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  1. From the combat I experienced on the Myrm I was leveling seemed to be a lot smoother power after power. The Beserk mechanic seemed to feel as though I had a chance to cancel it all the way up to the very last second where as before that felt iffy. Felt that maybe the Berserk pool that pops up needs to be 15-20% bigger. Seemed like I was still having to look down more at the power bar rather than whats happening in front of my character, but I do like that it is now placed under the character on top of the tray. The leveling experience itself seemed alright. Definitely noticed I was having to run to new locals for higher level mobs more often where as in the previous versions one could stay in a certain zone in one wartribe till a certain level then move to a new zone rinse and repeat. Didn't mind that artifact binds were a little bit harder to get and craft in fact it made it feel better that when I had enough to make one or two I felt good. The worlds seemed more like an actual world with the different building and land parcel features that were on each map making them feel unique. Not sure if this was the randomizer at work but I liked it. One thing I definitely noticed myself doing, and loved it, was after the first couple night cycles it got in my head that "Thralls are gonna pop up be on the look out" and so as each night started to approach I would find myself getting sidetracked trying to find Thralls in different zones everytime. Found myself as I was leveling in the beginning rather than later doing more crafting and harvesting as I was running out for wartribes or animals for exp. Fps was lower than usual but even though it was lower it would still stay within that range. For example with graphics on medium and everything turned off I found myself hovering around 43ish fps. Server stability wise as of Sat 3/28/20 snaptest, server seemed to be in a good place the entire time at least it seemed that way on my end. Maybe had seen a spike once or twice briefly. All in all this was a good start. Keep it up.
  2. Seems the only way to break Whirlwind is by using Dodge or another ability instead of jumping out to cancel it. Colossal Smash is animation cancelable and if an enemy is in range the stun will still go off Ult red aura persists after usage occasionally Trying to sell basic items at vendor says -1/-2 instead of 0. Elk ground AOE show full circle and immediately disappears with only the animation going off, after elk death ground aoe continues Some apples that drop have the legendary glow on them but are normal apples Loot targeting seems to be very specific sometimes when aiming at bodies Frost Armor even though it says you have the buff does not always activate armor or armor mitigation stats unless its bugged on the inventory screen Details is also showing when it works that my armor was 4753 but the armor in the normal inventory window shows 8253 Guild badges are not always showing Combat music can occasionally persist Ambient sounds would cut in and out Menu Vessels and Crow are very bright
  3. The idea for god's reach was more for after next patch since this patch that we have been on is several months old and we knew there was not gonna be anything else done to it til the next patch is ready. ACE's intention as to my understanding is eventually the in between time for campaigns is suppose to be on the EK's rather than God's Reach. This idea could have changed though since I last heard. My initial write up on the passive catch up was not well written as people had not understood and that's my bad. In terms of the active grind you're right there isn't suppose to be one since its passive, but I thought there could be maybe some way one could actively help catch up. When it comes to the hoofed monster vessels in game in general they have hooves therefore they all could have the shoes. For god's sakes someone keeps stealing the nethari (left or right) glove so they run around like michael jackson. Last part was for fun.
  4. Nope not what I mean. Doesn't matter what tree it is the "rested" time would be for whatever tree. So an example I will try and make is, say there is 100 minutes total time since launch of game. - Player #1 has been in game since launch with 100 minutes clocked in a passive tree and therefore has 0 rested EXP and the game goes on as it does now. - Player #2 is newer with only 50 minutes into a passive tree which means they would have some amount (devs would come up with the grind points or how they are obtained) of points that the player would have to catch up to the rest of the player base with, BUT at a high cost of grinding said tree. Hopefully this makes more sense of what I was saying.
  5. So I don't think you understand what I am saying. There is no pay to win in this scenario since the players are not paying for anything at all. If it would help to make a comparison the system I was trying to explain would be similar to that of a WoW character with rested exp. Once that player hits that threshold there is no more gain. I'm not trying to say that the new person that grinds out physical pieces of gear while also passively training should or could get ahead of the "badass" that started from the very beginning, but that there would be a chance for them to catch up passively with the person who was around longer. Now reminder there would be no catching up once they got to a certain point in the tree and perhaps if there was a catch up like this it would still take a very long time and a looooooot of grind. So with that and the amount of grinding a new Crow would have to do would inadvertently make them a better crafter, for instance ,as they went along.
  6. GR is not mean't for meet and greets or personal traes. The meetings and trades are eventually going to be on EK's where there will be player vendors etc. Eventually they will be taking away the player vendors in GR. While I agree it would make someone feel like a bad ass. I think it would be even harsher to have to make a person on top of active training a vessel, having passive training going on, and then having to do even more work to catch up to present passive timers is harsh. Now mind you this process is to catch up to the live timers on passives, once close to or at the same pace as the timers you no longer get the catch up mechanic. Just seems better than scrolls.
  7. Thoughts I have had on the game that maybe good? Maybe not? Would like to hear back on others thoughts. - God's Reach starter areas should not allow vessels that have reached the level cap, or maybe even to 20, to come back into the zone after having left previously. - Passive Skill tree catch up mechanic that is like rested exp where say someone has come late to the Crowfall party and are now behind could catch up if they were willing to grind out in said area of a skill tree. - Think assassins should get at least 2 uses from their stealth seeing as confessors get 2 uses out of there ults and the assassin is just as squishy if not more. - Myrms and Elken should be able to use horseshoes seeing as they are hooved.
  8. - Debuffs can be gotten rid of by running through runegates. - There is a subtle model push that happens when one stops moving and another player comes up and stands real close to them. Same Happens when one stops moving in a combat scenario against a npc where the npc will sometimes keep moving into you and push you back. - When putting an item/items into the sacrificial window the EXP is sometimes one less than what it says in the inventory highlighting item tool tip. For example 18 venom sacs 308 XP but in Sacrificial window 307 XP. - Campfire Outpost Guards will not always notice you if you dodge roll into circle behind the flag post. - Live/US East - Virginia / Freyren (NA) / An Dun XYZ: 2346, -2, 1687 - Live/US East - Virginia / Freyren (NA) / An Dun XYZ: 3689, -2, 2607 Copper and Tin on top of each other - Live/US East - Virginia / Freyren (NA) / Axis Mundi XYZ: 2979, 1, 3677 Outpost says Chaos captured but can't see the recapping mechanic. - When using Banner of Storms on top of ore nodes it negates the ability to mine the node until the ability AoE has passed.
  9. - Live/US East - Virginia / Freyren (NA) / Chaos Temple XYZ: 2165, 14, 2692 Copper Nodes inside of Hill structures - Live/US East - Virginia / Freyren (NA) / Islemera XYZ: 3610, -2, 2388 Aurelium and Tin nodes on top of each other - Live/US East - Virginia / Freyren (NA) / Islemera XYZ: 2105, 1, 2627 Muskhog spanwer is in the air
  10. + Player logged out of group with the Leadership Passive and then disbanded group therefore no one could see the ore they had mined. + When there is nothing left of the chicken ticker logging out and re-entering a server in gets rid of the Hungry-No Regen Tag and one can resume with whatever as if they had full ticker. + Enbarri npcs are called Urgu in the Combat Tab. + Well inside Ash Tree | Satayn Campaign Roggoth (1069, -2, 3229)
  11. -In combat tab of chat it still calls aurelium ,gold -askhoven xyz 2386, -2, 2922 granite r9 and iron r9 on top of each other.
  12. With Trial of Yaga started I log in and characters are missing unless I try to make a new one and vault completely empty.
  13. Live/Joveth/Elisia Rank 5 Location: 1872, -1, 2531 - Yew Tree Node and Copper Node are stacked on each other.
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