix the only concern I have. I love that I can harvest and pvp on the same account now.... except that when I get past combat basics, I'll be forced to train weapons and armor in order to keep up with the Joneses. I can personally alleviate that decision a little bit by using my 5 alt accounts (all of which have VIP) to create 72-hour exploration tomes to feed my main (with 5, I can stagger when I pass specific skill tomes off, for a relatively efficient gain). If you allow only one train in each category, you remove the incentive for this to happen, and fix the only thing that appears problematic with the skills / VIP / Tomes systems.
  20. Just want to confirm that this'll be on TEST, not LIVE. Tyrant mentioned in chat this morning that you were looking at having a build on LIVE this week, and the second part of the quote above could be read as TEST last night, LIVE coming up.
  21. Like the trailer, but we gave up a skills / character sheet reveal for that? Ouch. Hope you guys are having a good time at Gamescom, and that we can pick up the pace once it's over.
  22. For pre-alpha folks, Wednesday's build was 5.2.1. You can login with Wednesday's client and be good to go. The new CWs are not yet up. Edit, I spoke too soon, there's now a 4GB patch.
  23. Thanks for the clarification. It's not what I experienced during my own tests (I couldn't get stamina to tick up during the time I was chaining combat powers) but I expect you can view the actual numbers and see exactly what's going on. I assume you could reproduce the "third party resource restoration powers don't work on the knight's stamina" bug though. That one seems pretty clear. So if stamina recovery IS happening during power use, there's something else wrong. I have a negative final PCM, and am still suffering far more resource starvation than I was before disciplines and PCM were added. Edit: I've just done a test in the 5.2 client, and I am seeing small in-combat regen ticks between power use even when I'm chaining powers together. Here is the video. In it, you can see that I can fully drain my stamina in 10s flat, even with the little regen ticks happening. Is that intended? If so, we are essentially boxed into LMB-focused builds at the moment. We can make that work (bard and troubadour powers don't cost resources, for example, so NchDu's bard build works well), but it does feel quite limiting.
  24. It's already well-established that stamina as a single resource is problematic because sprinting and harvesting reduce our combat resource. The harvesting part isn't really a big deal. The sprinting restriction is more problematic, but it appears to be a drawback of the class that we'll have to live with. The crux of the matter, and the reason that knights feel resource-starved is that stamina-regen mechanics are not designed for stamina as a combat resource. Stamina regenerates both out of combat and in combat in ticks. Every n seconds, we recover x stamina. However, if the knight is using any power that consumes stamina when the tick should occur, the stamina regen is prevented. You can see this during harvesting, sprinting, and blocking. No regen ticks are applied. What is less obvious is that this also happens when attack powers that cost stamina are used. So if I start a 4-4-4 knockdown combo, and a stamina regen tick happens during the animation for any of those powers, the stamina regen is prevented. It doesn't seem to matter that the stamina cost is one-time or instant - the check seems to be "is there a power active that costs stamina? If yes, abort stamina regen." So that's why we feel resource-starved in combat. We're not getting the stamina regen one would expect, because using any power other than LMB prevents stamina regen ticks for the duration of the power. It also doesn't help that third party resource restoration powers (the 3rd LMB healing orb from druids, rallying cry from legios, probably illumination from clerics) don't restore stamina to knights at all.
  25. I really like the design on the cleric - it's a solid healer with no gimmicks - exactly what we needed. Very pleased with this one! I won't be playing one (I fail at support classes) but my wife will play this as her main. Thanks!
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