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  1. I still like that game, it's still fun. d: Started the game on the wrong foot (solo-ing it) for half a year-ish, but got it right after awhile. And, now, finally homed in a good guild.
  2. Just pledged and joined Ascendance, coming from another LG guild. Can't wait to try the game!!
  3. Hi all, New guy here, you can call me Ark. Been lurking on the site and forum for a month ish and really liking the lore and concept, so finally decided to pledge. My only MMO experience so far is with ESO (which I've been playing since beta, and still playing now .. I know, I know). It was also the game that brought me my first PVP experience. I'm not great with PVP, so this game is kinda a leap of faith on my part. Looking forward to trying out Hunger Dome 1.1 (I just saw my invite!) and more! Cheers!!
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