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    Games, Beach, Kayaking, sunrise sunset photos Owner of Swordandkeyboard.com twitter: @swordnkeyboard @honorshold @honors_elite Promoting Streamers and Devs since 2014.
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  1. ''This thread is better then Disney plus''. - Entertainment tonight.
  2. found instructions for anyone that needs them --
  3. Sorry i tried to look around 1st to find answer. says i have 5 buddy keys but i only see one keycode. I don't want give the 1 code out incase whomever i give it to shares it with 4 others then i cant share with who I choose to share. just trying to find out how it works. please explain or point me in correct direction to read how it works. thank you.
  4. Greetings All, So it say im a ''Purchase at Backer Level 2015Backer level 2015'' It's been so long I have no idea anymore even what I bought for 57.00 lol. Would love to have some direction or info on that if possible. Bit late but I wanted to wait until the game materialized / I think its a good time to get it and check things out. I did quite a bit of promoting this on twitter for Crowfall along time, had nothing but outstanding correspondence with Todd and staff. Then my Mom was struck with stomach cancer and I was away a few years as my head was not really all there. But d
  5. Welcome, good day to you.   :)

    1. swordandkeyboard


      Wow 1st time I logged in and I have 100 views amazing LOL

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