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  1. Not sure if its a bug, forgot to take out, etc. World banks appear at respawn outposts. With these banks at the respawn outposts I have passively noticed myself never going to or looking for an actual world bank structure on the maps which has me wondering why have them there at all if they have a new location especially if that new location has a pvp incentive.
  2. - There appear to still be world banks at respawn outposts with the change back from the loot drop rules prior. - Players after retaliating occassionally have the CC Immune blue aura continuously show. - After several combat engagements or prolonged engagements some or all ground aoes stop showing up on screen - Sound cuts out eventually from fighting or harvesting motherlodes.
  3. - Changing Faction in the Infected gives you the enemy temple debuff and then kills you on the spot no teleport out. - Tooltip for Scent of Blood and Unstoppable have the "%%" in the descriptions. - Whirlwind, Furious Slash & Cast Net combo moves in the tooltip do not show what the combo move does. - Castle wall joints in the Infected/Sky Point are not all entirely joined. - Seem to crash a lot around the rune gate in the Earth Temple of GR. - Titan Berserk can still go below 0 hp and die. - EK's don't wanna seem to start up after trying to launch them. -
  4. Thoughts on the Myrmidon Tree and each Promotion (Granted we are about to have added stats etc. to the talent trees): - Bloodied Swipe in its current state seems pointless as an ability for the class. From a regen source the juice is just not worth the squeeze when it comes to looking for an ability to help keep up Fury. Restoration Strike from the Minor Disciplines that a Myrmidon can select is all around more viable. Bloodied Swipe > Gore Combo is hitting a target for a static number of damage less than the Resto Strike Combo which does weapon dmg % + another weapon dmg % that is gre
  5. - Hunter Hunted Buff from Gore only seems to help with the Basic Attack Dmg on the first stack and no other stacks even though it does not state otherwise. Same could also be said for the Fury regen portion which seems to be stacking just fine all the way up to 8 stacks which seems to be the max one can have. - Bloodied Swipe ToolTip popup does not state what the combo ability does. - Restoration Strike ToolTip popup does not state what the combo ability does.
  6. Being close or within the rez circle for a dead target gives other already alive players death shroud.
  7. Inguzelan (NA)/ Styrkarr (1852, 6, 2136) - Everyone in my group that ran into this spot had gone into a loading screen and then stuck there until hard restart of the client.
  8. - Black Mantle Immunity is not working on Unholy Beast Major. - Trap Master and Traps in general seem to fall through Throne Rooms Lodge buildings.
  9. Now don't go and leave yourself out of that group Jah you make 11 ok. Everyone needs a free floating cleric for that little extra.
  10. - Frostweaver can use the blink part of the ability Forest Step, but cannot do the Tendon Slice. Says "Not enough Energy".
  11. Does this mean we get the Hero Tankard Twice for the LIVE server testing that happened when the UNITY folks were on?
  12. - Paladin Promotion for Divine Light still cost one pip to use when the tooltip says does not use any pips anymore. - Major Adjudicator says Templars can use it but unless Templars are about to be able to use Great Maces I think this is a bug.
  13. - Paladin Promotion for Divine Light still cost one pip to use when the tooltip says does not use any pips anymore.
  14. - In a group in the same zone will show group members as if in another zone if you get too far away from them while still in the same zone. - When running up to the Satyr Camp in the Earth Temple there is about a 20 fps drop and if in it or near it whenever your camera quickly turns there is a major fps drop. Hard to focus a target for some classes cause of the constant camera turning. - NPC's will charge away from you instead of towards you if they have a charge attack. - Sun Temple, just after the Knife Ears Camp at location (2312,-2,2487) as you climb the hill it teleports you back to
  15. - Mino Bullrush knocks targets underground forever lost to time. - Pressing ones "W" key down while Bullrushing brings the charge to a halt while the animation continues. - Vengeance Wording in the tooltip doesn't match the affect that happens with the ability i.e. one heals continuously past the point that Vengeance was activated. This has still been the case since we started testing 5.110. + It rained in spring.
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