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  1. First off, the WOW thing is totally off the app is free so there is that. Secondly there are other ways to balance VIP, for example increased speed on training as well as also having the bank still. There are many ways to balance things, so i don't understand how it completely ruins VIP. Secondly, you still have to buy the game which pays for the so you can keep it free. Thirdly, there are many incentives to get VIP besides the bank you should probably look into those. This is all coming from someone who has a business degree and 3 of his own businesses. So yes I know how business works..
  2. I am unsure if this has been talked about, because I haven't kept up with this specific thread. However, I was just thinking of having an exterior way to train skills or maybe even move resources around in your "Bank". For instances, if you don't have time to pull up skills today, we have an app or site or even part of the already Crowfall site, like the guild stuff, to access training. Same thing with having access to your bank so that you could push stuff to your guild or even thralls to continue to make stuff for you. I understand the later is more difficult, but would be cool. I AM NO
  3. Found guild. Guild criteria: Region: US Atmosphere: I'm looking for a group of strong players who want to win and be number one. Friendly atmosphere encouraged. Good distribution of loot based on many variables. Casual/Hardcore?: A bit of both; I like to win, but I want to have fun while doing it. Size: Mid-sized. I want to be with enough other players to make a difference without being just some name on a roster Play-Style: I play a little of everything as you will see in the experience page. In this game I want to have a crafter so that is up there. Commitment: I have a busy li
  4. Hey guys, My name is GaMingHaVoC, but usually go by HaVoC. I have been watching this game since the reveal, and after combat test looking so solid I decided to back it last night. I love MMORPG games, and this one by far looks the best. I hope crafting is as good as they say, because that is my favorite part of a good MMORPG. Don't get me wrong, If I come across you in battle a quick slice of the through and you're down . I hope to meet and become friends with some of you guys.
  5. Add me. Crafting is my favorite part of MMO's with this system it will be even more fun.
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