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  1. Greetings If any of you are old veterans of the Carnage server, we're looking for old screenshots. Specifically if you have any that have 8D members in it. I don't care if you're killing us, getting killed or just standing around. It's the one game we played that we can't find any screen shots of. Thanks!
  2. Back on topic! Care Bear movie turns 30! http://mentalfloss.com/article/62445/20-things-you-might-not-know-about-care-bears-movie
  3. OK let me explain! Let's say Rainbow Brite and the Get-a-Long Gang were investigating the disappearance of Strawberry Shortcake and needed the help of Tenderheat Bear but he couldn't help because the care meter in Care-A-Lot was too low. Would blue still taste like strawberries because the sky is 8?
  4. You have to admit though, Todd showed tremendous restraint keeping his eyes up.
  5. I was wondering the same thing. How many people didn't actually put up the money they pledged.
  6. Boom what? Carebear is a term used in gaming for those who avoid pvp because they prefer pve. My mother-in-law plays MMOs, she likes to craft and hates pvp. She is a carebear and knows it. KGB and PD look for fights on any server and would gladly rip your arm off and beat you to death with it. See the difference?
  7. I'm not sure why I read your posts anymore. They're difficult to read with all of the misplaced ellipsis and extra spacing between lines. Usually your point is completely wrong and it seems like you're just a troll who never got over Shadowbane going away. I have to ask though, how exactly do you classify KGB as carebear? I've played as an ally of KGB in AoC, Warhammer, GW2 and now ArcheAge. They are anything but carebear.
  8. I think the best way to describe this game is not by comparing it to games in days gone by but rather to call it an evolution in the genre. The creative team behind this game worked on a lot of different game types in the MMO genre and are students of the game. What you're seeing is the next stage in MMOs not Shadowbane 2, UO2 or Eve2. The vision here is created a new multiplayer game experience. You'll see some of the elements common to all of the games you've seen in the past and some new ones.
  9. This has most likely been discussed somewhere but I am lazy. I am currently playing ArcheAge and can't wait to play Crowfall. Please someone tell me that Crowfall crafting won't be dependent on RNG. I had one of those ArcheAge regrading experiences where I feel like I went to the strip club and kept buying lap dances until I ran out of money, then went to the ATM and emptied it and at the end of it all I got kicked in the nuts. For those of you with no ArcheAge regrading experience, you probably don't know what I mean. It's painful.
  10. Wolf's Dragoons was the guild that wouldn't die. We fought so many battles with WD...
  11. I love when the game creator's latest press release vaildates my post.
  12. Interesting concept. It's not unlike the browser game model (Travian, Evony, C&C: TA) where there is a definitive winner and loser in a game life cycle. The difference here is that your character remains when the campaign resets and it looks like there will be things to do when not in a campaign. A browser model the game ends and a new one begins, like the game of risk analogy. I'm hooked, can't wait to see the next release and see how this idea evolves. This should drive off those folks looking for the next cookie cutter WOW clone.
  13. You're still not getting my point Gonzo. There was no competition because we wouldn't allow any. An open world pvp game that allowed you to totally dominate a server is BAD for both the players being dominated and the players doing the domination. In Shadowbane we had the ability to completely and utterly destroy a group of players will to continue to play the game. So we did that and eventually had nothing to do. I'd love for you to counter my argument by somehow coming up with the server log ins by month over the life of the game. I know you can't because you don't have them and neither do I. I would "guess" that you would find them to dwindle as the game went along until they were small enough to force server closures and eventually a F2P game.
  14. Guys like gonzo are why I usually don't post legitimate questions on forums. Let me clear up some misconception you might have about my post as it seems like you didn't read it. I do "get it". I was the leader of the Eighth Direction on Carnage. We dismantled and destroyed every city in the north on the main continent and were the absolute dominant force on that server from the beginning until we got bored and quit. I know what it means to take out a very large and very populated city, burn it to the ground and camp the tree so people are forced to quit their guild and build somewhere else only to have us burn that a week later. We were so bored that we decided a good way to force people to fight us was to totally control the northern elf and commander rune spawns so that no one would be allowed to farm there unless the fought us for it. Eventually so many people quit the server due to not being able to play that we had no one left to fight. Here is the flaw that needs to be addressed. On every server there was a guild just like us. Hardcore gamers in a totally open world pvp system will drive casual gamers out of the game. You may find this shocking mr gonzo but developers don't make money off of guys like you. They make money from the people who would rather spend a few extra bucks than a few extra hours. Hardcore pvpers are a small, very small, percentage of the MMO gaming populace. Here's how the MMO lifecylce would work in your world. Hardcore gamers kill casuals and make them quit -> money stops coming to game for support -> game dies. My point is, there needs to be some kind of balance in a game so that the hardcore pvpers can get fed the tears of salt they long for and the casual gamers need to feel relevant in a big cold world. If there is no balance, the game will die. It's not a guess, it's a fact.
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