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  1. First off, the WOW thing is totally off the app is free so there is that. Secondly there are other ways to balance VIP, for example increased speed on training as well as also having the bank still. There are many ways to balance things, so i don't understand how it completely ruins VIP. Secondly, you still have to buy the game which pays for the so you can keep it free. Thirdly, there are many incentives to get VIP besides the bank you should probably look into those. This is all coming from someone who has a business degree and 3 of his own businesses. So yes I know how business works.....
  2. I am unsure if this has been talked about, because I haven't kept up with this specific thread. However, I was just thinking of having an exterior way to train skills or maybe even move resources around in your "Bank". For instances, if you don't have time to pull up skills today, we have an app or site or even part of the already Crowfall site, like the guild stuff, to access training. Same thing with having access to your bank so that you could push stuff to your guild or even thralls to continue to make stuff for you. I understand the later is more difficult, but would be cool. I AM NOT saying we need this right now this would definitely be a post launch thing, but I believe it would be a very useful thing to have. Other games such as WOW have implemented things like this to allow players who are on the run to not fall behind. Again sorry if this has been talked about, but I think this would be something cool to implement later on.
  3. Yeah did they reach the goal I want Mr. piggy
  4. IdeaMatrix thanks I love you for this, I will be able to watch some but not all. For all of us thank you for everything you put into the Crafting subsection.
  5. Could be an interesting idea, but a little ambitious. If you make crafting that specific no single crafter would ever make enough money to support their craft. Its not like in medieval times blacksmiths every made on a blad or only a hilt they did it all.
  6. I like the idea. It is really unique I can't think of any other game that does this. It would be interesting to see. Probably won't be at launch, but could defiantly be something after if the devs like the idea.
  7. If you ran out of stuff you would have to go gathering yourself if you didn't have anything to trade. I don't like to idea of banks. I like the current system they have talked about it is to make PvP viable as well as crafting necessary. Without banks, it ensures more community than self-dependence.
  8. You are correct as far as the information given to us by ACE.
  9. As he said it will be by word of mouth those who make the better gear and advertise more will. Even with SWG there were websites to check there will always be those sites even with auction houses.
  10. Vessels will be the ability to better control vessels and have the ability to take over "Epic" vessels. I will try to get a screen shot to add to this tomorrow.
  11. Those who excel at any game are also known as "try hards" or "no lives" by casuals who don't get into the game like those who will spend a lot of time learning and playing the game. It is like training for any sport the more you train the better you get. I do like you last line too btw i laughed on the inside a bit.
  12. It isn't really too much of a change. Honestly I like it this way. Instead of having one character to craft armor and one to craft weapons. You can have all that on one character. Personally I think there is going to be a huge market in the vessels concept. It is were I will be putting most of my time and training. I might be speaking out of my butt on this one, but if you become master crafter of vessels people will come far and wide to get a rare one and will pay high price.
  13. Found guild. Guild criteria: Region: US Atmosphere: I'm looking for a group of strong players who want to win and be number one. Friendly atmosphere encouraged. Good distribution of loot based on many variables. Casual/Hardcore?: A bit of both; I like to win, but I want to have fun while doing it. Size: Mid-sized. I want to be with enough other players to make a difference without being just some name on a roster Play-Style: I play a little of everything as you will see in the experience page. In this game I want to have a crafter so that is up there. Commitment: I have a busy life with school and all, but I am on most afternoons and almost every weekend. Miscellaneous: I don't mind taking leadership of a small strike force if needed. I love crafting. I will be friends with everyone as long as they don't betray me. Experience: Varied. Wow, Rift, Dungeons and Dragons, EVE, LoL, DOTA, Smite, SC2, Civ5, PlanetSide 2. I used to be a leader of a guild in WOW and was a Strike Captain in PS2. Voice-Chat services: Definitely important to have something. I have TS, Vent, and Skype installed, and also have Discord. I can DL whatever is needed.
  14. Hey guys, My name is GaMingHaVoC, but usually go by HaVoC. I have been watching this game since the reveal, and after combat test looking so solid I decided to back it last night. I love MMORPG games, and this one by far looks the best. I hope crafting is as good as they say, because that is my favorite part of a good MMORPG. Don't get me wrong, If I come across you in battle a quick slice of the through and you're down . I hope to meet and become friends with some of you guys.
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