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  1. Crafting is a side activity and done apparently to support the PvP'ers. If you click on the links in this reveal and put together the FAQ's with that chart, it's the two things that were deal breakers for me: compulsory PvP and full loot. Also, I live for PvE and it's now sounding like there will be utterly no PvE. This game is the very opposite of everything I want in a game.
  2. And the devs also intimidated that there would also be other choices. This latest reveal says not. So, in that regard, they've been less than honest. But what else is new? Very few honest people in the world. I'm one of them and let me tell you, it does not make one popular.
  3. Bye-bye, now! How lame that you wait this far in to just spell out in plain English that you are insane enough to try to remake SB. Have fun flopping again. Hope you have enough funds to prop a game that loses money.
  4. Unfortunately, I just read the last update and the links it contained to FAQ's and all and, nope, full looting and mandatory PvP, the two deal-breakers for me. I'm not only out of here but am totally disgusted with Todd and the rest. The first few days of this they were saying that there was going to be PvE options and solo options and dropping hints that there may be a place to fit in if you didn't want to PvP. Now it's pretty much not really. Look at that chart. To reach the end, you go through increasing loots, including 100% loot halfway through. Think I want to work that hard to have some SB-psycho take it all away from me? That's not my idea of fun. I'll stick with Wiz where you get to keep what you work hard for, where the motto is with perseverance success is guaranteed. Where no one can just steal my massive hoards -- and I'm maxed out on all but the rarest and they're in 100's -- of reagents. Thanks for the invite, seventhbeacon. I do appreciate it but this is just not the game for me. You can remove my name from the list. If Wiz ever shuts down (going strong so I'm not worried about that happening, tbh), I'll find something more to my liking. I never did care for boxing.
  5. Thank you but I've lost a lot of heart for this already, tbh. I feel much let down by Coleman. He really led his fans from Wizard101 on a wild goose chase.
  6. Gee, great idea. Then it can fail like SB did. I doubt that's the goal. Obviously, there's similarities but they must have some twist in mind. It's thoughts like this that keep me here in these forums being a pain to one and all.
  7. If our name here was going to be our in-game name, we should have been warned that it would be. Just saying.
  8. No, I would not. My hang-up is not wanting to inflict pain on other players. Great question tho.
  9. I didn't coin the phrase. Duh. And, of course, if I don't like the game, I'm not going to play it. I don't own the ball. Artcraft does. I'd just leave.
  10. Or -- they're right on base and the truth hurts. I've seen no one explain exactly why that OPEN PvP (in other words you don't know when and where you'll get jumped still) can't work just as will with just those who are willing to participate. Only cowards want those whose skills don't match their own.
  11. Actually, every single one of my arguments were against either non-consensual PvP or looting or both. If they'd just clarify if those are going to be a thing or not, would go a long way to clearing up the obvious rift in this community.
  12. Where have they stated that? I've been giving them more than a chance and it's enough already. At least, let us know some basics so we needn't continue if this is not going to be our thing like will there be nonconsensual PvP and looting and if the only PvE is to support the PvP'ers, because the hell with that too quite frankly.
  13. Spit it out already. If this is going to be SB2, just be honest and upfront about it and spare both sides. It's OK really. I'm halfway to thinking this isn't worth wasting me time on any further anyway.
  14. What's so meaningful about PvP? Just because my thing isn't your thing doesn't mean my thing isn't meaningful. It just isn't for you. PvP with those who want to -- or are you another stinking coward? What seems to be too much for the non-consensual PvP proponents is actually facing each other instead of those who aren't into fighting. In other words, you want opponents at an immediate disadvantage to you because their heart isn't in it. In my book, that makes you yellow.
  15. Hopefully there will be but hopefully both it and PvP are optional. Perhaps you can level different ways. By either PvP or PvE or crafting.
  16. Aw, did I mess with all your liddle pre-conceived notions and the fact that you don't get to tell me what to do? Fact is, I've said from Day 1 that I'm waiting to see if it's something I will try or not. Still holding true but looking doubtful unless there is meaningful PvE apart from PvP. We shall all see. It's such a straw man and cheap, childish trick to boot when you call someone a troll or attention seeking because they shoot down your notions and you can't dispute them. Says more about you than it does me when you resort to such tactics.
  17. No!? Am I really? I had NO freaking idea. I thought I had to sit around and twiddle my thumbs waiting anxiously for this one. Well, hopefully, you won't but the fact of the matter is they can want niche all they want but for the game to sustain itself and not shut down, it will have to show a profit. Unless they're so wealthy they don't mind losing money, it either makes it or it shuts down. End of story. Cruel fact of life. Something doesn't stay alive just because you love it. You know, because that niche market thinking worked so well for the original SB. What is it I've been saying is the definition of insanity? Oh, yeah, to keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Now I'm betting there's more than either side is seeing because I'm assuming the devs are sane. They may not want to make millions but they very well know they do have to make enough to stay alive. I bet there is going to be some basic fundamental difference between this and SB. What I'm hoping is it won't be non-consensual PvP and looting. It remains to be seen. I don't know and you don't know and they're telling us bit by bit until they reveal all at the end of the countdown. I do know I won't even be playing the beta let alone shelling out cold, hard cash for it when it goes live unless PvP and looting are only among those consenting to leave themselves open to it and I can quest and craft in peace separate from them. Point blank. Yes, I realize this probably means I won't be playing, but we shall see. I also say if that's the case, it's going to flop as badly as SB did the first time around for the same reasons and I'm going to be sitting here saying they were crazy, after all. I gave them too much credit.
  18. Yeah, my 11yo grandson didn't think of that one and I didn't mention it. Let him stick with that girl in his class we all call Beautiful behind her back. I asked grandson how do you find a guild. He shrugged and said I always start my own. I said isn't it a pain bossing people around and he shrugged and said I let them do what they want to do, we just have each others backs. I'm waiting to see if soloing is feasible. Tbh, if not, I won't be playing and it doesn't sound like it is. Especially not for a carebear cousin. Grandson voice chats and it drives me nuts. I'll be talking or playing Wiz and I'm like wait a minute are these people hearing me? He lies and says no.
  19. I think I'm basically already disappointed and that you're probably going to lose money on it.
  20. Then, plain and simple, it isn't for me. Tully and I have different ideas of fun.
  21. Also, how would it prevent zerging? And it has been mentioned that we should be able to solo. I haven't applied for any of the guilds yet because I'm not at all sure I want to. In fact, I'm pretty sure I don't. That may or may not be feasible in this game. If it's not, I'm one of those it's not for. Same for open PvP and looting period, even partial looting. But I only guess and deduct too and could also be way off base. I've just been seeing signs that there are going to be choices between different ways to play the game from the first teaser about making something new on. We may all be seeing what we want to see and it could very well be something none of us expect.
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