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  1. - Debuffs can be gotten rid of by running through runegates. - There is a subtle model push that happens when one stops moving and another player comes up and stands real close to them. Same Happens when one stops moving in a combat scenario against a npc where the npc will sometimes keep moving into you and push you back. - When putting an item/items into the sacrificial window the EXP is sometimes one less than what it says in the inventory highlighting item tool tip. For example 18 venom sacs 308 XP but in Sacrificial window 307 XP. - Campfire Outpost Guards will not always notice you if you dodge roll into circle behind the flag post. - Live/US East - Virginia / Freyren (NA) / An Dun XYZ: 2346, -2, 1687 - Live/US East - Virginia / Freyren (NA) / An Dun XYZ: 3689, -2, 2607 Copper and Tin on top of each other - Live/US East - Virginia / Freyren (NA) / Axis Mundi XYZ: 2979, 1, 3677 Outpost says Chaos captured but can't see the recapping mechanic. - When using Banner of Storms on top of ore nodes it negates the ability to mine the node until the ability AoE has passed.
  2. - Live/US East - Virginia / Freyren (NA) / Chaos Temple XYZ: 2165, 14, 2692 Copper Nodes inside of Hill structures - Live/US East - Virginia / Freyren (NA) / Islemera XYZ: 3610, -2, 2388 Aurelium and Tin nodes on top of each other - Live/US East - Virginia / Freyren (NA) / Islemera XYZ: 2105, 1, 2627 Muskhog spanwer is in the air
  3. + Player logged out of group with the Leadership Passive and then disbanded group therefore no one could see the ore they had mined. + When there is nothing left of the chicken ticker logging out and re-entering a server in gets rid of the Hungry-No Regen Tag and one can resume with whatever as if they had full ticker. + Enbarri npcs are called Urgu in the Combat Tab. + Well inside Ash Tree | Satayn Campaign Roggoth (1069, -2, 3229)
  4. -In combat tab of chat it still calls aurelium ,gold -askhoven xyz 2386, -2, 2922 granite r9 and iron r9 on top of each other.
  5. With Trial of Yaga started I log in and characters are missing unless I try to make a new one and vault completely empty.
  6. Live/Joveth/Elisia Rank 5 Location: 1872, -1, 2531 - Yew Tree Node and Copper Node are stacked on each other.
  7. Hey there Crows, The other day I was thinking about the various power trays some classes have and the time of switching in between them when it comes to the flow of combat or the game in general. Why not have it to where the players power bars are showing stacked, and possibly shrinking down there bounding boxes, but just have certain abilities grayed out when the weapon or gear that aren't being used are swapped out. I know that it doesn't seem very smooth transitioning between bars especially when trying to hit abilities as quickly as one can to keep up the pace of the fight. Just some thoughts though. Not sure how others feel about flows of combat pvp or pve wise but would love to hear others thoughts or ideas.
  8. - Feel as though with harvesting that there are already enough things to worry about that I don't think we need stamina drain for it. - Feel that since we are going away from open mat drops to personal and group that there might as well not be any animation for mats dropping and go strait to the inventory or at least a proximity pick up that way mats that fall through some unreachable areas or objects are obtainable. Can still keep the vessel item pick up/bubble pop on while harvesting to at least give a notifier that they got something out of the node. - Feels as though there needs to be some way of knowing ones base range in vessel details so that the range bonus stuff makes more sense. Felt lost in it and had to ask many questions regarding it.
  9. Rangers ranged reticle turns red at 40m no matter what ones range is at and only triggers red at 40m or less.
  10. -Look for necromancy dig passive details hover still says old harvesting pip order -Enemy NPC's can do range attacks and damage through objects. -Enemy NPC Myrmidon Colossal Smash seems like it hits you and stuns within a very broad range. Ex. I had Netted an Urgu Myrmidon 18m away and stunned me or at least showed the stunning effect. - MYRM NET ABILITY - If using Net then Net Pull the Net pull effect does not want to fully pull in the enemy if there is any deviation in the ground between the 2 characters and forces the netted enemy to stop the deviation in the ground is. Otherwise full net and Net Pull animation work if there is a clear LoS. - Duelist Vanish Power, the animation seems to have some inconsistency for example in the starting zone the barrel goes off to explode but there is a 4-5 seconds delay to when the explosion goes off and does damage. Then tried it in the Beachhead map against Urgu and it worked correctly. - Druid's healing rain, if correct, does a brief rain effect at the end of the spell. Otherwise just a green AOE on the ground. - Druid's Death tray basic attack starts 45* left of the caster several meters away and the particle stretches to the caster and then out to the enemy targeted. - Tool Tips in Talent trees don't want to show up very easily when hovering over an ability.
  11. - Need a way to see in the inventory or somewhere on the screen what the active buffs are giving my vessel by hovering over them or have another tab of the sorts.
  12. -If Pack Pig is active when going through the Rune Gate, when loaded into the other map it does not show up but have to use the ability twice to reactivate it. -When making artifact scrolls the additive agent is not working correctly it seems. - enemy npc's don't get hurt by ranged attacks unless they activate to attack back. - Confessor can wear Plate gear with no minor discs -Net Pull doesn't want to work correctly unless straight los. - Passive Skill Tree/Crafting Basics when fully completed says 95% Trained at the bottom of the screen. -Noticing that the proc for the aoe's fire damage from baked ice cream wasn't working.
  13. For the Hunger Nodes, it requires just the pick. At least I'm pretty sure it does anyways. Had gone through several nodes with just using the pickaxe and never had the "wrong tool" popup.
  14. Oh ok well that would explain why I didn't see that cause my Patch Notes on the launcher wouldn't show up. Thank you!
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