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  1. This makes me sad. Even 4 and half years later...
  2. Almost 11 months later-- who's still around this weekend to teach me the new Prima Guide Pro Tip strats for the Big World-- in case Serrated isn't?
  3. Serrated's is trying a new strategy! Attempted defamation! As much as we'd like to take credit for this happenstance that occurred on a server we never played on in a game we quit playing months ago-- we can't... which makes me sad panda... It's good to be in folks thoughts!! Keep bringing the epic strats!
  4. Seems to me the Serrated folk are still holding a bit of animosity towards us... I'm sorry we hurt your feelings, but it is what it is-- you may want to do a bit more research before attempting to get your forum revenge by hurting our feelings! Inevitably leading to more embarrassment on your part. Logged into AA for the first time in weeks... w/ regards from Kraken! Sorry again for your hurt feelings, but don't give up hope! Here's Puppymonkeybaby to help dry your tears!
  5. Show me the diamond/plat rating in 1s on a force master or blade master-- then I might think about being impressed!
  6. You shouldn't say such things w/o a gif to back it up.
  7. Well my Gotta have faith gif was in reply to the comment above it as was the Star Wars "Noo"-- I'd say they were on-topic with the discussion. But I'll be sure to put text captions to meet the "substantive accompanying text" guidelines. This is Peter Pan and he's disappointed with my actions.
  8. Yeah I'm sure there's quite a few folks that aren't too happy about the times.
  9. omg crowfall tomorrow See you there....
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