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  1. Shenanigans, Tom Foolery, and roaming.
  2. - Alliance Invite screen would pop up, I would hit "Y" to accept invite, nothing would happen after. - Would Try Inviting on my end via the Alliance Window, same thing would happen for other guild.
  3. - Centaur Wild Charge not properly pushing people away. - Noticed people able to fall off edge of world, stop falling what looks to be halfway down the cliff, stop, and then be able to port out.
  4. -Upon queueing for a GR Zone if you decide to back out it greys out the ability to go into any other server.
  5. Tried the newest version of npe and hit 30 before I guess I was suppose to be done? Which then lead me to feel like my leveling experience was done and didn't need to go further. Now knowing that there is still missions to do after leveling a vessel to 30, new players will do the same and not finish the questing in the Arborium etc zones. that you guys are wanting the new players to experience. Might want to take out some fluff questing if you want them to see that stuff. I as well as other vets I'm sure will hope for a non npe leveling server if we would rather go that route instead which may end up helping a little if anything zone stability wise for those npe servers on launch.
  6. Big World crafting where it was not a given if what you crafted would actually make it to your inventory and then we would hear the lamentations of other players in the General chat with their woes of lost final combined items. "The Take Bug taketh, the Take bug occasionally giveth." - Dark Times
  7. Loading into game for the first time with update, Intro video breaks the login. Second time login skips intro and then when trying to press the Replay Intro It goes to the blank screen with nothing but the ESC Exit key showing and locks up the game.
  8. - Minotaur Bullrush at level 30 is not connecting correctly with targets in that upon use of the ability you sometimes go into the sprinting animation, hit a target, pop back up into combat stance, and the ability will finish with no damage done and no knock up/down. Only time dmg/cc happen is if you are able to do the full animation and hit a target which would then activate the dmg/cc and if there were targets behind the initial target they are also getting dmg/cc.
  9. Maybe its me but if the developers in the Lobby chat are noticing that teams are pretty tanky and not really killing anyone during the whole event then there might need to be a slight change for to the group composition before the tourney for instance limiting groups to 1 Support, 1 Defense and the rest Damage. Also heard someone say that no one killed anyone till the very end or at all because the game mode isn't about killing. You just need to survive the final closing of the Hunger circle. If some quick tweaks for instance with group comps at least then you will see this happening at the opening of the tourney as well where the most exciting moment will be the last 5 seconds of the match and even then it might be dull cause its people standing around throwing aoe heals down.
  10. - Died, went into crow form, stuck in place and can only fly up.
  11. - Righteous Perry is allowing the user to stay in a blocking stance through the Hunger Fog keeping them from dying. - Cairns aren't lootable as well as floating.
  12. - Right Click on the mouse says it is a reserved key and cannot be rebound, yet it can be cleared from the default key bind and the only way to rebind it is by resetting all key binds to default and starting over. - Minotaur Bull Rush is knocking up enemies as if traveled the entire distance of the power even if stopped earlier by another target. Not very consistent on the hit/knockup/knockdown but the animation triggers still when reaching a target. - Durrgyn the Old is in the ground. - Berserk will cause other abilities to seem greyed out on the bar as if they worked the same as Neck Slash. - Camera doesn't readjust after mounting. - Fernando in Sun Temple GR is inside cart. - Wells still seem broken. - Sun Temple Keep stairs railing doesn't want to appear and stay invis. - Hand of the Gods fist part of the animation stays in place in zone upon its first usage and then there on any other times used in zone the fist will still appear in its originally used local.
  13. Not sure if its a bug, forgot to take out, etc. World banks appear at respawn outposts. With these banks at the respawn outposts I have passively noticed myself never going to or looking for an actual world bank structure on the maps which has me wondering why have them there at all if they have a new location especially if that new location has a pvp incentive.
  14. Now don't go and leave yourself out of that group Jah you make 11 ok. Everyone needs a free floating cleric for that little extra.
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