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  1. - When using the Pixie abilities Wee One and Pixie Dust have a lingering white noise sound after they have ended that then the sound stacks on use again making the white noise louder and louder. - In the NPE Bandaging mission, if you bandage then while that animation is active hit "F", once through the dialog screen the only way to move again is by using a dodge ability. - Very beginning of NPE when your vessel comes in and straight into the dialog box, if you get kicked for inactivity and then come back into the GR, your screen becomes stuck with the user UI and the dialog box UI stacked on each other thus making the only way to get out by ending the task. Image in the link is of what it looks like when this happens. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MEaUelQT9eg-atxO1aI7yuUq1tn4XDeP/view?usp=sharing
  2. For the first round on initial testing of NPE these are my thought: - Nothing explains to you that you should equip weapons or how to go about using attribute and talent point. - Would be nice to have some sort of window showing rewards for quest turn in. Might seem weird for a first time player to all the sudden find items in their inventory. - Would have been nice to have something show you where to slot mount in inventory. - Can't wait to see the next iteration.
  3. Exploration Basics Tree thoughts - Node "Movement" should be combined with "Movement Proficiency" so that the Bandage Node + small campfires can move over to the combat portion and take over the node location that Movement was in since bandage and the campfire are more combat focused. - Nodes Logging Basics and Harvesting Beeswax should be with the skinning portion of the tree since right after one is ok to move on the trees split off and as of right now this would make it take so much longer for the skinners and loggers to move on to their specific trees since they would have to deal with another areas starter nodes.
  4. - Sound is not synced to animation on the mount ability - Artifact stations don't show the specific section for crafting Binds - Visual bug account side that shows the Leap dirt trail continuously following after effect is done. - Wartribe Rangers ability Archer's Stake does not appear underneath them and usually at the location of their target. - Kick sand and Disarming Shout do not grey out when there is not enough Rage and inversely Rend does not show available when there is enough rage. - Fort unclaimed have overlapping words on the Fort UI it says Protected and Unclaimed over the top of each other - When leaving a guild you are still able to see the guild chat from your previous guild.
  5. - Several items do not want to export from previous campaign. - Stoneborn model chest area seems to look caved in by the pectoral muscles. - Whirlwind ability continues when stunned/rooted by wartribes but the animation/fx stop showing entirely and uses no Fury. - Toughness ability on Juggernaut is not updating the health pool correctly on screen but does show in details correctly. - Yew wood says "wood_yew_01_display_name" - Some items such as gold that is exported from the campaign does not want to stack with existing stacks.
  6. - Invisible Respawn Outpost Guard kept from allowing to takeover Outpost https://clips.twitch.tv/CaringFunnyPandaTBTacoLeft - Fort Defenders can get caught and stuck in an immune state therefore not allowing a fort to be taken. https://clips.twitch.tv/UninterestedDeafPotatoBabyRage - Believe Sturdiness is causing players to lose half their health when going through Runegates. - Weird campaign wide noise https://clips.twitch.tv/SincereCarefulKathyPJSalt
  7. - Health Bar on log in to GR is halved. Ex: Pit Fighter Champ w/ 9326 HP has 5326 on log in. - Blood of the Giant Barrier does not appear on the health bar - Bonfires and braziers fire seems to be gone unless it was turned off on purpose. - Spiders in Moon temple/Last Crossing gain CC immunity aura when trying to net pull https://clips.twitch.tv/PerfectAgitatedGoshawkKappa - Going through rune gates takes away health pool almost by half - Beams from rune gates in temples show what I would assume are model points on the affect. https://clips.twitch.tv/AmazingCalmScorpionPraiseIt - Amor Mitigation Tab says Slashing twice - Overwhelming odds buff keeps giving buff after enemies are slain because the buff is counting the cairns with loot as living enemies. - Vault is bugged with out of order items until interacted with.
  8. Myrmidon Ult compared to the availability of other ults feels like it needs tweaked with building soul power a little faster, maybe 2 uses within a promo class like the Alpha gets, or maybe a little higher in the damage category. Lowering the stats on mob drops has been nice to see. Wonder though if drops that either had an attribute or statistic associated with it while still staying lower like they are now would be enough to make crafters feel more useful. This would also emphasize the idea of having to make a choice with dropped gear between either having stats on a piece or an attribute OR do I go with the crafted gear instead.
  9. - Enbarri Cleric Blind isn't blacking out the screen. - Unable to dismount pack pigs. - Initial hit on nodes do more damage than the next hits after. - Passive skill tree node points text upgrades say for example "-1.2TEXT > -1.8TEXT | -3TEXT_S" - Not always connecting or making contact with guinecians while bullrushing. End up running over the top of them. - Combat log is bugged where it will disappear and come back randomly Bullrush into Vengeance animation cancel and hits from 10+ meters away <iframe src="https://clips.twitch.tv/embed?clip=ImpartialObliqueTriangleSoBayed" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="true" height="378" width="620"></iframe> Mino Myrm Dodge still does leap damage https://www.twitch.tv/furriousbeardshow/clip/CrunchyAgileCarrotStinkyCheese - Chest inside Cooking station Zelig [17 to 20] (2461, 7, 2561)
  10. - CD Timers aren't showing - Wild Charge will shoot the enemy through your vessel when moving forward when it should push them back. - Thrall descriptions in the combat log go by "Monster_thrall_minion_human_knight_f" for example - Hover over details on powers or non permanent buffs and in the description for the duration goes by "duration_15". Can find this on abilities like Wild Charge or Illusionary Armor. - Aracoix in the 17 to 20 zone seem to wonder a lot like the caravan pigs tend to do.
  11. - Urgu Rangers occasionally die standing up. - Underhill Cleric Blind skill doesn't do the visual blackout on use - Berserk Heart wasn't consistently showing the icon, but would at least show the countdown timer - Thralls occasionally lose their ethereal look and take on an actual form - Buffs applied on screen will have one randomly become a darker shade of green or the opacity becomes turned way down. - Traits Tab in the inventory on champion says Crushing with sample text underneath and nothing else.
  12. - Aracoix death cairn more often than not falls into the ground hard to find. - Satyr Horns, Lunging Strike, Elite Pursuit, Urgu Colossal Smash, and Bullrush will still hit you for dmg even if there is 10 or more meters between both of you after the animation has ended. - Enbarri Cleric Elite stuck in catapult Zelig (2543, 3, 1942) - Runegate light beams are broken lines in the sky - Plants around nodes can get in the way of targeting weak spots and stop you from hitting the weak spot - Stoneborn Combat stance dodge breaks camera during animation - Massive Cleave doesn't seem to always connect when on target within the 4m range. - First round of plentiful harvest buffs shows all potions buff timers, second round refreshing before previous timers end stops showing one buff timer and continues to show the other. Still showing the buff even when the timer doesn't show. - If mounted and walking up to a node, then dismount with target reticle still up it will continue to say dismount needed to harvest but you can continue to harvest even though it gives this popup. - When nodes are at half hp weak spots occasionally pop up in areas of the node that aren't there anymore and cannot hit the dot even though target is on the weak spot. Weak spots occasionally also show up a meter or two off the node.
  13. - When Minotaur is OOC and use dodge roll, the camera becomes disconnected from character and then character rubber bands back.
  14. Overhead target bar doesn't wanna always stay up even when on target. Perhaps in the case of pve leveling having it to where whatever enemy targeted last stays up on the screen until the enemy is defeated, player is dead, another target is being engaged, or when combat disengages to OOC stance automatically. Pvp wise it would be nice to have the last targeted player stay up on screen til the next attack on a different player.
  15. - Confessor targeting problem where for example there are 2 npcs near each other and one is about 4-5m away off to the one in fronts right side. If you put your reticle one the npc furthest away and start to use abilities it will instead hit the closer target until there is more separation between the targets. - If your character already has the trailmaster passive and enter into a parcel with the trailmaster/pathfinder perk on it, it resets the time to trailmaster buff and then the same when leaving the parcel. - Centaurs can still mount pack pigs, unless we wanna be freaky.
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