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  1. Doing work. Holding 1st on Glosbe(NA). Lets see if we keep it thru Winter.
  2. Updated recruitment blurb: Looking for a tight knit, dedicated community that will help each of their members(“casual” all the way through full-time/hardcore play-styles) advance while making sure we can hit the targets we set as a guild? Acolytes is the place for you. GvG Large and Small, Roaming group PvP, Economy teams(Crafters and Harvesters), Hunger Dome teams.. The Acolytes has a place for players interested in it all. New, old, recently returned; It doesn’t matter! 6.51 status: Crafters? Check Legendary; Harvesting? Covered(though there’s always room for more!), PvP? Theorycrafting a
  3. An exceprt from my Astraya Campaign debrief: Haroo Acolytes! The Astraya Campaign is complete. Thanks to the hard work of some new members as well as the steady support of our core several victories were achieved. 3rd Place overall in Divine Favor, top 20th percentile in Glory and top 5th percentile in Power, as well as staying in the top 5 for Conquest. For a guild of our size and memberbase these are no small achievements. We did this on top of our allies in YBR scoring first, and Hax scoring second. We had some fun, hammered out some bugs for ACE, crafted, got some PvP in, success
  4. 6.400 status: Crafters ready for campaign? Check. PvPers? Check! Awaiting the next campaign taking on whatever comes our way. What's missing? Anyone that's looking for a tight knit, dedicated guild that will help each of their members advance while making sure we can hit the targets we set. New, old, recently returned; It doesn't matter...we have a place in the Acolytes for you!
  5. Welcome to all the new members. Our crafting leads are coming along strong and we are ready for whatever the next Dregs can throw at us. Lets do this!!! If you are looking for a tighter knit guild that will help each of it's members advance while making sure we can hit the things we need to do well in Campaigns...look no further. New, Old, Recently returned. It doesn't matter....we have a place in the Acolytes for you.
  6. 6.400 is live, we're hitting the ground strong, look forward to seeing everyone new and old in game!
  7. Inguzelan(NA) Spring? Firstplace! Summer? 1st place in 2 out of 3 categories and 2nd place overall behind Death! Fall? Where will it take us? Join us and find out!
  8. Haroo! Yuletyden EU is over. Acolytes scores with 3rd place overall divine favor. 2nd place Wealth. 2nd place Glory. 20th percentile Power. Good job Acolytes! We participated in EU with the intention of getting some farming, and improving our vessels with the lower overall population. This will be an NA playtime group for the most part. So while we may participate in an EU campaign from time to time, most of us are active NA times.
  9. New members joining daily. Quite a few new players to the game! If you're just getting started, now would be a great time to join us and pick things up with other people just getting their toes wet.
  10. New Logo..New 20 day campaign! We are getting our core into crafted weapons finally after a few hiccups. Haroo! If you're looking for a guild that will help you learn, get into the Economy and PvP...this is the place to do it. Join our discord and ask us questions we'll be there for you.
  11. New guild Crest incoming! Also welcome to our new applicants.
  12. You may!!!! We are going to be making some recruitment requirement changes and you caught us in between them. Step one: Join https://discord.gg/WxjVUfg Step two: Check out the #crow_guild_info tab(It's going to change soon though!) fill out an app in discord and reach out to Dheth, Skullknight or wait for an officer to reach out to you. Step three: Get accepted and join us in learning the game together, kicking ass along the way and having a great time!!!
  13. Thanks for the kind words Barab. We are -loving- this Sureya campaign. Happy to be in the top 5 after the first scoring. 3 more to go!
  14. This is going to be a blast.
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